The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 46

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 46

Episode 46 13. Canteen #3(3)

Priest Peter, who had been drinking a beer, sat down the dwarves who had calmed down to some extent, and waited patiently for someone, kept looking down at the pocket watch.

‘You’re late.’

As soon as he heard that the Dwarf delegation had arrived, he immediately called Rockefeller.

In terms of time, now is the time to come.

When the impatient Dwarves had been waiting for a long time by drenching their throats with beer and having no patience, the quiet door opened and the person who had been looking forward to it lit up.

“Oh, you’re late. Come and sit down.”

The first to greet him was Priest Peter, who was with the Dwarf delegation.

Priest Peter had no intention of leading this position.

There was someone else who took the lead, but he didn’t mean to ruin it by himself.

In response to the priest’s hospitality, Rockefeller also greeted the priest and dwarves who were sitting there with courtesy.

“It is an honor to meet you. Rockefeller Ross Medici.”

At the same time as Rockefeller appeared, the Dwarves started arguing with each other.

He had heard a little about the priest, but he did not know that he would be such a young child.

“what? You’re a blue kid.”

“That’s still a kid.”

“Do I have to talk to that bastard?”

“Is something strange?”

Perhaps because Rockefeller was too young, the reaction of the Dwarves was not very good.

You’re such a blue-eyed child in a country that won’t be enough to talk to a grown-up!

It was also a natural reaction.

“First of all, you’ve come a long way, so let’s start with the neck. I don’t think the story will be bad after that.”

As soon as he came to the church, Rockefeller, who had asked the priests to bring another beer to the Dwarves, said with a smile.

Then, after hearing the story, the smiling Dwarves changed their attitudes again.

With a single beer, their views on Rockefeller changed somewhat favorably.

“Let’s talk first. You never know again.”

“right. You shouldn’t judge people based on their outward appearance.”

“Come on and bring it! My throat is burning!”

As if the dwarves who gully drank the beer brought by the priests had only survived that day, their expressions all became languid.

They were sensitive and sharp as if they would cause a riot at any moment, but they quickly changed into a kind and good impression as if they would accept all complaints in the world.

Seeing this, Rockefeller thought to himself.

‘There’s a reason the Dwarves, who are more impatient and more impatient than they look, are obsessed with beer. If you don’t comfort them with beer, you won’t be able to have a conversation in the first place.’

I knew it all because it was in a novel, but when I saw it with my own two eyes, I felt a strange feeling.

In any case, Rockefeller was able to join them without hesitation in the place Priest Peter had arranged.

“How does it taste? I tried to pay attention to it, but I don’t know if it suits my taste.”

“Just fine! It was even cooler there.”

“Yeah, I saw something strange, and the beer was really cool!”

“Cold beer would be so good!”

For Rockefeller, beer was a frothy drink that flowed into a frozen glass.

‘I’ve seen it in commercials.’

So, I brought a beer with that feeling as much as possible, and the Dwarves responded very well, aside from the taste.

‘Yes, you should drink beer unconditionally.’

How to keep beer cold was also the result of months of research.

Because it was enough to use cold magic, the development cost of the refrigerated warehouse was not that big.

But the effect was huge.

“We should drink cold beer from now on.”

“That would be great! I drank it today and it’s different from lukewarm one!”

“It feels like my throat is being ripped open at once!”

Rockefeller had no choice but to smile at the reaction of the Dwarves.

“I’m glad you like it.”

Seeing Rockefeller like that, the priest looked very satisfied.

‘You’re good at it too. As I thought, I should leave the business story to the boy, not mine.’

“You can share all the details with that boy.”

The grown-ups had no intention of going out, and either had nothing to do with each other, or were withdrawn like that priest.

The dwarves who did not know English were a bit bewildered, but when the old priest asked him to talk to the young boy, Orin, the representative of the dwarf delegation, had no choice but to talk to Rockefeller.

“I told you to talk to me, so I have no choice but to talk to you. I am Orin A proud resident of Thundermountain.”

“The Thunder Mountains? I’ve heard a lot of stories. You are following the one who bears the thunder.”

“Yeah, I don’t really know.”

The lifespan of the dwarves was long enough to match that of the original elves.

And since the average lifespan of an elf far exceeded that of a human, Orin decided that Rockefeller was younger than him and made it easier to talk.

“But I heard that you came here for work. For what reason did you come here?”

Even though they knew everything, even the dwarves, who were impatient with Rockefeller, who tried to pretend they didn’t know, had no intention of dragging them off.

Orin took a handful of Sobrin from her arms and laid it down roughly on the table, as if she was ready.

Chalgrang! Orin raised her voice in the room where the sound of gold coins hitting each other was noisy.

