The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 131

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 131

Episode 131 31. Another Way (1)

There were two wagons headed for Black Label.

A simple carriage with no fancy patterns and no expensive decorations.

But the people in the wagon were not ordinary at all.

They were people from a prestigious family, said to be the best in the empire.

“It’s Black Label soon, miss.”


He was Isabella’s teacher and her protector, called the Nitro.

At that, the woman in the robe pulled the cloth curtain slightly and looked out the window of the carriage.

In the distance, the endless sea and the huge port city next to it were caught in my sight.

The scenery was beautiful, but it was quite a boring journey for her.

“There were no problems when we arrived. I thought I would meet a swarm of thieves in the middle.”

Jason reacted when a woman with a sense of maturity with silky indigo hair pulled off her luck.

“Since they are modest wagons, they must have been reluctant to fight because they seemed to have nothing to eat. Rather, the more colorful and horse-drawn carriages, the more they attract their attention. But we are not like that, so we came quietly.”

“Still, I am very sad. If they had come, there wouldn’t have been any problems. no. It must have been fun.”

“No, miss. It’s always good to be bored. You never know what the world is all about.”

“Jason is right. It is not wrong.”

The Crown Wars began, and they headed straight to Black Label under the orders of the family.

There is only one reason why they went to Black Label.

It was because the Lyon guild chief was here.

“Jason. You said that Lyon Guild and Black Label Union were merged into one this time?”

No matter how different the field, they also had ears to hear, so they were only in touch with the approximate news related to the guild.

“Yes, the newly appointed guild leader said he was quite energetic. So, right after taking office, I heard that there was an all-out war against Black Label Union.”

“Do you think that guild leader likes to fight?”

“I was told that he was very young and capable.”

“Is it because you are young?”

“It may not be. People become more conservative as they get older.”

“Was the previous guild leader Benjamin?”

“This is Benjamin de Lyon. From the Lyon family, he was the only one who took care of himself. But for us, they did a good job. He was an innocent and good person. From our point of view.”

“What if it’s good for us? I was kicked out of the guild because I was incompetent.”

“It is.”

She suddenly wondered who the new guild leader was.

“By the way, the new guild leader. You don’t even know who Jason is, do you?”

Jason couldn’t raise his head as if he was sorry about this.

“sorry. It was a sudden order, so I couldn’t find out more about the guild leader.”


“Probably not much different from what she knows and what I know.”

“I will. For both Jason and me, what matters right now is the War of the Crown.”

The reason they came to this place, saying that the Crown War was important, was also because it was related to the Crown War.

said Jason.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect the guild to cause problems. They’ve been loyal to us for so long, I didn’t know they would suddenly change their attitude.”

Isabella was also sympathetic.

“Isn’t there a certain corner that you believe in?”

“I don’t know. But if there is no such thing, we will have to change the position of the guild again, even because of us.”

Wizards were the most terrifying and feared beings under the sky.

So, if they visit, it is only natural that the head of the Banco group will bow their heads.

“If not?”

“Otherwise, there must be a certain corner to believe.”

But Jason wasn’t too concerned.

“But even if you have some beliefs, you won’t be able to give up easily because of their limitations. For them, we are indispensable.”

Isabella knew better what that meant.

“Well, without the special paper provided by us, it would all be a counterfeit paradise, wouldn’t it? They can’t make it.”

Jason, who seemed to agree, heard her talk and opened his mouth again.

“Yeah, so you don’t have to worry too much. Because that paper can only be made by the Sinclairs.”

She raised her curiosity again.

It was about the new guild chief.

“By the way, that guild leader. I heard that he came from commoners.”

“Yes, I heard that too. His name was not known because he came from such a baseless background.”

“So you don’t know Jason and I don’t know?”

“I’m sure anyone else in the family knows his name. There must have been people better suited for this job than us. But the Lord has entrusted this work to us rather than them.”

Isabella’s expression darkened slightly as the story of Gaju came out.

‘You’re trying to protect me. Direct participation in war is too dangerous.’

“It’s because of me. You’re trying not to do anything that is more and more dangerous.”

Jason shook his head.

“Well, I have no intention of blaming the Lord for that. On the contrary, it seems that they only push easy things, so personally, I am just grateful.”

They had no information about the new guild leader.

When I saw the new guild leader I met at Black Label, I couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

“Banco… … boy?”

The first person to recognize Rockefeller was none other than Jason.

Of course, she was surprised as well.

‘Is the new guild leader that person?’

Jason thought with a look of incomprehension.

‘How did the boy get here?’

At that time, that boy was a banco boy who worked in a mysterious way.

A boy who used a lot of borrowing documents needlessly.

And I heard about the results later.

