The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 178

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 178

178 Episode 45. Prison Agreement (3)

Even if it was a goblin dollar that was not immediately trusted, it was not a bad condition for Goldman if it could be exchanged for 100% ducat.

‘If it is clearly stated in the contract… … We don’t have much to lose. As he said, trust is life on this floor.’

In addition, the winner of the Gold and Mace War is being solidified as an empire.

Of course, borrowing Goblin Dollars instead of Ducats was reluctant, but I didn’t think Rockefeller would lend them to me.

‘I don’t know if it will be a poison or a poison.’

Goldman had his own thoughts.

‘If we don’t do anything right now, we can’t help but sell porridge.’

“great. That goblin dollar. If we can guarantee it with ducats, there is nothing we can’t borrow.”

Rockefeller conveyed this as emphasized.

“You know what my purpose is, so I want you to remember this. Subsequent interest payments must be made in Goblin Dollars.”

“If you trade with Goblin Dollars, of course you will run out of Goblin Dollars. How do you get goblin dollars and pay interest?”

“Then you should come to me and take the Goblin Dollars. After paying the ducats worth it.”

“… … .”

Being subordinated to the Goblin Dollar was a bit difficult, though.

Due to two failures, Goldman had no answer.

‘I don’t like it, but I can’t help it.’

“Okay, let’s do that. Instead, Ducat should be guaranteed.”

Rockefeller grinned at that, and replied:

“If someone who knows well knows that trust is life to us, says something like that, I would be very upset. Don’t worry. We, the Los Medici family, have the most gold on the continent, so we can change it without a single ducat.”

46. Continental Common Currency (1)

The winner of the Gold and Vein War is solidified as an empire.

After being released after paying a huge reparation, Goldman returned to the Goblin Bank and received a huge amount of Goblin Dollars from the Empire.

At first, there was a strong backlash from within the Goblin Bank, who received paper currency from the wrong Empire, not Ducat, but the dissatisfaction gradually subsided as the contents of negotiations with the Empire were revealed.

And soon they began to expand their lending business extensively, using Goblin Dollars rather than Ducats.

“What is this? It’s not gold, it’s not… … I don’t think it’s a loan certificate either. What is it?”

Maron, the leader of the Dark Elves, who ran out of money in the war with the High Elves, hastily went to the Goblin Bank to raise money for the war.

But aren’t these goblins offering a strange paper currency, not the ducat they wanted?

“Haha, this is a new IOU. It’s called the Goblin Dollar, and you can think of it as a kind of money concept.”


“Yes, it is money like gold coins. The Empire spends it like money. Perhaps the whole continent will use this IOU like money like an empire.”

Instead of the desired gold coin, some paper currency was offered.

Maron couldn’t help but wrinkle his expression.


He slammed the desk in front of me with his clenched fist and raised his voice to Goldman, the head of the Goblin Bank, who was facing him.

“Are you kidding me now? What is this? Are you giving me this as money now?”

His reaction was natural.

All those who came to the Goblin Bank to borrow money like him had the same reaction.

“What are you so excited about? Is it the money you want to borrow?”

“Are you lending me money right now? All I need is a ducat of gold. It’s not a piece of paper like this, it’s a gold coin made of gold, a ducat! Give me a ducat. I will not accept it unless it is Ducat.”

Goldman frowned at those words.

‘I knew it was me. You’d probably hate it even if you were like me. But what do you do? We don’t have a lot of ducats. So take this too.’

“I understand everything. I understand everything. You must be very embarrassed to suddenly say that I am lending you something like this.”

Perhaps he was very upset, a black and unclean energy began to rise from Maron’s body, which was facing Goldman.

“Isn’t it obvious? Okay, let me borrow two carts normally. Otherwise, you will see the worst.”

You want me to borrow a ducat?

I want to too.

If there were enough ducats in hand.

“Hmm… … But do you know this?”

What are you trying to say?

Maron bluntly accepted it, showing an uncomfortable look.

“What do you mean?”

“We are presenting the Goblin Dollars like this because we want these Goblin Dollars to be widely used throughout the continent. because? In the future, we plan to do business with these goblin dollars at our goblin bank.”

Before he could say anything, Goldman immediately continued:

“And these goblin dollars. Surprisingly, you can exchange for Ducat anytime, anywhere. You can exchange it for Ducat at any time by visiting our Goblin Bank or a Guild Banco belonging to the Empire.”

At the first hearing, Maron asked with a frown.

“What do you mean? Can you exchange these scraps of paper for ducats at any time?”

“You are the one who heard it. Borrowing these goblin dollars is the same as borrowing ducats.”

