The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 141

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 141

Episode 141 34. The One Closest to God #2(4)

Then Rockefeller came to her senses and looked at her intently.

“She was really a woman… … are you?”

Even though she had revealed her identity beforehand, Rockefeller couldn’t believe her and couldn’t be sure.

“Didn’t you see me as a woman?”

“It’s not like that… … I thought you were disguising as a woman. Don’t you know? How would I know if Ricardo was alive and he was playing a woman? You’ve been deceiving me all along.”

I didn’t believe it even though I told the truth.

She was prepared to say these words, but there was no way to hide the discomfort that somehow bloomed.

“It’s a woman. And it’s kind of annoying. I never thought you would think of me that way.”

“ah… … That’s right. This is something I unintentionally trespassed. I’m really sorry if I was offended.”

Her expression contorted slightly.

Then the second prince, who was watching, came out to rectify the situation.

“I think Prince Rockefeller misunderstood for a moment because Sylvia often disguised herself. Sylvia is a woman.”

“You played a person named Ricardo so perfectly that I misunderstood myself. I apologize once again if I offended you.”

It was then that Rockefeller realized that he had been mistaken all along.

‘Then you didn’t come to me in my true form in the first place. okay… … Come to think of it, I became more confident in myself, and from then on, I started to show my true form.’

“then… … .”

Rockefeller pretended to link her and himself by hand.

“Are we going to be like that?”

She answered in a calm tone.

“Yes, if you would take me as your wife. Ismail intends to allow you to control the Empire’s currency. There’s no way I can trust you other than this. And your Christian brother here will understand.”

When she looked at the 2nd Prince, the 2nd Prince immediately agreed.

It was to respect her choice, which she sacrificed for her family and herself.

“If that’s what Sylvia meant… … I have nothing more to say. I give you control over the money. But Prince Rockefeller must take Sylvia.”

Sylvia delivered words of comfort to the second prince who looked sad.

“You don’t need to be so heartbroken. As for the Rockefeller Ball, I spent quite a bit of time watching it. It’s not perfect for me, but I’m not lacking either.”

“If that’s your choice, you should respect it.”

What is the conversation between the two of you?

Rockefeller had no complaints either.

‘Fortunately, if she’s pretty and the actual owner of Ismail, there’s no way she’ll be assassinated by the wrong guy in the future.’

Other than that, I was certain of this.

Being her husband, whether you like it or not, you can receive Ismail’s protection.

‘Do you want to be a widow? If you don’t like it, you will desperately protect me.’

“I didn’t know I was going to get along with you like this.”

Rockefeller got up and looked straight at her.

At least for this moment, Rockefeller’s eyes were getting warmer.

“If this is truly the will of God. I will gladly take you as my wife.”

* * *

Around the time rumors spread that the Lyon guildmaster met the secretary who worked, and that they were married with everyone’s blessings.

The extension of the Lyon Cathedral, which began with the support of the guild, was successfully completed.

In addition, he invited a painter named Andro, who is called a master in the Empire, to paint a huge mural on the ceiling of the chapel.

After the worship service, the faithful spit out exclamations of admiration as they looked at the huge ceiling mural that looked like it was painted with a divine brush.

“It’s just admiration. How could there be such a mural in the world? Look at John over there. It’s so holy I don’t know what to say.”

Hearing those words, other believers who were looking at the same ceiling mural next to them began to speak.

“The ceiling mural over there. It seems that a master named Andro spent the day and night painting it.”

“Androra… … I’ve even heard the name. Are you saying that you are so good at drawing that the nobles who have money are begging you to draw a portrait of yourself?”

“I heard that too. However, they say that it is expensive, so even ordinary nobles can’t even afford it.”

“How well the guild’s finances are, it’s not just a portrait, it’s painted a mural on the ceiling.”

“I would have spent a lot of money on a painting like that.”

It was a ceiling mural that could be called a masterpiece.

Not everyone was happy either.

Some members of the congregation were dissatisfied with the figure drawn closest to John.

“But in that picture. Is that the location of the guild leader?”

“I’m dissatisfied with that too, what should I do? He was the one who gave me money to draw that.”

“I thought the moneylender that the church hates the most would be drawn so close to John. I don’t know if John knows this or not.”

Banco traders were often rejected in the church because they were rejected by God and would go to hell.

However, since such a banco contractor was drawn in the closest place to God, their common sense was overturned in an instant.

“These days, if you have a lot of money, you don’t even go to hell. Who would say that banco traders are going to hell when they see a picture like that?”

“I thought of that too.”

“No, is it right that the church hates banco vendors?”

“I don’t know either. It used to be, but… … What is it now, Sir Berkis’s favorite person is the head of the Lyon Guild? You must have enlarged the church, and you even painted the ceiling mural.”

“By the way, the Lyon Guild paid all the costs for the extension here?”

Everyone looked at the believer who had said that.

“Did you give me all of that?”

“Because it is. Rumor has it that they even paid for the ceiling murals and the cost of the extension.”

“It looks like you have billions of dollars in real money. I thought that the cost of building the church was covered by the church finances.”

“What kind of money does the church have?”

“Still, in the parish of Lyon, you will have some money.”

“More than that, after the Lyon Guild was merged with the Black Label Union, the power got too strong. His goblin dollar or something is now more often seen than a talent.”

A believer took out the goblin dollar he had and showed it.

“Are you talking about this now?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s money these days.”