The lord has gone bankrupt.

‘Right. It was like that.’

It was a bit late, but Jason could tell who the new guild leader was.

The Banco boy I met at that time grew up silently and became the leader of the Lyon Guild.

“Is that the boy you saw in the Montefeltro estate? Do you remember me?”

When Jason broke his luck, Rockefeller was also quite surprised.

He knew that someone from the Sinclair family would come, but he did not know that they would come again from among the many and many family members.

‘Is it a coincidence? if not… … .’

Rockefeller, who soon concealed a surprised expression, put a smile on his lips.

“It’s been a long time. Have you seen me once before? In the Montefeltro estate.”

Rockefeller shifted his gaze to the side and saw Isabella, who had matured a lot more than before.

‘It was pretty big. I was a kid back then.’

“Nice to meet you.”

As Rockefeller greeted her lightly, Jason, who was accompanying her, became very strict.

“It’s rude! Where dare… … .”

However, Rockefeller was no stranger to this.

“Now I am a noble. I am not a commoner.”

Let’s see him a little more arrogant than before.

Jason felt a lot more.

‘People… … has changed If that’s what you saw, did you hide your claws before?’

“… … .”

When Rockefeller said he was a noble, Jason had nothing to say.

This was because nobles had different etiquettes different from commoners.

And he was officially the head of the Lyon Guild.

The woman he serves must also show some courtesy to him.

When Jason became quiet, Isabella took her place.

“This is Isabella Sinclair.”

She still hadn’t forgotten to be his name.

“Rockefeller Ball?”

Rockefeller responded with a smile to her who remembered my name.

“You remember my name. Nice to meet you, Miss Isabella. Long time no see.”

“Did you become a guild leader without seeing you?”

“Yeah, a lot of things happened while we didn’t see each other. Now I am the head of the Lyon Guild.”

A lady came and stood next to Rockefeller, who was having a conversation.

It was his secretary, Alice.

“Are you a guest?”

When Elise, who pretended not to know anything, asked a question, Rockefeller answered yes, and sat the two of them at a nearby reception table.

Of course, he didn’t give up the seat.

He had indirectly sent his own message to say goodbye to the Sinclairs.

Jason, who was with her, was also confused by the feeling of not being treated differently.

‘If the author is the guild leader here, I can understand roughly why he changed his attitude.’

Jason remembers the young Banco boy he met then.

He was a boy with a plan of his own.

Although it may seem like nothing at the moment, didn’t his actions ultimately bankrupt the owner of a estate?

‘There must be some plan to sever ties with us.’

There were many thoughts, but Jason had no intention of making a big deal out of this place.

It was because he knew that he was not the person who would appear here.

After a while, the car came out, and Isabella, savoring it, glanced at Rockefeller with her legs crossed somewhat arrogantly.

I have only one thought.

‘It won’t be easy.’

“I heard that the guild suddenly changed its position. Do you have any reason?”

Rockefeller, who had been sitting somewhat arrogantly, began to open her mouth with a smile when she was lucky.

“If you were asking about the Crown Wars. We have already made a statement.”

Isabella quietly listened to what he had to say.

“We are both the 1st Prince and His Majesty the 3rd Prince. I have no intention of helping you all. And that means I’m not going to help the Sinclairs.”

You dare in front of Sinclair?

Jason, whose expression was wrinkled because he couldn’t hear any more, was about to step out, but Isabella stopped it with a hand gesture and spoke again.

“If we cut ourselves off like that, wouldn’t it be difficult for the guild? And weren’t we friends who had been close to each other for a long time?”

Rockefeller smiled softly at the word friend.

“It is all a thing of the past. Since I took office, the Lyon Guild has.”

As Rockefeller emphasized, he continued:

“Reborn under this sky.”

you were born again

The two wizards who came, looked at each other in amazement.

The two suddenly had a question.

What on earth does he believe in acting so arrogantly in front of two wizards?

“Do you not know who we are?”

When Isabella asked, Rockefeller responded, still holding on to the same expression.

“I know. Two wizards from the Sinclair family.”

“Still, your attitude is impure.”

Rockefeller did not deny that.

“It’s not a good relationship in the first place, so what’s the meaning of talking pretentiously here?”

Rockefeller continued.

“This is what I do. We will indirectly inform the two of you about our guild’s position. It doesn’t mean anything other than that, so don’t get me wrong.”

Impatient Jason stepped out.

“What do you believe in and act like that?”

Rockefeller responded with a smile.

“There are a lot of places to believe. There is a person named Lee Han behind me, and although I am not here, the Ismail family is intervening without knowing it. Maybe I don’t know anything else, but if something goes wrong with my life, it would be better for the people here to prepare themselves.”

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