At that, Maron snorted.

“Then I will have to get more ducats. It’s going to be exchanged for ducats anyway, so why am I taking those goblin dollars?”

If you borrowed a ducat, it could be usefully used as a war fund right away.

However, if he borrowed a goblin dollar he saw for the first time instead of such a ducat, he would not be able to use it well, and it was very obvious that he would face various difficulties.

I had to introduce this to others as money, but I hated the hassle.

‘How do you use that? In a state of affairs that may or may not accept it from another place right away.’

“Isn’t it?”

At those words, Goldman, the head of the Goblin Bank, smiled.

“you’re right. I honestly agree with you about taking Goblin Dollars for something that will be exchanged for ducats anyway. But you should know this.”

this moment.

There was only one reason Goldman was actively recommending the Goblin Dollar.

Because it was unreasonable to give them as many ducats as they wanted.

‘If you want to run a loan business like before, you have to borrow money, and all we have is these goblin dollars, so we have no choice but to do it.’

“The fact that the interest on the loan is different.”

At that moment, Maron became quiet.

To be honest, it was the war funds that mattered to him.

It was also quite important to pay it back later.

“Is it?”

As Maron showed interest, Goldman’s rot began to deepen.

‘Okay, I got caught. Well, guys like you are all the same.’

“If you borrow a ducat, the interest is around 6.5 percent. Conversely, if you borrow Goblin Dollars, you can get a golden interest rate of 5.5 percent during a special promotion period.”

Goldman continued to celebrate the victory.

“How is it? Do you still hate goblin dollars?”

The difference in interest rates of 1 percent was a very interesting proposition for Maron, who borrows large amounts of money.

“You mean a 1% difference in interest on a loan?”

“That’s right. Or would people borrow goblin dollars now instead of ducats for what?”

Goldman continued talking, remembering a mercenary commander who had visited before.

“I don’t know what kind of mercenary they are recently. Your captain also borrowed money from here and borrowed Goblin Dollars. And what they say is that we look like idiots.”

Goldman was still grinning.

“Do you know why they thought we were stupid? Either take the goblin dollars anyway, or take the ducats. In the end, it’s the same to take a ducat. The difference in interest rates on the loan was a whopping 1 percent, so they looked at us as idiots. That’s why we’re working hard to revitalize this goblin dollar across the continent.”

The opponent was the Goblin Bank, which put trust and trust first.

No matter how unfamiliar and strange the Goblin Dollar may be, Maron, who has been dealing with Goblin Bank for many years, did not dislike the Goblin Dollar.

If the interest on the loan is cheap, why don’t you take a ducat with high interest?

“Is there any problem if I borrow goblin dollars and exchange them for ducats right away?”

“That is not possible. Interest is cheap only when you borrow in Goblin Dollars, and if you exchange it for Ducat right away, the interest on the existing loan will be applied immediately.”

“How do you know that?”

“That’s because you only get the principal and interest later in Goblin Dollars. If you return it in ducat, the original 6.5% interest rate will apply. So please remember The 5.5% golden promotion is only available when borrowing Goblin Dollars.”

“Hmm… … .”

Borrow an unfamiliar goblin dollar for a 1% interest difference and introduce it as money to everyone?

That’s a lot of hassle. In front of a loan with a difference of 1% interest, it was quite possible.

‘Even 1 percent is huge. It’s not a small amount of money, but from the point of view of borrowing a large amount of money.’

“good. Instead, I want to make sure of one thing.”

The next question was something Goldman could have expected.

“Are those Goblin Dollars really interchangeable for Ducat anytime, anywhere?”

At those words, Goldman smiled more confidently than anyone else in the world.

“of course. Even if it’s not us, it’s definitely guaranteed by the Los Medici family of the Empire, who prides themselves on being the richest person on the continent. Or go there and change it. If they change it, I’m right, if it’s wrong. We should stop doing business here as of today.”

It was a widely known fact throughout the continent that the victors of the War of Gold were the Empire and the Los Medici family that belonged to it.

Thus, Maron was able to increase his trust in the Goblin Dollars rather than doubts.

‘I’m never going to lie here. But it’s a little strange that the Empire guarantees these goblin dollars in ducats. The Empire would originally use talents… … A gold coin mixed with copper that I don’t have even if I give it.’

The dark elf leader, Maron, who leaves the Goblin Bank with the loan approval, grinned at the Goblin Bank building standing tall behind him.

‘Goblin Dollars… … . In any case, the goblins always give their names to their things.’

Where he looked, there was a large sign saying ‘Goblin Bank’.

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