The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 153

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 153

Episode 153 38. Azrak Goldmine (2)

Before answering the lord’s question, Rockefeller wanted to tour the entire estate.

“First of all, I want to take a look at Youngji. I want the Lord to be my guide, how about you? Let’s go for a walk together.”

Sometimes I have nothing to do.

He’s a cold-blooded guy, but he’s still the power of the empire.

There was nothing good about looking good, so the lord pretended not to give up and willingly accepted.

“Who’s request would you dare refuse? Good. let me guide you You too, follow me.”

To the lord’s call, the Overseer answered coldly.

“Yes, of course.”

So Rockefeller took the lord and the Overseer for a walk outside the estate, each on horseback.

After walking around the outskirts of the estate, they stopped in a wide field and got off their horses.

And it was possible to confirm the terrain of the territory that was significantly different from before.

A place where a hill was created where it did not exist, and a place where the original hill disappeared.

As Rockefeller got off his horse and looked around, there were the Lord and the Overseer who got off at the same time.

Like Rockefeller, the lord, scanning the surroundings, found a gold ore lying nearby and opened his mouth.

“Looks like it was washed all the way down here during the last heavy rain. Take this.”

The lord threw the gold ore in his hand to Rockefeller.

“It’s what you like.”

Rockefeller, who received the gold ore thrown by the lord, looked at it and saw some glitter.

“Is it gold ore?”

“Yeah, it’s been common sightings on this estate since the Cataclysm before. Perhaps if you stayed in this estate, you would be able to wander around like us and pick up a few in a day. It rolls around a lot.”

Gold, it was the deadliest metal that fascinated humans.

“okay. But was there no outsider interested in this stone?”

“Wasn’t there? Of course it was.”

“Well, I found something like this, but will people stay still?”

“Still, it’s your land, so it’s fine. This must have been my land, could there ever have been a day when this estate would be quiet?”

“That’s very fortunate. Because this land is not yours, it is mine.”

The Overseer who was with him also interrupted the conversation.

“The Lord is not saying empty words. After the rumors spread that the gold ore was coming out, a lot of people really came and went to the lord.”

“There were a lot of crazy bastards. Well, anyway, they were the ones who were trying to catch a tantrum and do something about it. Still, they said it was yours, not mine, so I just agreed and went back. Maybe the size is out of date.”

Rockefeller said with a laugh.

“I think it’s because I’m in the best part of my life.”

Rockefeller opened his mouth repeatedly, throwing and receiving the gold ore in his hand.

“Do you know that? The cost to produce an ounce of gold.”

What nonsense are you trying to say?

“cost? Do I know that? It will just cost you a lot.”

Even the lord was aware of the amount of labor and drugs required to produce gold.

Rockefeller said with an implicit smile.

“To produce one ounce of gold, on average, it takes 37 hours of labor, 5,300 liters of water and several liters of cyanide. It’s like a formula that hasn’t changed much since then. And there are other methods used by alchemists, which we have no way of knowing as these are their own secrets. But they also said that they use a lot of labor and various chemicals.”

At Rockefeller’s words, the lord patted my beard and said.

“Did you have to work so hard to get gold? Well, that would be expensive. Did you know too?”

At the lord’s question, the Overseer just shook his head.

“I didn’t know it would cost that much. You have to work a lot harder than you think to get gold.”

Youngju smiled bitterly.

“Isn’t that why everyone is turning to gold? If it was easy to even make gold out of a block of stone like this, who would value it? Isn’t it?”

“That’s right, Lord. If it was more common than I thought, it wouldn’t be given that kind of value.”

It cost a lot to produce 1 ounce of gold like this.

However, Rockefeller was able to print Goblin Dollars born from such gold at will.

‘In a way, I am a true magician.’

But the Goblin Dollar wasn’t perfect either.

First of all, since it is based on talents, it was possible to print as many Goblin Dollars as desired only if there was a lot of gold, which is the basis of the talent.

‘If a certain amount of gold is not supported, the Goblin Dollar will not be able to earn the trust of everyone in the first place.’

viewed in that sense.

‘The fact that this land has come into my hands is, in a way, a blessing from heaven.’

“I always have doubts. Does God really exist? You always ask me that question.”

There was a lord who felt displeased with those words.

“Are you going to blaspheme that we are not the same now?”

Even the Overseer, who was with him, was equally disturbed by what Rockefeller had said.

‘If there was no priest here, it would have been a really big deal.’

If there was a person related to the denomination in this position, it would definitely be a problem.

However, in a different way, it meant that Rockefeller’s power was strong.

‘But if you don’t notice the church… … exactly.’

“Please be careful about comments related to the church. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear about something like that?”

despite their concerns.

Rockefeller, well aware of his powers, just smiled.

