The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 159

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 159

159 Episode 40. Beer Bubble #2(3)

Bell and Bob weren’t the only ones shouting in a good mood.

Others, who had gathered in the same tavern to stock up on beer, were screaming in happiness.

“What do you do after selling beer?”

“What are you doing? With that much money, you should buy a manor or become a lord!”

“ha ha ha! Who knew it could be so easy to become a lord?”

“After all, money is the best in the world. Money is the best!”

“Anything is possible with money.”

When everyone is struggling with happiness.

There was a nobleman who came to the tavern after hearing the news.

He said that beer prices were skyrocketing, so he came to invest late.


An unknown aristocrat, who made his presence known through coughing, opened his mouth to the beer hoarders who were staring at him.

“I heard that there are a lot of people here who have beer.”

Accompanied by several high-ranking servants, including servants, he placed a large jewel-studded staff on his side and spoke again to those who did not respond.

“Anyone here to sell? I’ll buy you everything at the current price, so I want you to sell everything you have.”

It seemed to be another buyer who moved after hearing the news.

But what about this?

Who’s going to decide which beer the price will rise again tomorrow?

Inside the tavern that became noisy with the appearance of a certain nobleman.

Bell and Bob began to mutter in low voices.

“Hey, it’s gone up 60 times, should I sell it now?”

At Bell’s pathetic remarks, Bob looked at him until his eyes popped out.

“it’s crazy? The news of the war broke out today and it has tripled. If you go up again tomorrow, what are you going to do then?”

Still, there is no guarantee that it will rise again, is there?

Bell tilted his head.

“Still, you don’t know.”

“Aeg, this man. You have to be so stupid.”

Unlike Bell, Bob had a bowl of jjambab at the stock exchange.

“I have done a lot of stock trading. If you see the price rising like this now, it will go up even more tomorrow. Trust me and just stay. If not, it will be several times higher than it is now.”

“How many times more? Is that possible?”

“Because believe me. Even though I didn’t make a lot of money through securities trading, I still have jjambap that I played there.”

“but. You would know better than that.”

“Trust me and wait. I will definitely go further than I am now.”

“okay. Then it would be better to watch it first, right?”

“Oh, of course not. never sell Even if I die, I won’t sell it at this price.”

And it wasn’t just Bell and Bob.

Most of the hoarders in the tavern ignored the proposal of a nobleman who came to him at once.

Then, only an unknown nobleman who spoke up became embarrassed.

“Wow! Is there really no one? You said I’d buy it for that price?”

Then a hoarder who had been glaring at him raised a voice.

“If it’s like you, would you sell it? Everyone here knows that tomorrow will come again.”

He began to nod his head vigorously, as if everyone agreed with that statement.

“If you want to buy it, try putting more money on it.”

The nobleman, who had been contemplating for a moment while narrowing his eyes at those words, said to them again as if he had completed his calculations.

“Okay. Then I will buy you twice the current market price.”

Then some began to shake.

To be honest, beer prices were so crazy they couldn’t even predict when they would go up.

‘Two times more than now? 2 times… … I don’t think it would be that bad. no. I don’t know again. If this trend continues, tomorrow, it could go up three or four times.’

But let everyone be silent.

The nobleman raised his voice again as if he was more troubled.

“Okay. I’ll buy it for three times the price. It’s hard to go beyond that, so if you have someone to sell, sell it to me now.”

At three times the current market price, it was a whopping 180 times higher than the old price.

At that moment, some of the hoarders got up and walked towards the nobleman.

It seemed like he was going to sell the beer he had been collecting for a long time.

Bell, who saw such a hoarder, hurriedly looked for food.

“Hey, three times. Are you still not selling? If you do the math, it’s 180 times the old price. This is a crazy price!”

Rice was also in conflict with each other, but still had no intention of selling it.

“Ah, well, we can go four times, so let’s wait a little longer.”

“If you sell it now, you can sell it to that noble at a price three times higher than it is now. I don’t know how long that nobleman will buy the beer, but wouldn’t it be better to sell it now?”

“a. no. just wait for a while It will definitely go up more than 3 times. Then only the person who sold it here would be a complete fool.”

“haha… … .”

I wanted to dry out Bob’s gamble.

Bell began to struggle to repress the memory of Bob’s once successful success.

‘okay. Morning Glory Hodo Bob pushed all the way to the end. Let’s believe this once again.’

So after a few weeks

Surprisingly, as Bob predicted, beer prices have risen to 240 times their old prices.

Since the war with the Dwarves began, the price of beer has quadrupled.

‘It really jumped four times.’

“Hey, four times. It really is what you said!”

Good thing was the rice.

To be honest, it was the same with Bob who had been drowsy for a few weeks and wondered if he could really go up to 4 times.

“I really went crazy. I can’t tell if this is beer or a drink made of gold.”

“Oh my God, does it make sense that beer prices go up 240 times in this period of time? This is crazy!”

It was then that Bell and Bob began to sympathize with the crazy beer prices.

In addition to that, there was Jjambap that I used to play at the stock exchange, so I had to think that this price is the highest point I will never see again.

The price of beer, which had been going up well, stopped going up or down from a certain point.

At this moment, Bob spoke with a serious tone to Bell, who was struggling as to whether to sell the beer or not.