“I will buy all the beers here!”

Orin recalled barley, hops, and breweries being grown outside the church.

“And I’m going to buy all the beers that come out in the future!”

Except for the Dwarves, everyone’s eyes turned to Sovrin, which was poured onto the table at once.


Just as the gold coins of the Empire were talents, Sovrin was a generic term for gold coins made by various dwarves.

For reference, there was only one type of the Empire’s talent, but the Dwarf’s Sobrin had many different types.

“Have you not seen our gold coins for the first time? I’ve never done anything as sinister as mixing copper here with the Empire. It is the true currency of the world, minted only in pure gold!”

Orin’s words continued.

“So, it is the most reliable gold coin on the continent. It’s something that can’t even be compared to the ducats the goblins produce.”

When Orin shouted triumphantly, showing a strong sense of pride in their gold coins, Rockefeller asked, looking at the Sovrin he had thrown on the table.

“Can I take a look for myself?”

“Does anyone who has looked know anything?”

Rockefeller still had a smile on his face, despite his subtly disregarded tone.

“I work as an assistant in Banco, so I usually touch gold coins a lot. The gold coins are similar in size to our talents, so I would like to take a look at the differences.”


The word banco was used only in the Empire.

Most Dwarves borrowed gold coins from kings or wealthy people, because they did not borrow money from usurers like Banco like humans.

“Is that Bancor a place like a Goblin Bank?”

“It’s pretty similar.”

“This was a man who was playing like a cunning goblin.”

Orin’s expression hardened.

He didn’t know much about the banco of humans, but he knew very well about the goblins who revived the race through usury.

“If you look at what they do, humans are no different from goblins.”

“It would be better than that stinky goblin, though.”

“Yeah, I’d rather be a human. Goblins are on the same level as elves. Garbage bastards.”

The Dwarves, who had a lot to say about the Goblin, became noisy for a while, while Orin threw a Sovrin at Rockefeller.

“Let me take a look. It’s definitely made out of pure gold. It is probably different from your gold coins.”

Rockefeller was not unaware of the fact that the gold coins of the dwarves were made only of pure gold.

Still, it was just out of curiosity to check.

‘This is a gold coin made of pure gold… … Certainly, compared to the Imperial Talent, the weight and texture are different.’

In the aftermath of the Flame War, the copper content of the Imperial gold coins that were mixed with copper was increasing subtly.

Gold coins were used a lot, but gold coins were few, so it was the result of rolling my head.

In that sense… … .

‘Maybe humans aren’t that different from goblins as they said. No. Rather, we might be a more vicious race than goblins. Because only humans have yet to mix copper with gold coins.’

“Good gold coins. It is very different from our talents.”

Hearing those words, Orin raised the corner of her lips slightly.

“right. You can’t compare it to Imperial gold coins. We didn’t mix lies with gold coins. Just like you guys.”

Orin spoke quickly.

“I’ll buy you a beer here with better gold coins than yours.”

Orin’s smiling face showed her pride and confidence in this transaction.

“It’s not a one-time deal, and the longer this deal gets, the more likely you will be sitting on a cushion of money.”

Rockefeller also fully agreed that human gold coins were of inferior quality to gold coins of other races.

But that didn’t make Sovrin more valuable.

At least here, on the lands of the Empire.

“Hey, there is one thing you are misunderstanding.”

At those words, Orin raised his doubts.

“What do you mean? The quality of gold coins is, of course, ours.”

“Of course, in terms of the quality of the gold coin itself, as you said, your Sovrin is better and better than the Imperial Talent. But you should know this.”

The boy who had been smiling brightly suddenly disappeared, and a cold-blooded negotiator with no smile on his face was sitting in his seat.

Rockefeller looked straight at Orin and continued.

“This is an empire. Only talents are used in the Empire. So the beer here can only be bought with talents.”

In other words, it was a declaration that he would not accept the Dwarf’s gold coins.

Better or worse than the Imperial Talent, whatever.

In the end, they informed the dwarf envoys that what they needed was the imperial talents.

Hearing Rockefeller’s words, the entire delegation that came to visit began to roar loudly.

“You want a talent?”

“You don’t have any talent, do you?”

“Gold coins are better than mine, what kind of talent is that?”

“But, as he said, this is imperial land. You may not need Sovrin.”

“What kind of work is it? Usually, when you say “Sovrin”, you are a fan of it.”

Leaving behind the noisy Dwarves, Orin stepped out again.

“We only have Sovrin, how can we buy beer here with talents?”

Rockefeller responded to him with a hidden smile.

“You don’t have to worry too much about the exchange between gold coins. Carter Banco, where I work, also serves as a currency exchange service for gold coins.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Of course, we are deducting a small fee.”

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