The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall chapter 51

The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall 51

51 – 3-14. Even if it is a god adoptive girl, it is too much.

Although he used to be rough, he was a dad who knew how to get things done.

Although he was a little scary when drunk, he was still a father I thought I could respect.

[What are you looking at? What are you looking at? I look so easy to you too?! Uh!]

But after ‘that day’, my father completely changed.

Restructuring from the factory I was working for.

At first, I tried to find another place, but even after half a year, there was no place that would accept me.

In the end, my father gradually began to change as daily manual labor became his only occupation.

From the ‘dad’ who protects the family even though he is rough

Just as a ‘monster’ who destroys the house.

Should I call it fortunate or unfortunate?

The older sister who guessed the right time was able to go out and earn money, and the family was not completely destroyed.

“[….No. I guess that’s not it. It was already broken in the first place.]”

Wounds that were not broken on the outside began to fester on the inside.

Her older sister earns money. Her family is maintained with her children’s money.

It was certainly a situation that should have been rejoicing, but to put it conversely, it seemed to be no different from a de facto declaration of ‘uselessness’ to my father.

Even though he is not confident, everything goes well.

Factory, company, and even your own home.

Days when you lose your own value.

At the end ── Dad gave up on being ‘Dad’ anymore.

I live with alcohol in my mouth

Living with gambling in hand

Getting into physical contact with people

In the end, he created debt and ruined his family.

“[It would have been better if I had just collapsed…]”

How is my sister so amazing?

I managed to keep the family that was on the decline.

She has been supporting a family that should have already collapsed and died.

Thanks to that, I was able to endure until now, but…

“[…..You bastard.]”

The monster dragged to the battlefield was somehow alive.

“[A bastard that will be torn to death…A bastard…! A bastard that will be bitten by a brown bear!]”

It went beyond the living and stretched out its hands arbitrarily.

The money I saved for college tuition.

Right now, I have food expenses for this week.

Even the monthly rent due next month.

Everything was taken away.

Even the negative bank account was drawn to the maximum.

“[But do you know what’s funny?]”

In an instant, the tide turned.

Everything is ruined. It collapsed.

But despite that situation,

“[Still, I’m glad.]”

I couldn’t understand it at first.

How can a kid who was taken to the battlefield steal money from my bank account?

However, the reality was very simple.

It is said that her mother taught her.

It is said that her mother handed it to her father.

The pillars of our house. The effort my sister put together. Even the only hope I was leaning on.


I brought it all and offered it.

This is what I say after everything is finally gone.

“[My dad is alive. Isn’t that fortunate?]”


She was a typical Russian woman.

An example of a woman who has completely bowed down to rough men.

A mother who is obedient and obedient to men.

“[Whether it’s my college or tuition, I can try again later.]”

She was a very typical mother.

“[My father’s life ends when he leaves]”

Even in these moments, she was a typical mother.

True. What a true mother.

Every single word is correct. That is correct.

Your own future, etc. If you invest time, you can aim for it at any time.

“[And do you know what it says? Look at her sister.]”

If you want to

And if you try hard

The world certainly rewards him.

“[Enter college with full tuition, earn money by working on your own while attending college, use that money to study abroad, and go overseas and get a job…]”


I have such a great older sister.

And then she says, comparing herself to that older sister.

You can do it too.

Even though it is difficult now.

But if I try hard, I think I can be like my sister.

“[…It was impossible.]”

I understood it at first. I thought I understood.

Because she is my mother in the first place. As I have seen and grown up so far, I can understand this sh*tty situation.

However, understanding and understanding were completely different areas.

“[I tried my best…]”

To receive a full scholarship, you must excel in your studies.

So I studied. I pushed myself even further.

What is the result?

“[Really, you are amazing.]”

Rather, the score dropped.

If you look at it calmly, it had to be that way.

Because exams are greatly influenced by one’s mentality.

In an instant, the family was ruined, but Dokgi raises the score by saying that it is better.

Such a stone was not born with a human mind.

“[So…Even though it’s only one month…]”

I tried working.

I worked and studied.

The grades fell even further.

Not only was my mentality broken, but my physical strength was also discharged from working.

In the meantime, I started falling asleep during class, and in the end, I had no choice but to lie in bed for a few days.

“[…Don’t you think you’re a real idiot?]”

So, what was the result?

What is the result of my efforts to earn tuition on my own?

Part-time job is cut off

The king is eaten away

School evaluations are lowering

My grades through the mock exam fell even lower.

“[When I look at it, I seem like a really sick person.]”

A sad smile.

A smile like a burnt-out ashes.

“[That’s it in the end. A fool who doesn’t know what reality is.]”


I was finally able to say it.

“[…Why did that happen?]”

I understood my mother. I thought she understood.

“[I know, but, well, I know…]”

But I couldn’t understand it.

I couldn’t accept it.

“[…It’s like a dog.]”

I hate my dad who ruins the family.

I also hate my mother who doesn’t stop my father like that and instead lets him do whatever he wants.

It wouldn’t be like this if I had just let it fall apart, but I also hate the older sister who keeps this family going.

“[Really….Like a dog.]”

No power, no experience, no knowledge, no ability.

I hated myself so much for not being able to even resist this situation.


So, I made a choice.

That’s why I decided.

“[Are you satisfied now?]”

The only thing a woman with no strength, ability, knowledge, or experience can do.

Moreover, if you can make a lot of money in a short period of time.

“[Or… Would you like to be satisfied now?]”

In the end, there was only one.

“[As I said before, you are the ‘first customer’.]”

What she hated most.

What she shied away from the most.

Not yourself as an ‘ability’.

Using oneself as a ‘woman’.

And, if we express this in other words──

“[─Do you want to go to college?]”


