The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 37

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 37

Episode 37 11. Standing up for sale (1)

“Here, uncle. Did you take over the boot soles and pommel repairs?”

The mercenary, who was meticulously examining the leather boots Andrew gave him and the pommel on the tip of the hilt, was satisfied, so he pulled something out of his pocket.

“It was a lot of work. This is a labor fee, so take it.”

Andrew, who took the one shilling he threw, said with a wide-eyed face.

“If you need anything, please call me again! We’ll try to figure it out.”

“I get it. Don’t call me again if you need me.”


“By the way, where did you get this repaired? Do you really feel like shit? How do you fix everything that’s broken? There seems to be a good blacksmith here too.”

When the mercenary asked, showing the neatly repaired Pommel, Andrew grinned.

“There is a blacksmith I know well. He said he worked for a while at a dwarven forge in the past.”

“At the Dwarf Forge? really?”

“Yes, it’s close to here and the Dwarf Kingdom. I’ve heard that too, but he said he also learned the technique by accident. Originally, Dwarves were fussy, so it’s a bit tricky, but they say there’s nothing like that when you eat with each other. Especially, drinking friends are the best.”

“Oh, right? Come to think of it, I think I heard somewhere that it was good to be friends with a Dwarf.”

As if he had learned something new, the mercenary nodded without realizing it.

“Anyway, come back later. Not right now, but I have something else to entrust to you.”

“Oh, of course. Call me whenever it’s convenient for you. If I’m not there, you can call my brother. My brother knows it as well as I do.”

“Wait a minute. What was your name?”

“I am Andrew and my brother is Joshua!”

“Andrew? Were you a commoner?”

“yes! Ross Medici. It’s our family name.”

“Los Medici… … yeah i don’t remember I will call you again if necessary.”


The two brothers’ work, which started as an errand for food, gradually expanded to take on the small errands of various mercenaries belonging to the mercenary camp.

The mercenaries who were reluctant to come into contact with the residents of the territory began to actively use the two brothers, and as a result, the fight between the two brothers grew day by day.

squeak squeak.

On the way to the village with the donkey cart, which he bought naturally as he had more errands to run.

Joshua, who had a good smile on his face, spoke to Andrew, who was pulling the donkey cart instead of him.

“Andrew hyung, I earned three shillings today!”

Andrew is feeling the same way.

“hey! I also earned five shillings.”

“Wow! Is your brother 5 shillings? I made a lot of money. How can you earn two shillings more than me?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t only ask the uncles who looked like you, he stabbed me in many places. There are some men who are stuck in the barracks and do not come out well. You have to attack these guys. Those men are all too troublesome, so they do errands well.”

“Oh really? Then I have to be like Andrew.”

Joshua couldn’t hide his joy at the growing earnings.

“Andrew hyung, aren’t we really getting rich like this?”

“What a rich man! If you want to be really rich, you have to earn like Rockefeller. Compared to Rockefeller, we are new feet.”

It was always normal for Rockefeller and his brothers to get together at dinner and talk to each other about how they spent the day.

For that reason, the two brothers had been told all about how Rockefeller recently made a fortune.

“You said Rockefeller made 500 talents in Banco this month. I didn’t know you could make so much money in Banco. Did Andrew know?”

Andrew shook his head.

“No, I didn’t know either.”

“right? You didn’t even know Andrew hyung, did you?”

“Yeah, but Rockefeller is really great. How can you make so much money by lending money?”

“That’s what Rockefeller did. The real money is sitting and earning. You said that you don’t make money by working.”

“Anyway, half of that is Uncle Carter’s income, but what is 250 talents? Wow… … We can’t even jab.”

“But it’s a bit pricey. Rockefeller seems to have made all the money, but Uncle Carter is earning 250 talents without doing anything.”

“It is not. But it’s Uncle Carter’s shop. You have to think about that.”

At Andrew’s words, Joshua felt somewhat regretful.

“Andrew hyung, shall we make something like Banco later? Then we don’t have to take our money away from other people.”

“Idiot! Does Banco know anything anyone can do?”

“I know. You need a special permit issued by the imperial family.”

“You know why? Without it, I can’t afford a banco.”

“So we’re going to get that permit later. I heard somewhere that people are reluctant to work in Banco because they say that even if you make a lot of money, you will go to hell. And let’s say that commoners can do it. But are we already commoners? So, can’t we do it easily?”

“It is not. But nobody really did that?”

“That’s not it. Anyway, I’m a little reluctant. Haven’t you heard Andrew? People don’t like goldsmiths.”

“I know. But you make a lot of money.”

“But even if you make a lot of money, you end up going to hell.”

As the two brothers talked, they thought for a moment about the connection between goldsmiths and hell.

“But, Andrew, do you really go to hell if you are a goldsmith? That’s what the church says. All usuryers go to hell.”

“Idiot! That’s what Rockefeller said. If you make a lot of money and do good in church, you don’t have to go to hell.”

