The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 45

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 45

Episode 45 13. Canteen #3(2)

As soon as the beer was talked about, the dwarf delegation went straight to the church under the guidance of the lord.

He left without leaving any regrets at the celebration without beer.

There is only one church located in the Montefeltro estate.

A single priest leads several priests to deliver the teachings of God, and the parish had been preparing for mass production of beer several months ago.

“It’s huge.”

“I wonder if there was a place like this here.”

Fields of barley and hops spread throughout the parish.

A decent-sized brewery was built next to the church where we arrived, and the priests had been producing beer for a month.

When they arrived at the church, the dwarf delegation could not help but marvel as if they had found gold and silver treasures.

“Unbelievable! This was a hidden treasure complex!”

“You’ve been hiding these things well!”

“If it’s this size, you won’t have to worry about beer for a while.”

“very good!”

Orin, the representative of the delegation, stepped forward and raised his voice.

“I’m going to buy a beer here right now! To our Sovrin!”

Unfortunately, the barley and hops cultivated here and the beer from the brewery were all completely unrelated to the lord.

‘I wish everything here was mine.’

“that is… … Unfortunately, this is not my jurisdiction.”

At those words, the Dwarves made expressions of disbelief.

“No, if you, the lord, aren’t the owner of this place, who the hell is the owner?”

“What nonsense! It’s not because you don’t want to sell us beer!”

“Obviously a revamp! Give me this beer right now!”

The lord spoke with a bewildered face toward the dwarves who were excited as if they were going to cause a riot at any moment.

“Although I am the lord here, this land belongs to the church, not to me. So, everything I am here, of course, belongs to the church.”


“Isn’t it yours to be here?”

“It’s amazing. It’s not yours.”

“Are humans like that?”

“I don’t know. It’s a human story, how do we know?”

“Hey, if you’re trying to fix things because you don’t want to give us beer, you better be prepared. We are not that fussy.”

The lord was too busy to appease the excited dwarves by sweating.

“That is a misunderstanding. The work here really has nothing to do with me. The human church is like that.”

Then, suddenly, a thought occurred to me.

What if the church here doesn’t sell beer to the Dwarves?

‘If that happens, the Thundermountain Dwarves can invade this estate for the beer here. If it’s the chunky Mojiri who are so addicted to beer, that’ll be enough.’

“Let’s go to church and talk. I will make a seat right away.”

The lord, who rushed into the church, began to arrange a seat, and after a few minutes, the impatient dwarves were guided by the lord and were able to meet with the head of the parish, Priest Peter.

The lord could not attend the meeting where Priest Peter and the Dwarves were together, but this was the priest’s will.

It was the will of the priest not to interfere in the affairs of the church.

So, the expression of the lord who was watching the situation outside the church was not very good.

‘What the hell did you kick me out to talk about? It’s just a church business, so you’re saying I shouldn’t interfere as the lord?’

While waiting for the dwarf delegation, the lord glanced at the fields of barley and hops widely cultivated in the parish.

The size was great.

As if waiting for that day.

‘I guess I didn’t expect everything today and started the business like that, did I? no. That would not be it. I guess I just got lucky and got a good leg.’

A familiar commoner began to enter the lord’s gaze, who was scanning the wide farmland of the church.

The boy who appeared in the distance riding on a donkey was the one the lord occasionally met and blushed.

‘Los Medici.’

The lord, who remembered the family name rather than Rockefeller’s name, saw Rockefeller riding a donkey and wrinkled his expression even more.

‘What’s that guy up to here? You didn’t come all the way here to get interest from me, did you?’

Carter Banco already owed a lot of debt, and the interest it was paying off every month was annoying.

‘No. Did you pay the interest this month?’

The lord, who thought he had nothing to kneel, decided to stay and ask why Rockefeller had come this far, rather than avoiding his seat.

After a while, Rockefeller riding a donkey saw the lord in front of the church, and immediately got off the donkey and showed respect to the lord who was far away.

Seeing this, the lord beckoned, and Rockefeller led the donkey and went to the lord.

“Rockefeller Ross Medici, I see you on the way.”

When Rockefeller bowed his head and showed an example, the lord asked him why he came in the first place.

“What have you been up to here? Do you have anything to do with the church?”

In fact, the business with the church had been kept secret from the lord until now because Rockefeller asked the priest to do it.

The church had its own power, so there was no reason not to comply with Rockefeller’s request, and for that reason, the lord was still unaware of the relationship between the church and the Los Medici family.

“Tell me. He probably didn’t come here because he had something to do with me.”

“Yes, I didn’t come here because I had something to do with the lord.”

Rockefeller continued.

“I came here to talk to the church.”

