The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 173

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 173

Episode 173 44. War of Gold and Heart #3(5)

‘I thought I was going to throw it in the end.’

If the empire collapsed, the government bonds they had had no choice but to become toilet paper.

‘I was thinking of saving a penny. But if you knew the power of the empire, you shouldn’t have sold it like that.’

“The imperial army continued to retreat without a proper counterattack, for a reason.”

When Rockefeller, who had been quiet, let go of his luck, everyone’s attention was focused on him.

“What do you mean? Was there a reason?”

“Then why did you just retreat for no reason?”

“There must have been a reason, but can’t you see the situation now? The orcs have marched as far as the ecliptic. They already occupy all the advantageous positions, so it will take quite some time to drive them out. And you will have to make some sacrifices.”

Then Rockefeller shook his head from the top.

“It is not. Orcs will just retreat.”

As Rockefeller ranted, the nobles roared loudly and wanted to know why.

“Why are you so sure?”

As long as the goblins threw government bonds.

Rockefeller had nothing more to hide.

“Yeah, the South of the Orcs. That’s what I planned from the beginning. So I can take care of sending them back.”

Upon hearing this, the nobles began to roar even louder.

One of them looked for the silent emperor and asked.

“Your Majesty, did your Majesty know the story too?”

As the nobles turned to the emperor, the emperor quietly nodded his head.

Then Rockefeller’s voice reached them.

“Before doing this, I first asked the permission of His Majesty. So, of course, your Majesty knows.”

The nobles questioned with incomprehensible expressions.

“Then why didn’t we know yet?”

“Then you didn’t say anything to Tepez or Sinclair? They are a family that has long been loyal to the Empire. Even if it’s from other families, you should have told both families unconditionally.”

To their question, Rockefeller answered:

“I wanted this to be kept secret. That’s why I didn’t tell anyone but Your Majesty.”

The murmur of the nobles did not stop.

Then a nobleman came forward and asked what I was curious about.

“You must have done it because you all had an idea. Did you have any reason to do that?”

“Yes, it was necessary.”

“For what the hell did you keep it a secret?”

“That was to solve the problem of government bonds issued by the Empire for this war of gold and veins.”


Nobles were also unaware that the imperial family was issuing government bonds to cover the insufficient finances.

“Didn’t you buy all the soups from Goblin Bank?”

“you’re right. In order to bring back the government bonds they bought at a low price, they pretended to lose to the Orcs until now. Then why not throw away the government bonds that the goblins have taken at a low price?”

It was only then that the nobles began to agree with Rockefeller’s words.

There was a reason why the Imperial Army had not been able to fight properly and retreated to the Imperial Palace.

“We didn’t know anything. I am very sorry for misunderstanding you and not knowing your thoughts.”

“no wonder. He said he would pull back without fighting too much.”

“ha ha ha! The goblins must have learned a great lesson this time.”

“Then when are you going to counterattack?”

When the story of the counterattack came out, Rockefeller laughed lightly.

“Why are you fighting back? If the enemies retreat on their own, there will be no need to counterattack.”

“You don’t even need to fight back. So what are you talking about? Did the Rockefellers really plan all of the orcs’ south descent?”

“Yes, but I didn’t plan everything.”

Just in case the story goes wrong here.

It could become a problem later on, so Rockefeller decided to go around it in moderation.

‘It’s best to say things vaguely.’

“Originally, there was a misunderstanding, but I didn’t solve it and I have been dragging it along.”

The murmuring nobles raised their doubts.

“What kind of misunderstanding was there?”

“It’s simple. This time the orcs went south because their totem had been destroyed by someone. However, since the area borders the Empire, the Orcs determined that the criminal was an Imperial citizen and declared war on the Empire. But it wasn’t our Empire who broke that totem.”

At that, the nobles were once again surprised.

“Then who are you?”

“Who are you? When we get in trouble, who on earth will we like?”

Who is it?

The noisy nobles were able to identify the culprit without much difficulty.

“no way… … Are you a dwarf? Did a Dwarf even do such a frivolous thing?”

Rockefeller smiled at the desired answer.

‘Honestly, who knows? The truth is no one knows. Just like the previous totem wars began.’

“That’s right. Dwarves did such a filthy thing, and they’ve been quiet until now. After all, if the Empire’s power is dispersed or weakened, they will naturally have an advantage in occupying the territory of Montefeltro.”

The nobles gathered at the egg site began to swear by the Dwarves with their faces wrinkled.

“You stupid dwarves. I knew it was boring to live underground like a rat, but it would come out so filthy.”

“They really don’t care about gold.”

“Who would believe they were of the same blood as the elves? Still, I thought dwarves had some conscience, but they are no different from goblins who become infinitely ugly in front of gold.”

Rockefeller raised his voice to those nobles again.

“Now and when that misunderstanding is cleared up. The orcs will turn their spears straight at the dwarves. In any case, if we don’t have a bad feeling, would you dare to advance to the Imperial Palace?”

The reason the Orcs declared war and attacked was all because the totem was broken.

However, if the culprit was found to be a dwarf rather than a human, the orcs would have automatically reflexively turned their spears towards the dwarf.

Rockefeller’s voice continued towards everyone who agreed.

“And the Imperial Army has no reason to retreat any longer, so they will immediately counterattack. Then, if the orcs were willing, they would attack the dwarves who broke their totems. Even if it is disassembled, it will. Aren’t the orcs the most instinctive of all races?”