“By the way, are there any problems with those goblin dollars? I’m writing this without thinking too much… … I mean, something is really wrong.”

“What if there is a problem? If you go to Banco, they will change you into talents.”

“It should be.”

“Still, it seems that there are still quite a few people who insist on only their talents.”

“Is there such a person?”

“Oh, let’s see if there is.”

“No, why are you spending talents on goblin dollars that are good to use? That’s inconvenient.”

After everyone’s attention, he answered why.

“I don’t know either, but it seems that you don’t trust the banco contractor?”

Distrust of guilds or banco operators.

Some could sympathize.

“Actually, I think so too. The goblin dollar wasn’t recognized by the imperial family, after all, it’s just a mere deed of borrowing from a guild, right? Strictly speaking, this is not money. Real money is talent.”

“Still, there are many places that accept it, so it’s not convenient to use it. It’s paper, so it’s easy to carry.”

“Yeah, but Goblin Dollars aren’t perfect yet. Those who distrust the guild only stick to their talents until the very end. That’s it. Some shopkeepers only receive talents unconditionally. Goblin Dollars are all over the place.”

“Oh, there are a few places like that. They always ask for talents there.”

“Come to think of it, some of those people say never use goblin dollars. If the guild decides to, it can be printed indefinitely or something.”

“To infinity?”

At that, someone asked, startled.

“No, is that possible?”

“Honestly, who knows? If the guild decides to print it, who knows unless it is a guild leader or a member of the guild?”

“Ah, but if everyone who spends those Goblin Dollars goes to them and exchanges them for gold, it would be a problem right away. Would a guild do such a stupid thing? Guess I’m not.”

“So do i. All the guilds will think about it.”

“Yeah, right. Guild must have some ideas. Anyway, these days, I’m getting bigger and I’m starting to believe it. In the past, there was also Black Label Union, so it was difficult to choose Goblin Dollars from the Lyon Guild, but these days there is nothing like that.”

“right. right.”

The devotees who had been chatting about the ceiling murals and the Goblin Dollars are leaving.

After some time, Rockefeller, who was called by Bishop Berkis, came to Lyon Cathedral.

Before meeting with Bishop Berkis.

Rockefeller looked up and saw a large mural painted on the ceiling.

And in that mural, I could find a picture of myself painted closest to John.

‘Great. A painting is a painting, but the location where it is drawn is also an art.’

The fact that he, who was supposed to fall into hell, was portrayed in the place closest to God had a lot to symbolize as it is.

When Rockefeller shook his head with satisfaction.

There was someone coming to him.

It was Bishop Berkis who summoned him.

“You are here.”

Bishop Berkis did not come alone.

Rockefeller’s younger brother and his secretary, Leo Rosmedici, showed up.

“Sir, have you called? Leo is here too.”

Leo, who has now disappeared because of his youthful appearance, was firmly guarding the seat next to Bishop Berkis in the form of a full-fledged priest.

Leo greeted Rockefeller, who had come by the bishop’s call, with courtesy.

“Are you here, Big Brother Rockefeller?”

“Yeah, how are you?”

“Yes, thanks to the consideration of my eldest brother and His Excellency Bishop, we are doing well.”

“haha! Leo, don’t worry. Because I’m closely monitoring from the side. I always take care of it, so no one has anything to say.”

“Thank you, Bishop.”

Rockefeller asked him why he had called him.

“Then you suddenly called. Is there any reason?”

“I have an urgent business to discuss with you, so I am calling you this way. Please move first.”


So the two were separated.

Bishop Berkis broke his luck from the seat next to each other.

“Thanks to you, my position in the church is growing very quickly. I’ve barely heard the story, but I’m sure you’ll come up with such an idea. Oh my gosh, Archbishop Coleman, that sassy, arrogant man, came to me and asked me to ejaculate.”

“Haha, did that happen?”

“You said that? If you support me, I will raise the interest rate.”

“Yeah, I thought it would be good for you, so I did it.”

At those words, Bishop Berkis smiled with satisfaction.

“I didn’t know you were going to do this.”

“no. If the bishop is doing well, then shouldn’t it be good for me too?”

“Well… … by the way. This time, I was called to the Court of Justice. maybe… … It seems that the Holy Father will appoint a new Minister of the Interior.”

Chief of the Palace.

This position, called the Pope’s secretary, was the second most important position in the denomination after the Pope.

“That place, doesn’t it matter?”

“It doesn’t matter. Since ancient times, that position has been occupied by the next Holy Father.”

“Yes, I know that. So, does your Highness Bishop take the place?”

“I don’t know. But seeing that the Holy Father is calling me, he must have needed me. I don’t know if it’s because of the vacant position of the Secretary-General of the palace or if it’s because of the recent increase in donations. You will find out when you go.”


“But, if you were called to do something about donations. Then I need your help. You must have been motivated by the extension of the Lyon Cathedral this time. Maybe you want to go back to the old days.”

“If the Holy Father asks for something, then the Bishop should also ask for something reasonable. Maybe the Bishop will be able to sit in the empty position of the Minister of the Interior, right?”

Bishop Berkis, who had already thought about it at Rockefeller’s proposal, began to nod his head.

“I already thought about it. But to do that, I have to be strong.”

Rockefeller just smiled at that.

“I have enough money, what are you worried about? Go get what you want. And if you need anything, you can always ask me.”

The following words were the reason why Bishop Berkis had no choice but to like him.

“Do you have any more money than me?”

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