The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 149

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 149

Episode 149 37. Establishment of the Ministry of Monetary and Finance (2)

It became difficult to manage his facial expression, but he tried to calm his anger when he remembered the former head of Tepez, who had suffered a lot earlier.

‘You have to be patient. You must not fall for such a low-level provocation.’

Then, consciously looking at the nearby head of tepez, he saw that he was sneering at him.

Then yes.

If I was to be disgraced in this place, there was someone else I would like the most.

‘I’ll never see that.’

“What is a lie? Do you have any proof?”

Rockefeller then took out the fake Goblin Dollars he had prepared in advance and showed them.

“This is a counterfeit Goblin Dollar that His Majesty Kalman made to turn things upside down because it looks like he won’t be able to win the Crown War.”

The next thing that came out was the real thing.

“And this is the goblin dollar we made. As some of you may not know, these real Goblin Dollars have magical powers that can distinguish them from counterfeit Goblin Dollars. If it’s real, it’s blue, and if it’s fake, it’s red.”

Rockefeller brought real and fake goblin dollars to each other so they could see.

Then the real goblin dollars began to glow red.

“Did you see it? As such, the Goblin Dollars issued by us are impossible to forge, so even if such fakes are made, they can be identified sufficiently. People who think they’re awake, no matter how much they fly and crawl, can’t be counterfeited.”

Rockefeller, who had organized the goblin dollars in his hand, spoke to Sinclair, who was at the scene.

“Evidence that the Sinclairs tried to counterfeit the Goblin Dollars? Evidence, there are living witnesses.”

The nobles who were present at the hearing that there were living witnesses were confused.

“Do you know who it is? Only Kal, who directed the work, is yours.”

The bog aristocrats started talking about Kalman.

It has long been customary to kill a prince who has lost a crown war.

However, Christian kept Prince Kalman alive for the sake of friendship with the Sinclairs, and this now remains as a disgrace for the Sinclairs.

“If you had known that His Majesty Kalman was still alive, you would know how foolish it was to lie here. Now, let’s listen to the excuses of those who are awake. I wonder what to do.”

“… … .”

Sinclair headmaster, who could not answer, began to give excuses that were not enough.

“If that was Kalman’s order, I might not know.”

At those words, the nobles began to roar once again, and the headmaster of Sinclair, who knew this but turned away from it, shamelessly continued my words.

“Just because you’re a headmaster doesn’t mean you know everything about the family. But if there was a mistake by the family, I would like to apologize to the Rockefellers.”

It was a soulless apple.

So Rockefeller accepted it without a soul.

“It happens because the headmaster is incompetent.”

Sinclair’s head and Astin’s forehead grew a tendon at the very provocative remarks, but he quickly controlled his anger and returned with a good expression.

“I am very sorry if I caused trouble with my incompetence.”

He bowed his head as he spoke, but it was unavoidable that he felt very bad.

And Headmaster Tepez, who was watching this from afar, smiled.

It was because he felt dirty when he was hit, but it was so good that the head of Sinclair, who was not enough to tear him apart, admitted his mistake and bowed his head.

“It was not that Banco, a member of the guild, issued a certificate of borrowing with gold coins that had no past as collateral. But it was never taken for granted, and as Prince Astin, head of Sinclair, said, it was an outright criminal act.”

When Rockefeller ran out of luck, everyone roared once more.

Then a nobleman opened his mouth to Rockefeller with curiosity.

“Rockefeller… … Combine.”

He hesitated for a while in calling Rockefeller, perhaps because he was unfamiliar with the name “Hap”, but immediately began to speak fluently.

“I really don’t know, so I want to ask you something. If we return to the guild not only the IOUs we have now, but also the IOUs that other commoners have. Can we get our gold coins back without any problems?”

He asked a question because he really didn’t know.

Rockefeller then lied to them without blinking an eye.

“of course. Your IOUs are absolutely safe. Everyone here knows that our Lyon Guild does business in many ways. We have given you the IOU with the amount of gold we have as collateral. So you can rest assured.”

Then, most of the nobles, who were unaware of the situation, began to feel greatly relieved, just like the ignorant commoners.

“It’s the place with the most gold coins in the Empire.”

“It’s Lyon Guild. This time, it was merged with Union to make it bigger. In such a place, our gold coins will be safe.”

“It’s natural. If there is a problem, you can quickly go ahead and change it before the problem occurs. I have no intention of doing that because of interest yet. Who knows what will happen later?”

However, not all nobles had that idea.

Some of the dogs doubted Rockefeller’s words.

Because they knew some of the deceitful things they had done in Banco.

And the person who knew this best was Astin, the head of Sinclair.

“Hahaha, this time Rockefeller Habha is very good at telling lies.”