Like hitting the claws of victory.

Rockefeller’s smile grew deeper.

“And if things go the way I thought it would, it would be easier to defend the Montefeltro estate. The crisis of the empire is over, and now it is the dwarves who have touched the orc totem again, isn’t it?”

The meeting that started out of fear ended in ecstasy, and the Imperial Army immediately launched a massive counterattack after the emperor’s command had fallen.

At the same time, Isabella, who received a signal from Rockefeller, released the orcs they had captured and held, and they soon joined the orc army and helped report false facts to the orc warchief.

The orc warchief, angered by the totem’s destruction, poured out his wrath without even realizing it was the work of a human wizard and began to drive the army of orcs toward the mountain range where the dwarves were.

As the Orc army quickly withdrew, the Imperial Army hurriedly divided its forces and advanced to the north, and the main force returned to the territory of Montefeltro.

In addition, under the direction of the Pope, the Pope’s army, which had been stationed outside the territory of Montefeltro, returned to the territory of Montefeltro and began to work hard to defend the fortress.

The price of government bonds of the empire soaring at the same time is a bonus.

The price of the government bonds they sold soared in an instant due to the sudden change of attitude of the Orcs.

The three heads of the Goblin Bank, who had to watch this with open eyes, were just blank faces.

“what’s this. what is this… … .”

“No, that’s… … Does it come alive?”

In the meantime, the goblins, who had been in a hurry to take care of themselves by separating the various powers, were rather entangled in the imperial exploitation and suffered a huge blow.

“this… … It’s weird no matter how you look at it. That’s ridiculous. How could a dying empire come to life like that?”

“This doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t make sense.”

“Even if you think about it, this is a bit strange. No, orcs move like that?”

“It was the totem that the orcs moved in the first place.”

“no way… … .”

All three denied it at the same time.

“no. I can’t. Did the Empire bastards do that to us in the past?”

“Those negligible things rolled their heads like us?”

“But can it be? We’ve done that a lot before.”

“under… … how do you do this This is very damaging.”

Nothing has been done properly since entangled with the Empire.

It was almost blood-drying just by losing the beer bubble, but now that it was completely ruined in the government bond speculation, it became vague to even call it the richest person on the continent.

A level better than just a mediocre force.

“Even the Dwarves have no hope because the Orcs have invaded their base.”

“Damn orcs do such a robbery… … .”

“under… … .”

Now that government bonds have been cut off, the story of the Empire and the dwarves has become a private matter to them.

“A lot of Wyverns died while protecting that damn estate. Who will be compensated for that death?”

“It’s an empire, so we never agreed to it anyway, so it’s just something we shoveled, right?”

“Damn it!”

Then Goldman could think of a very cheeky man who had dealt with him in the Empire.

“okay. Now I know. Now I know. It’s all made up by that devil.”

Having deceived many others, it is not too late to realize that he has been deceived.

“What are you talking about? Did he make up?”

“It was all done by him. That guy.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Hey, there’s a guy like Rockefeller or Los Medici. This is what the imperial bastard made up.”

“What? Is that real?”

“What is the basis?”

there was no justification.

It’s just my senses saying that.

“It’s just my touch.”

Goldman’s wrinkled expression bursts out of his eyes! The fire started.

“These dogs. If you think we’re retreating like this, you’re wrong. Yes, I have to go and Jailbreak.”

* * *

“What did you come here for? Since we don’t even have government bonds, we’re no longer creditors, we’ll just be strangers, right?”

When the victors of the Gold and Mace War almost leaned towards the Empire.

Goldman, who led the Wyvern army to the imperial emperor, was nowhere to be seen.

He had suffered an astronomical loss in the beer bubble and speculation on government bonds, so he decided to tinker with the imperial family to somehow make up for the loss.

In particular, when I saw that Rockefeller, who dared to tremble in front of him without fear, my bulge was rising from the inside.

“Why don’t you have anything to repay? We’re not volunteers like Hogu. Still, he sacrificed our troops to protect the territory of Montefeltro. You will definitely have to pay for it.”

The subsequent roar of the Wyverns reached the inside of the Hwangseong Fortress.

With the intention of overturning the Imperial Castle, Goldman had come with the Wyvern army.

“Wow! That’s right.”

The imperial emperors, including Rockefeller, couldn’t have known about Goldman’s heart.

As the war of gold and veins was not over yet, almost all of the empire’s power was concentrated in the Montefeldt estate, which was facing the dwarves, and if there was a problem here, the Empire had no way to stop it.

“You know, even if I don’t have to say it with a sore mouth. Now, depending on what I make up my mind to, I could completely overthrow this place.”

Goldman, who does not bend even in front of the Imperial Emperor, trust only the Wyvern army he has brought and let them help.

Rockefeller, displeased with this, began to fiddle with the pendant he had previously received from Lee Han.

‘I didn’t even want to use cheats.’

But it was the world’s work that had no choice but to use it as needed.

‘Perhaps they suffered astronomical losses from the failure of speculation on beer and government bonds. So, they come all the way here and do some bullying.’

What if the Wyvern army, which could be said to be their entire fortune, was annihilated by a certain Munchkin.

What will be their fate?

‘Probably, as of today, we will have to take down the sign.’

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