She hasn’t let go yet.

Even if the family is destroyed or reality becomes difficult.

I hope to move forward, not just settle in that position.

Even if you sell your body. Even if it means selling your pride.

Nevertheless, I did not want to let go of my future.

Although she cannot use the same techniques as her older sister,

But nevertheless, you can dream.

“[I’m going to college.]”

Lina is

“[Go to college, study, work hard and try hard.]”

Luana Andreina Dostoevsky says:

“[I will live on my own.]”

So this is the rock for the ‘future’.

A person’s will to not sit down even though he is disgusted with himself to the point of vomiting.

“[With my own strength, I will live on my own.]”

There was no one there anymore who didn’t know anything about the world.

There was a ‘girl’ who had learned about the world, who had learned about it, and who was now trying to become an ‘adult’.

“[…Then why did you come to me?]”



“[If you’re going to live alone, there’s no need to come to me.]”

“[…What’s that? I told you earlier, right? I hope my first partner is you.]”



She is a young ‘girl’.

Not an adult

“[Please help me.]”


It is a ‘girl’

And it is ‘child’.

“[Please ask me to help you.]”

“[What is that…Did you take medicine or did you not take medicine?]”

“[Mr. Ruina.]”


I want to cry when something difficult happens.

When something difficult happens, your hair turns gray and gray.

No matter how much I try to pretend to be an adult, no matter how desperately I try to become an adult,

“[If you ask, I will help you.]”

“[….I’m not that shameless of a b*tch.]”


“[I didn’t come to get sympathy. I didn’t come to get help.]”


I am a ‘child’ who needs help from an ‘adult’.

I desperately deny it, but…

‘No matter where you look, it’s that way.’

I was screaming with all my might for help.

He never leaves my side, even though he says no.

The proof was that the two hands that held on to me at first to prevent me from moving away have not moved away.

“[Okay. I will buy Rina’s virginity.]”

“[…I finally understand.]”


“[However, there is a condition.]”

“[What. Do you want me to cosplay? Do you want me to stick a horse’s tail in your back hole? Or, raw, without a condom?]”

“[Please add that as an additional option later]”

“[You’re not refusing, are you? You’re quite a pervert, man.]”

As an ‘adult’ towards a ‘girl’ who is trying to force a joke and make her laugh.


I say.

“[It is illegal to have s*xual relations with a minor in Korea.]”


“[Therefore, I will receive it after I become an adult.]”


I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of pre-bidding.


[I will receive it later when I become an adult.]

[If the time comes and you don’t want to give it, or if you gave it to someone else, you can return it in money.]


At first, I couldn’t understand what was being said.

No, to be honest, even now I don’t really understand…

“…This isn’t fake, right?”

Newly created bankbook.

In my name. A bank account in my name.

And the numbers embedded in it.

About 2.2 Million rubles (about 30 million won).

At least this number was not a lie.


What can I say, things went by in an instant.

After getting dressed, I went into the bank and finished it.

Like that──tuition, university, and all the worries about it.



A burden I thought I could never overcome, a despair I could not escape.


It disappeared in just one morning.

Relief, sighing, disappointment, and absurdity about him.

‘….Is he really a bastard?’

A question that arises at the same time.

What on earth is this person that treats me so well?



Where in the world would you give 2.2 Million rubles as a guide tip?


This is also bullsh*t.

Where in the world is there an interpreter who earns 2.2 Million rubles an hour?


Because of the virgin?

No. He actually went back saying he would receive the girl later.

What on earth do you believe in? I didn’t even use an IOU, I just said it was a promise and left.

What if I tell you later that I won’t do it and that it won’t happen?

‘No…That won’t happen.’




Usually, common sense…

“This other thing…Does it make sense?”

Common sense does not apply. A situation that is far outside the normal range.

The only thing that is possible is to infer the true intention through attitude and behavior.

‘Then surely…’

I did listen.

How far can a man who has a woman he loves become such a stupid brat?

But could something like that happen to me?

‘That can’t be possible.’

There is none. There shouldn’t be any.

The bankbook I held in my hand did not lie.



Let’s ask my sister.

If you were my sister, you would definitely tell me the answer.

Lina sent her message to her older sister, confused by her excitement, embarrassment, and confusion.

[Are we mad? I was wrong… (Brown bear crying sadly)]

[Still, it’s true that I think I know that guy! (Exclamation mark, brown bear)]


I tried to send it.

But before that, I see a text message that was probably sent by her older sister a long time ago.

[You’re Korean, right?]

[Was it Yuhi Yeon Song? A person who works for S company!]


Suddenly, a scene appeared in her mind.

[I met a woman.]

One day, Yu said to himself

[He approached me even when I refused]

Thinking of someone

[Comforting me when I was having a hard time]

Smile as if you miss me

[Shine the light when you are lost]

At the same time, I was so happy


Above all



You can never do this to a stranger.

The day when I showed a smile full of goodwill and goodwill.

─Tourururu, ding!

[Hello? Are you Lina? Now ‘that bastard’ took all the money and ran away──]

“Sister. Do you know anything about ‘Yu’?”

[Huh? Ah… Have you met ‘Yu’ by any chance?]


Lina caught her breath.

She whispered, choosing her words and hiding the tremor in her voice.

“I was surprised when he suddenly approached me and asked, ‘Are you that younger brother?'”

[Hmm… Still! How is it? He’s a good person, right?]

The answer comes back in the affirmative.

Thanks to you—I was finally able to understand.

“…..Yes. He was a good person.”

The reason why our destinations often overlapped

The reason why he is particularly favorable to himself

Even the reason why he suddenly handed me a large amount of money



“He’s a good person.”

Because I am the ‘younger brother’ of the ‘older sister’.

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