“The two of you seem to be worried about everything. Still, I think it is God’s will that I have been blessed like this. Even though I doubted the existence of God, seeing that things are going well, I think what I did to the church had some meaning.”

Youngjoo said with a look of not being the same.

“I poured so much money, would John stay still? If I were the Holy Father, John would have done anything to you without going out. I heard that you also built Lyon Cathedral?”

“Actually, it’s an extension. I paid all the money needed for it.”

“If you have that much money, would you rather spend it here? This is a very remote place, so people are not interested in it, so it is a place that needs John’s teaching more than anywhere else.”

Rockefeller’s smile grew wider.

“Anyway, I came down here to make this my base. In the future, the Montefeltro estate will be as prosperous as Lyon or the Imperial Palace.”

The lord and the Overseer were surprised at those words.

“What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you hear everything? It’s literally what I just said.”

“Then you mean doing something here?”

“Sure. First of all, I am planning to build a large and wonderful cathedral here as the Lord had wished earlier. Even if I don’t know, if you build a cathedral like that that’s a bit short of the Imperial Court, the denomination will separate it from the Diocese of Lyon and appoint it as a new parish.”

If that was possible, it was obvious that the Montefeltro estate would change overnight.

The surprised lord asked for confirmation.

“Are you really going to do that?”

“Then will I lie needlessly?”

“Do you really need to do that? Here… … It’s a marginalized frontier.”

“The reason is certain. It is also the hometown where I was born. and… … .”

Behind Rockefeller’s smile was a plan of his own.

“It is because it is easy to receive the protection of the denomination when this land becomes a sanctuary. Who would fuss where John is? If there is such a person He.”

Rockefeller continued.

“You will be judged by the supreme denomination. So, for that reason, I am going to build a very large cathedral here, and it will certainly be a good thing for the Lord and for everyone else.”

Even if it’s a half lord.

If such a thing happened in his own estate, it could not be a happy thing as a lord.

‘If you receive the protection of the denomination, surely… … You will have less worries about defending the territory.’

“I don’t know anything else. It seems like your daughter had a really good marriage. If I had known it would be like this, I would have sent it to you rather than your brother.”

At that, Rockefeller shook his head, as if bored with it.

‘Marriage is now disgusting. There are only three women who are still involved, though.’

“It is not. You’re the lord’s daughter, I wasn’t interested in it in the first place, and I hate women now.”

The lord had doubts.

“Is something wrong?”

“I’m going to have two women with me soon. In a situation like this, would I like a woman? Well, both aren’t bad, but… … Something was creepy.”

“Originally, if a man has good abilities, he will marry several times. There is a young and capable young man like you. Would you like to stay in another family?”

While speaking, the lord thought about the two families that could be said to be the other powers of the empire.

‘I think Tepez or Sinclair also showed interest?’

“After all, marriage is a formality, so accept it quietly even for you. love? Do you see such a thing? Even if it happens, those good feelings will disappear in three years. That’s what I’m sure of.”

Rockefeller, who was listening to the lord’s words, got on the horse again.

‘In a few months, not three years, I think it will disappear due to a political fight.’

“Now that you have looked around, let’s go back.”

I asked Rockefeller again about the answer the lord had not heard before.

“Isn’t there an answer you asked before and didn’t answer? Building a church here and receiving the church’s protection is probably part of your plan. Do you have any other plans besides that?”

“Of course it is. It’s only natural to receive the protection of the church. We’ll have to defend ourselves here. As we prepared for the totem war in the past, we plan to expand the fortress and build it stronger, and purchase a large-scale manastone tank from Lyon.”

Money was the best.

Seeing him push through things like that that he would never have dared to do, he felt his strength anew.

“If it’s a magic stone tank… … It wouldn’t be a penny or two. Well, if it were you, it would be around a penny.”

“I have a stake there, so I won’t bring it at the usual price. They will bring it to you at a discounted price.”

“What is that?”

“It’s money, I’ll give it to you. The Lord will also look out for you in several places. If you have a good mercenary unit, you can call them all without hesitation. It means mobilizing all the people you know and those you don’t know.”

If you really did that, the safe would be destroyed, not just a hole in the safe.

“Can I really do that?”

On the contrary, Rockefeller was more indifferent to that question.

“Do you think I am joking?”

“It’s not… … No, I’m asking if I need to be so nervous in Panguk, where I’ve never been before.”

It’s going to explode soon anyway.

Rockefeller spoke frankly and without lies.

“I bet. Dwarves will soon come to this land.”


“The lord has been on this earth for a long time, so of course he knows. It was originally called Azrak Goldmine, so it was a land abandoned by the dwarves in the past.”

“I heard that story… … But the dwarves are coming?”

It was the same as a human or a dwarf who could not use the four limbs in gold.

“When it comes to dwarves, there are only two.”

Rockefeller spoke right away.

“It’s gold and beer.”

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