Breaking Up Is Better Than Divorce
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Breaking Up Is Better Than Divorce

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이혼보다 파혼이 낫더라
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Breaking Up Is Better Than Divorce

Back the day before the wedding.

After breaking up with my fiancee, I arrived in the United States on a honeymoon alone.

I buy a lottery ticket with 6 numbers and memories that I can’t forget even after a very long time.

5 is my birthday, 27 is my age, 11 is your birthday, and 32 is your age.

And 15 is the day we got married.

The last number was 24, the birthday of the man who had an affair with his wife.

I won the $490 million lottery.

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  1. Roy says:

    Not american, don’t care about American politics but why is this guy so obsessed with the trump family ? MC is all over them. Kinda weird ngl

  2. Ints User Ints User says:

    How is this one in fantasy genre

  3. Lucky Zero Lucky Zero says:

    If you just want to read something to pass time while doing work without getting into the swamp of addiction to reading or just a light reader who doesn’t want to be further stressed I recommend reading this one

    I don’t really recommend heavy readers who expect twist and read novels in one go because this novel get boring if you continuously read it like binged eating and it will disappoint you if you are expecting a really hard struggle

    As for what kind kind of novel this is you’ll get the idea if you read the comment and synopsis above

    …….Sigh…….I’m tired of putting my thoughts to word so figure it out yourself what kind of novel this is

  4. Komaru says:

    The revenge parts are great but it’s few and far between. There are only a couple of chapters devoted to it compared to the rest where he’s being a social media darling/investment guru. Those chapters do drag down the novel and especially the American Politics stuff. The court trial for the divorce/break-up took until 50 chapters to happen and it was great for a couple of chapters then it went back to America and Trump stuff. If this novel focused more on the revenge aspects and fighting Daeyang Corp it would’ve been excellent. Instead, we get mega millions stuff, cryptocurrency, pseudo-investing into known properties etc… Months pass then throwaway lines about how they hate the MC, MC just investing and meeting women, social media stuff, rinse and repeat.

  5. Mumul says:

    Author please finish this story , i don’t want this story drop on this website like three generations chaebol finish story but actually the original author still ongoing this story…
    I hope TL this story can finish quickly

  6. Shet says:

    Here is the thing. IF u don’t know finance or economic… then don’t write about it. Fawk this author is even worst than Chinese who writes about investment without knowing anything.

    Tip: JUST slim over it and keep it vague. Don’t try to bs the depth of it because u will just look stupid. If U r gonna talk finance and economic, bring out ur models and spreadsheets.

    Fawking hell 50 pgs of pain. I just want to read about the lawsuit of the break up… it is way more interesting then the money BS.

    Also author have a weird obsession with Trump

    2/10 star

  7. I read till chp 6
    But all I can say is that it’s like K drama
    Not my cup of tea ☕

  8. How’s This? Any Poison Tester

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