“To church?”

Banco was regarded as a thorn in the eyes of the church.

So, of course, from the standpoint of the lord, there was no choice but to question it.

“No, what does a banco assistant have to do with the church?”

At that question, Rockefeller bowed his head politely again.

“Those who originally hated God should be more loyal and sincere to the Church. Uncle Carter may not know, but I am not far from the Church.”

At those words, the lord smirked.

“Do you think that people like you who play the game can avoid hell?”

Rockefeller quietly accepted the question without changing his expression.

“So there are some things that we try harder. Isn’t he a merciful God?”


From the lord’s point of view, Rockefeller’s answer was too simplistic.

Will you even pray for those who are regarded as thorns in the church just because they donate money?

‘Of course, if you donate a lot of money, I don’t know. But you will have to pay a lot. Really great.’

“Then, did you come here for fundraising-related matters? Then it’s a bad time. I have to go back.”

The lord scans the poems located nearby and continues.

“There is an important story going on inside right now. Even though I came here for donations, now is not the time, so it would be better to come back next time.”

At those words, Rockefeller spoke politely again.

“I came to you in a hurry because of something inside the truth.”

“You came here because of something inside?”

Yeongju naturally frowned.

There were strong doubts and doubts.

“For what?”

“A few months ago, Priest Peter was in urgent need of funds for a business in the church, so he lent me a lot of money.

“What? Did you lend money here?”


“What money do you have?”

I didn’t have money for a funeral, so I lent him money just yesterday.

So, of course, from the standpoint of the lord, there was no choice but to question it.

“Did you earn that much while working in Banco?”

“Yeah, that’s what we do in Banco.”

“It’s amazing. No matter how much I worked as an assistant at Banco, I didn’t know I would be able to do that.”

“With just the interest we receive from the lord every month, our Banco situation has really improved.”

At those words, Yeongju wrinkled his expression.

“Hey, how much money are you taking from me? It’s a bit surprising though. Just a few months ago, I was the head of a young boy, and I was lucky. After I got a job at Banco, my luck was very good.”

“thank you. But I always try to live frugally. That’s what it means to ride a donkey.”

The lord, who was not interested in something, asked again what he was about to ask.

“Then you mean you lent money to this church?”

“Yes, it is. The money I had, the money I didn’t have, and the money I borrowed from Banco myself, I lent everything to this church.”

Youngjoo still made a face that he couldn’t understand.

“That’s weird. The church borrowed money from a banco contractor? At church and nowhere else?”

“Yes, of course, I borrowed it without interest.”

“Without interest?”

“Yes, I did not dare to pay interest on the church, so I borrowed it for a while in the form of a donation.”

At those words, Youngjoo made a very bewildered expression.

“No, the church doesn’t pay interest, so why are you charging interest from me?”

Rockefeller politely responded to the lord’s complaint.

“It is a very serious sin to play interest against God. But it is the interest that the Emperor also pays off. That’s what it means, so I hope the Lord doesn’t feel too bad about it.”

Of course, the expression on Yeongju’s face couldn’t have been better.

To lend to the church without a penny, and to collect interest from yourself so terribly.

‘Things like that shouldn’t have been done in the first place.’

But what about it?

If I hadn’t borrowed money from Banco, the territory itself would have been defenseless and might have allowed the invasion of Dwarves and Orcs.

‘If it wasn’t for his money.’

Perhaps because of Banco, this manor could be kept safe, and the lord might not have known that he was also keeping his place.

Either way, the lord who hides his uncomfortable feelings made a way for Rockefeller.

“Go see. But don’t interfere with what’s inside. If things go wrong there, sparks will set off for you too.”

Of course, so was the lord.

In any case, as the lord cleared the way, Rockefeller took the donkey by the reins and bowed his head once more to show respect to the lord.

Then he went straight to the church.

When the lord, who was looking at the departed Rockefeller, still had a bitter expression on his face, Chiron Mark, the overseer, approached him and spoke to him.

“Come to think of it, I saw the children in that family helping out with the church.”

“Have you seen the Ros Medici family helping out with the church?”


“Then why didn’t you report to me?”

It was not that there was nothing left to say even if he was overseeing the question.

“I didn’t even know there was such a relationship. I just asked him why he was helping because two young brothers from the Los Medici family were helping out with the church, pulling a donkey cart. It was just helping the church, so I went on without any doubts.”

The Overseer began to speak again.

“Isn’t it strange to step out on my own feet and help the church? It’s something the church wants from time to time.”

Hearing the Overseer’s excuses, the lord had no choice but to understand.

The lord himself also helped the church several times without any compensation.

It was something I had to do if I wanted to look good at church or go to heaven after death.

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