The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 180

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 180

180 episode 46. Continental Common Currency (3)

late night.

Rockefeller, who was working in his office, looked up and looked at the open window.

The night wind was cold.

Rockefeller got up and went to the window, where he happened to see the moon floating in the sky.

The moon was unusually large and bright today.

“… … .”

When I looked at the moon hanging in the sky for a while and then closed the window and turned to return to my seat. I ran into an unexpected guest.

“… … .”

Looking at the hair flowing down from the robe hood, Rockefeller could vaguely guess the identity of the visitor.

‘What did you come here for? At this time too.’


When she hit herself, she took off her robe hood, revealing her pure white face.

“long time no see.”

Even when she came, Rockefeller’s reaction was bittersweet.

“What’s going on here?”

Rockefeller, who treats him coldly, returns to his seat and sits down.

She went to his desk to face Rockefeller.

“You promised something. I came here to confirm that promise.”

It’s a promise… … .

I remembered Rockefeller’s promise to her.

From his point of view, it was one of those promises that was really rude.

“Oh, I made that promise back then. If you can solve that problem, I will give you freedom. So have you made a decision?”

“You are still cold.”

At that, Rockefeller spread his arms out to the palm of his hand.

“Or what do you want from me?”

“I’ve been looking around the world for a while. It was a short but enjoyable trip.”

Rockefeller quietly listened to what she had to say.

“Not much has changed… … One thing has changed.”

After a moment’s silence, she said to him what she wanted to say.

“congratulations. The world you wanted is finally here.”

Rockefeller questioned that statement.

“Is this the world I wanted? What world are you talking about?”

“Goblin Dollars. Now, not only the Empire, but also the elves were using those goblin dollars.”

“ah… … .”

It was a bit of a story for Rockefeller.

When the goblin bank started to handle goblin dollars, the elves began to freely use the goblin dollars.

Rockefeller, who began to touch the papers in front of me, began to treat her coldly as she came.

“What a nonsensical thing. I knew it was going to be like that in the first place, so it’s no big deal.”

“The world has arrived where you can print and use as much money as you want, but isn’t that great?”

Rockefeller stopped holding the pen he was holding and raised his head to stare at her.

“I do not know. There are things you can’t do with that money anyway. If you say it’s great, it’s a little embarrassing for me.”

“What can’t you do? Isn’t it possible in a world where everything is possible with money?”

“chamberlain… … For example, you are a selfish person.”

Next, Rockefeller, who lowered his head and concentrated on his work, continued speaking dryly.

“Or maybe you just came to me. This is a problem that money cannot solve.”

“… … .”

After a few moments of silence, she found the busy Rockefeller again.

“What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything.”

“Is there really nothing?”

From Rockefeller’s point of view, in order not to notice the Sinclair family.

she needed

So Rockefeller decided to be honest with her questions.

“To put it bluntly. I want you to stop wandering around and quietly come into every corner and take care of your household chores. That’s good for me, good for your dad, and… … .”

Do I have to say this?

no matter what

“I think it will be good for you too.”

“Is that good for me? Why?”

“Why would you?”

Rockefeller, who concentrates on the paperwork, said something that an ordinary woman would unconditionally like.

“My husband is so rich that his money rots. Normally, it’s good to die. In fact, since you have lived a life full of resentment, it seems that you are a bit naive about how great it is. Anyway, if it’s normal, it’s okay to die.”

When her expression didn’t change, Rockefeller admitted that he had made useless comments and decided to focus on my papers again.

“But not everyone will. This is literally my wish. If you want to enforce your promise to me, you can just ignore it. Still, we have to keep our promises.”

“It seems to me that you are quite emotionally insensitive.”

Rockefeller raised his head and asked.

“It’s an emotion… … Does that matter?”

“… … .”

“I don’t know. Is that important? They don’t sell them to eat, they just feel and disappear. What really matters to me is life itself. It is more important to me than that feeling to have an affluent life.”

After talking for a while, she asked one last question.

“If I stay by your side, will it be good for me?”

Rockefeller laughed at the question.

“Are you talking about that? All that comes to mind right now is money, fame, and inner peace.”

Isabella questioned.

“What does inner peace mean?”

“Why don’t you no longer pay attention to your surroundings and live comfortably without worrying about the world? In that sense, it is inner peace.”

well whatever it is

There was something else that was important to her.

“Then you?”

“Me? Why am I?”

“You mean nothing to me?”

At that question, Rockefeller put down the pen he was holding and looked at her with curious eyes.

“no way… … Do you want something like love from me?”

“I was married to you and lived apart because I didn’t feel anything. Even if I live with you, I don’t feel anything, so why do I have to live with you?”

“Hmm… … .”

something I hadn’t thought of.

Unlike her, who is more emotional than she looks, Trinity Tepez, who came from the Tepez family, was getting along well with Rockefeller as the second wife.