“I know it well because I have invested in securities. There is no stock that goes all the way to the end of the world. In the end, it is securities that rise to a certain level and then peak and then come back down when it reaches an appropriate level.”

“right? i thought so too So is this the peak?”

Bob, who boasted of his unfavorable experience like a medal, continued the following words.

“Are you sure. If I ate this much, I think it would be right to fall out. look now The price doesn’t go up and it stays there. This is a sign of a price drop.”

“You are probably right this time. You also had a successful Morning Glory. I was ruined.”

“The second one was ruined by me.”

“You still picked it up.”

“It is.”

“Then what happened? I ate it all up.”

“Anyway, let’s keep an eye on it and sell it all. There are a lot of people who can buy it even at this price right now.”

But there was no end to human greed.

Even that day, they could not sell the beer they had to the aristocrats who wanted to buy beer.

let it be that evening

Bell and Bob, who had been drinking again, started talking about what had happened during the day.

“I just sold it to him. As you said, if this is the peak, what do you do now? If the price of beer goes down even tomorrow, we’re the only ones in trouble.”

“It should be… … .”

Despite the crazy price, speculators aiming to win the jackpot with beer really constantly came to buy beer.

Seeing these people, Bob suddenly thought of this.

Do those idiots take it for granted to buy at this price now?

Have you ever felt skeptical about the crazy beer prices?

Or is it enough if there are hogus who buy at a higher price even if they bought it at that crazy price?

‘Actually, there are me who don’t even sell at this price, can they be any different?’

So Bob had no choice but to keep conflicting.

“No, I’m trying to sell at a reasonable price, but they keep coming back. So, is it common sense for beer prices to drop? It will be higher than it is now.”

It wasn’t that Bell didn’t know what Bob was thinking.

Still, it was the same that made my heart flutter at the price that had risen too high.

No matter how much Dwarves admired the beer, it was nothing more than a favorite food of the common people.

If you look at common sense, the current beer prices are crazy enough that they even went to the moon.

“It should be… … Still, I think this is too high. To be honest, I should be happy because the price of beer has gone up, but I’m too scared. I’m rich enough to sum it up here, so why not be content here? lets think. No matter how rich the dwarves are, would they buy it at this crazy price? This is really crazy.”

Bell’s words reminded Bob of an episode in the past when he and his wife were investing in securities.

Even then, the price of the securities he invested in had tripled.

“Honey, at that price, can’t we sell it now? You climbed too high.”

“Hey, this guy. Because people are so shy When are you going to get rich by eating that penny? Sam, who worked for me, now lives in a mansion with a servant. They say they are commoners, but in reality they are aristocrats. Shouldn’t we be like that too?”

“Still, it has risen a lot. That’s enough, so just sell it.”

“no. it will go up more Let’s see for a moment.”

Bob, who ignored his wife’s words, was able to see his bills, which were captured by pirates a few days later and turned into pieces of tissue paper.

“I should have sold it then… … .”

Seeing Bob muttering to himself, Bell expressed his doubts.

“What did you say now?”

“I should have sold it then. It has happened before.”

Bob told Bell what had happened before.

He then commented on his conclusions.

“Before the stock price crashes, there is always a harbinger. There are times when the price doesn’t go up anymore and goes down. Then you have to sell it before then. I learned this through a lot of stock trading.”


“Let’s watch the price trend for now. And if you feel strange, you can just dispose of it.”

“Okay. what do i know I believe in you and follow you.”

Surprisingly, after a few days passed, as Bob predicted, the price of beer, which had continued to go sideways, plunged as much as 50% in just one day.

The Dwarves, who had just entered the war, brought back their old memories and invaded by supplying beer from other places, and for that reason, the price of beer, which had become useless in the Empire, was cut in half in an instant.

“Now what do you do? If I sold it back then, I could have arranged it at 240 times the original price.”

“It is still falling. Only the aristocrats who buy beer over there are very shy.”

Despite the plummeting beer prices, there was a movement to buy them.

Bell said, sticking out his tongue.

“Aren’t you crazy? Is it right to live like that in a country where Dwarves may or may not buy beer here?”

After thinking about it for a while, Bob was able to figure out the reason.

“Right. If the war is prolonged, the Dwarves also consume a lot of beer, so you might be able to buy beer here because it comes with beer. Maybe he’s looking for that… … .”

“But it’s a gamble, isn’t it? Who knows how long the war will last?”

“It should be… … .”

“How about that? Wouldn’t it be better to organize it like this?”

Bob, who had been at odds for a while, said, recalling his old memories.

‘right. I should have sold it back then.’

“You should sell it now. If it stays like this, it’s going to be a total waste of money.”

Then the bell suddenly started pointing somewhere.

At the place he was pointing, there was a fountain that was trying to buy beer that had plummeted with some nobles.

“Look over there. it’s sam Sam is going to buy it at this price right now. Aren’t you crazy?”

Bob looked where Bell was pointing.

He was definitely Sam.

‘What are you doing? Did you even expect the war to be long?’

behavior that is incomprehensible.

But he couldn’t afford to hold a beer that had plummeted by half.

And even the old memories of tasting the bitter taste of the crash.

Bob, having hardened his heart, said to Bell.

“Okay. Let’s go and sell it to Sam.”

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