“Then if we make a lot of money and do good to the church, we won’t go to hell, will we?”

“Of course! The priests pray for us.”

“That’s right. If the priests pray for us, won’t God just send us to Hell?”

“I think so too.”

Joshua suddenly had a question.

“But, Andrew, is there really such a thing as heaven and hell?”

“Idiot! Of course it is.”

“I have? So, have you been there?”

“No, I’ve never been there.”

“Andrew, you’ve never been there, so why are you betting you’re there? It may not be there.”

“That’s it… … Anyways there! Or is everyone lying? That’s not it.”

“It is, but… … .”

“Heaven and Hell are unconditional. They said that if we do bad things, we will go to hell, go to church well, and if we do good things, we will go to heaven unconditionally. This is right.”


“So you guys do a lot of good deeds.”

“But we already did something bad.”

“… … .”

Andrew, unable to refute Joshua’s words, groaned for a moment.

“that… … That’s right.”

“Andrew, we already did a lot of bad things. You lied to the mercenaries and bought expensive ingredients and ran errands. And the rest of the ingredients we share with the aunts at the market.”

“It is, but… … .”

“Then are we going to hell?”

Andrew, who could not answer right away, quickly denied the reality.

“no. We will never go to hell.”

“But Andrew did that, right? If you do bad things, you will go to hell.”

“In that sense, did the aunts and uncles in the market do bad things with us? But those aunts and uncles don’t go to hell together.”

“Then what will we do?”

Andrew didn’t want the story to get too complicated.

There is only one thought that comes to mind at this moment.

“Like Rockefeller hyung said, you just have to be nice to church unconditionally. Then even if we make a mistake, the priests in the church will pray for us every day.”

“Then can we go to heaven?”

“Sure! We are going to heaven by making a lot of money. Instead, you have to be really nice to the priests in the church. Prayers for us will be unconditionally offered by the priests there.”

Joshua was also displeased with those words.

“right? After all, if we have money, we can go to heaven, right?”

“You said Rockefeller! You just need to make a lot of money.”

“I think so too! So let’s make a lot of money too. Let’s earn a lot and donate a lot!”

“okay! Let’s do that.”

In the end, the two brothers decided to earn enough money that they would not go to hell.

So here’s one thought.

How can I make enough money to not go to hell?

“Andrew, by the way, how many shillings can we earn a day to become rich? Wouldn’t this be a little too much?”

“of course… … .”

He was earning money every day that was hard to touch compared to his peers, but compared to the money the eldest hyung earned, it was like new blood.

“It will not be enough. So, I need to find some more work.”

“But you said that Rockefeller doesn’t make a lot of money by working.”

“Hey, it’s still a business. There are different types of making money, but Rockefeller hyung said that making money like us is a small business. We don’t go under anyone to make money.”

“It is not.”

“I said big money is business or sitting and earning.”

“I know! Those words are always engraved in my mind.”

After a while, the two brothers even bought a donkey cart and were doing a lot of errands for the mercenary camp.

“And we already have donkey carts! This is pretty good.”

“Still, it’s a bit disappointing to make money. Rockefeller hyung helped me a lot, so I bought one.”

“It is, but… … .”

“Andrew, is there any way to make more money than we do?”

“Are you making more money than you are now?”


“Well… … Can I still find it?”

on the way back to town.

While conversing with the second Andrew, Joshua happened to see the daughter of the lord of their age while riding a white horse through the fields.

“Hey, Andrew! That’s Miss Stella!”

Unlike Joshua, who shouted in excitement, Andrew, seeing the lord’s daughter, became quieter than usual.

The village was small and there weren’t many girls the same age as Andrew, but the daughter of the lord had the most outstanding beauty among them.

“Lady Stella is riding a horse. Aren’t white horses very expensive? They say that white is very expensive.”

Andrew, who had a soft expression on his face at those words, muttered to himself.

“Last time, Rockefeller-hyung said that he lent a lot of money to the lord. You must have bought one with that money.”

“Andrew, shall we go over there and talk to Miss Stella? Unlike the Lord, Miss Stella welcomes us well.”

Andrew then slapped Joshua with a slightly blushed face.

“don’t do it! just let it go Why do you have to go and talk to me?”

“why? I don’t usually see you, so I’ll have to go and say hello this time. Still, you are the daughter of the Lord. There’s nothing wrong with looking good, right?”

“Because don’t do it. just go Because it’s sloppy.”

“I’m embarrassed? what?”

“Oh, just don’t ask.”

“Andrew hyung, why are you doing this?”

While the two brothers were fighting like that.

Stella, who was riding the white horse she received as a gift this time, happened to see a donkey cart returning from the mercenary camp.

If it had been a different cart, she would have ignored it, but the two figures riding on the cart were not unfamiliar, so she turned her horse’s head and ran toward the donkey cart.

“hi? It’s been a while, both of you.”

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