He smiled as if he wanted to at this time, and started speaking confidently to everyone.

“That is a blatant lie! If you call only a few banco vendors right now and ask them about the ugly things they did in the past or the current situation of the guild, they will all come out as lies!”

As a result, even Rockefeller began to speak up.

“I know that you are such an immoral guild member. Of course, we know that some banco contractors in the past have behaved that way. But since I became the guild leader, such an unfortunate past is slowly being erased.”

“lie! If we exchange all our IOUs for gold right now, will your guild be able to exchange them all for gold! Don’t you know better that it’s impossible!”

Rockefeller then smiled.

“Why do you think that is impossible? If you have any doubts, you can come to us and take the talents you have entrusted to us.”

Sinclair raised his voice as if he could not lose.

“Not just one or two, but everyone here should go! There’s no point in going one or two! And the same goes for commoners who deposit gold coins!”

Then Rockefeller, who was smiling, said to him.

“You spoke well. Why are you so concerned that it is meaningless even if only a few people come and exchange gold coins? I wonder if those of you here will come to me in the cold weather and exchange gold coins for what Archduke Astin said? So, what interest is not paid during that period? Did Archduke Astin ask for the interest later?”

One of the noisy nobles asked Archduke Astin something.

“Duke Astin. If what the Archduke said was wrong, would you be willing to pay us the interest we lost during that period?”

Sinclair head thinks.

There was no way that people bothered to visit Banco and retrieve all their gold coins.

The Lyon Guild is more credible than ever, so who doubts their integrity?

So, even if the facts were checked, it was obvious that in the end, he would pay a fair amount of interest to the various nobles who participated in the experiment with only him defeated.

“It’s not… … I’m just saying that the author is deceiving everyone in the first place! Never be fooled by those words. That man is in Hell… … .”

It would have been normal if it had been in the past.

Due to his close acquaintance with the Pope and the elevated status of banco contractors, the word now has no meaning.

“Anyway, I want to tell you that I am a very unscrupulous usury who deceives others by playing interest.”

Rockefeller thought he was pathetic, then clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“Ttttttt, it’s so pathetic. I am deeply suspicious of how he became the head of a family with such a head.”

“Who are you talking to now? I will definitely warn you. You better watch out for that mouth.”

“Duke Astin. Why are you fighting a fight that you can’t even win in the first place? Do you think the people here will listen to you and come and take the gold coins in trouble? So, are there any countermeasures for what to do with the interest that has not been received during that period?”

“… … .”

Sinclair’s anger was suppressed to the point of being frustrated.

Noble people would be so ignorant of finance and banco business.

‘People don’t know about Banco, but they don’t know too much. If you find out how they’re making money, they’ll probably turn it around.’

“No one else knows, but I know what it’s like to work there.”

It was a lame remark.

Rockefeller, who was smiling lightly, began to speak to everyone.

“Actually, we always try to be honest. For the sake of peace and prosperity for the Empire, it is sometimes good to deceive the public a little, as Archduke Astin over there said.”

The aristocrats roared at the outrageous remarks.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you like to be deceived?”

“I don’t even know?”

“Let’s hear it first.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Of course, this does not mean that your gold coins will disappear or your interest payments will disappear. Your money is still there, and if we issue goblin dollars with gold coins we don’t have as collateral, we can use that money to hire an army to defend our empire, build a bridge or build a cathedral.”

At this time, someone with a doubt asked something.

This was a common idea of most nobles.

“Is there no problem with that?”

There was Rockefeller’s theory.

Except for some people, the more ignorant and ignorant about finance, the better.

‘The funny thing is that I am the most expert in this field. So here, my words are the law.’

“Yes, no problem.”

Everyone was shocked by Rockefeller’s words.

There’s nothing wrong with printing money out of the air.

But few could immediately counteract Rockefeller’s words.

At least there was a Sinclair family, but he didn’t know much more about finance than Rockefeller.

Rather, Rockefeller, who would become the emperor’s financial adviser and prime minister of the newly established Monetary and Treasury, was the only expert in this area.

‘Why is there no problem? Of course there is an inflation problem. But you don’t have to know that part. don’t even tell me I have no intention of telling you.’

“I am sure you all know that I have an unrivaled ability in this area. That’s what I dare to say. As long as the amount of money is well controlled at an appropriate level, there will be no major problems.”

Here, Rockefeller was well aware of what they cared about the most.

“And even if I use the gold coins I don’t have as collateral to print more Goblin Dollars. Your gold coins are absolutely safe. So your Majesty.”

Rockefeller looked at the Emperor at this moment and continued.

And this was something I had agreed with him in advance.

“Please ensure that Imperial law guarantees that we can print Goblin Dollars with gold coins that we do not have as collateral. Wouldn’t that make such a useless noise come out?”

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