‘He’s a completely different person from Trinity. It’s that woman, I don’t think she’s really interested in me.’

“Then if I love you, would you like to live with me?”

She answered the question right away.

“Yes, if that’s true.”

“Then that’s good.”

Rockefeller stood up and smiled brightly at her.

“It’s because I’m not good at expressing myself. In fact, I kept you on my mind.”

She smiled kindly, but Rockefeller had no feelings for her.

“I’m serious.”

“A person who is sincere… … What happens when you get married and never come to visit?”

“It was because I was busy with work. don’t you know Because of my work, I don’t even care about all of these things.”

Rockefeller approached her at some point and began to persuade her.

“Is it because you were busy with work? I want you to stop being angry. Still, I am glad to know that feeling even now.”

Can you really believe that?

She didn’t believe it, but still had no other option.

My heart is already here, so even if what he said was a lie, I had no choice but to deceive him.

‘Maybe it could change?’

With such stupid thoughts.

* * *

a few days later.

In the same place, Rockefeller felt an unknown déjà vu in the same atmosphere as a few days ago.

“… … .”

That night, the window was still wide open.

full of moonlight

Rockefeller, sitting at his desk, lightly organizing papers, was able to recall what had happened the other day.

‘Things were well over then.’

For some reason, if I close that window and return to my seat, why do I have a feeling that the same thing will happen again?

‘That’s nonsense.’

Rockefeller got up from his seat, went to the window, closed the window, and sat down again.

Then I started looking at the documents again.

‘Yeah, that’s nonsense.’


The pretense of popularity around me made me raise my head without realizing it.

He knew that no one could assassinate him under Ismail’s protection.

Due to Isabella’s incident a few days ago, he was in a state of doubt.

So when I looked around, it was no different.

Isn’t that some guy sitting there looking at him?

Rockefeller looked at him and laughed.

“Hey Rockefeller.”

There was only one person on this continent who did not dare respect him and could call him.

‘Come here, Lee Han.’

“When did you come? Come and say something.”

At that, Lee Han, who was sitting comfortably with his legs crossed, smiled.

“When did I say I was coming? They just come to me the way I want.”

“What else did you come here for? Without a word of coming.”

“I didn’t come here because I had a job. I’m just curious.”

“Are you curious?”

Lee Han felt a lot about what was happening across the continent, including the Empire.

The people of the world are using goblin dollars that they can print without a penny!

Couldn’t this be a utopia that exists in reality?

“That goblin dollar you made.”

“Ah, did you come all the way here to ask that?”

“I thought it was only used in this empire… … Now that I see, goblins and elves are also using it.”

Rockefeller smiled broadly at that.

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“It’s a good thing… … .”

“You’re not going to deny it, are you? Someone who can print as many Goblin Dollars as they want.”

Again, Lee Han was someone Rockefeller knew.

Lee Han smiled lightly.

“Of course it’s not good. It’s just amazing. I had no idea it was going to be like that.”

“If it’s good, it’s good. Just enjoy.”

As Rockefeller focused on his work, Lee Han became curious about him being able to do his job in front of me.

If it’s a normal person, it’s normal to be too busy to look at me.

Perhaps Rockefeller was the only person on the continent who could treat him so lightly.

“To say thank you.”

Rockefeller, who didn’t know what to say from Lee Han, raised his head and looked at him with a surprised expression.

“yes? what now… … .”

“Thank you. I’m a little clumsy at expressing myself, but I just wanted to say thank you. It seems that things in the Empire are going well because of you. There are also small, annoying things that happen outside.”

Lee Han took out a goblin dollar from his pocket and showed it.

“It’s almost all over. It’s me who can take a picture and solve it, but there’s no need to bother moving, right?”

“That’s it… … It is.”

“Although I have not contributed at all to this. Still, it’s really exciting to come up with such an idea.”

Lee Han finished speaking and stood up.

“I may not see you for a while.”

Rockefeller didn’t know the meaning of those words.

Han’s last.

It was about leaving this world.

‘Is the time in the novel already like that?’

“Where are you going?”

To that question, Lee Han responded with a light smile.

“I have somewhere to go. It’s far higher than here. If you go there, maybe… … Maybe I can find the answer I was looking for. You said something. Anyway, thank you.”

After speaking, Lee Han suddenly disappeared.

There was a strong mana reverberation around him, but Rockefeller didn’t feel it.

Because he was a public person.

‘Have you gone… … .’

Lee Han’s departure.

It was a bit chilly, but in a different way, it was a good thing for Rockefeller.

‘Is this completely my world?’

The main character in the novel leaves, and the novel leaves only one reader.

And he became the founder of the continent’s most famous financial company.

‘Honestly, the most important thing in life in this world.’

The truth of what Rockefeller thinks.

‘It’s money.’

And a world where you can print it infinitely.

The owner of that world was Rockefeller.

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