The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 61

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 61

Episode 61 16. Honey, Debt Eats (2)

“I think Overseer-sama is probably well aware of the wars that took place outside the realm. Because of that, the Lord owes us a huge debt from Banco. You know this, right?”

The fact that the lord had borrowed an enormous amount of money from Banco was something he knew well.

So I bought a Wyvern that didn’t fit the fountain, and built a needlessly large fortress.

Where is that?

It was all because of the money borrowed from Banco that operated a number of mercenary units up to this day.

‘You borrowed a lot more than you thought. I’m in charge of it, so it’s not my job anyway, so I didn’t care.’

At the same time as that thought, I also had this thought.

The lord is the ruler of this land.

And the banco contractor is the subordinate who lives and lives in the land.

‘Still, I thought it wouldn’t cause any problems.’

“Of course I know that. But how about that? What does the lord have to do with the debt we owe here and the fact that this IOU we have now cannot be exchanged for talents?”

The Overseer had an expression of disbelief.

“I do not know. What is the reason? Please explain clearly.”

An explanation is necessary.

Rockefeller spoke up.

“Of course there is a relationship. The Lord has paid off our debt by overusing these deeds of borrowing that have no meaning until now. This is it.”

Rockefeller handed him the Overseer, a IOU, written not by Carter Banco, but by the lord himself.

“That is the deed of borrowing that the Lord wrote directly to us. Check it out.”

Overseer glanced at the bundle of IOUs Rockefeller had handed over.

The large seal of the lord’s seal was clearly a sign of the lord’s promise to repay the debt he owed one day.

said Rockefeller.

“It is the lord’s credit and promise that he will one day repay that amount of gold coins.”

“I know. As you said, this is the deed of borrowing written by the lord.”

“You know it well. But today. We blatantly betrayed that promise.”

“Have you been betrayed?”

The Overseer looked startled, while Rockefeller’s expression was cold.

“Yes, I was going to settle this with a deed of borrowing, so I no longer need it, so I went to the lord to receive the promised gold coins, and the lord said that he could not give me gold coins and would give me another deed of borrowing instead.”

As he spoke, Rockefeller spit out a laugh.

“Hey, I was blown away. What we needed was gold coins, not paper tokens. How long will the Lord keep his promise? If you make a promise, you have to pay it back.”

At those words, the Overseer suddenly began to defend the lord.

He still had credit for the lord, and he thought that there would be a reason for not keeping his promise right away.

“Still, what must have happened? The Lord is the owner of this land and a great leader who will lead us. If you hadn’t given the gold coins to you right away, there must have been a good reason.”

Rockefeller shook his head arrogantly.

“We knew that too, and we have been deceived until now. But not anymore.”

Rockefeller continued the following words to get the Overseer to take his side.

“The reason I wanted to receive gold coins from the lord this time was to exchange gold coins for you here or Young Ji-min who is clamoring outside. Wouldn’t we also need gold coins to exchange the IOUs you brought with us for gold coins? In the first place, the Gold IOU is with the Lord’s credit as collateral, and it is natural.”

Overseer was quite shocked at those words.

“then… … .”

“We were meant to receive gold coins with that intention, but the Lord betrayed us. So we also decided not to take care of the Lord’s convenience any longer. I don’t know how long the Lord will deceive you, but we are not fools. There is no reason to act like an idiot.”

This time Rockefeller questioned him.

“Now let me ask. Do we have to hand over our bloody gold coins to you every day, only accepting the meaningless paper tokens?”

“that… … .”

As the conversation progressed to this point, Overseer could only understand.

That’s why the situation got to this point.

Against the Overseer, who could not easily answer, Rockefeller continued.

“However, it is not possible to give away the property of the heavenly church. Why do we have to take on the Lord’s faults with us and the church?”

Priest Peter immediately spoke up as he was listening to the story next to him.

“The property of the church belongs to John, which no one can touch.”

Priest Peter, with a stern expression on his face, pointed his index finger at the Overseer.

“So, go to your lord and tell it clearly. You can never touch the property of the church here, so if you have done something wrong, you should fix it yourself. Our church should never be harmed by that. never.”

All of this was due to the lord’s fault, but even after fully understanding it, the Overseer was in a position where he could not easily step down.

Just because the lord made such a mistake, he couldn’t easily give up his gold coins tied to the Gold IOU.

Simply put, it is unfortunate.

“Then what do you mean by this?”

As the Overseer protested with a small but strong voice as he presented the Gold IOUs he had brought, Rockefeller began to speak with a dazed expression on his face.

“The Gold IOU is in principle not obligated to convert it into gold coins.”

“What do you mean? You’ve been exchanging well so far, but now that’s not the case?”

Rockefeller shook his head as if to say goodbye.

“Look at what is written there. The Gold Deed of Loan was originally issued as collateral for the deed of borrowing that the lord had abused. In other words, it is quite different from this.”

Rockefeller pulled out another Carter Banco IOU that he had and showed him.

“This is an IOU issued by our Carter Banco.”

Overseer compared the Gold IOU he brought with the existing IOU called IOU.

They looked the same, but there was one stark difference.

“Can you see the difference between the two?”

“… … .”

Why the Overseer can’t say anything.

The Gold IOU did not say that Carter Banco directly guarantees the gold coins, but the IOU did mention that.

“You will probably see it. If you had brought an existing IOU IOU to our Banco, we would have exchanged it for talents of course. It’s an IOU IOU, because we guarantee it directly. But not a Gold IOU. We do not guarantee that.”

“However! The Lord’s credit… … Wouldn’t it be better?”

In the past, the IOU deeds were the only IOUs for Carter Banco’s IOUs used by the residents of the territory.

Then, when Gold IOUs directly guaranteed by the permanent lord began to appear, people, both you and me, started using the existing IOU IOUs by replacing them with Gold IOUs.

The exchange for talents was the same for both, and it was because they thought that the IOU guaranteed by the lord directly was safer than the one guaranteed by a banco contractor.

“So you know everyone here started writing Gold IOUs? Now, no one is using the IOU IOU. All of them have been converted to Gold IOUs.”

That, too, was exactly what Rockefeller intended.

‘I wanted to be like that too. Why? That way, our obligation to exchange the IOU, which is only a piece of paper, for real gold coins is eliminated.’

“Then it must have been your mistake for not trusting me. Because they believed in the Lord more than us. Isn’t it?”

The desperate Overseer protested.

“Have you not exchanged the same thing until now? Why come now!”

“Perhaps if the Lord had silently exchanged the IOU we took with us into gold coins, he would have exchanged the Gold IOU for talents without any problem even now. But the Lord rejected it, so we are now rejecting it too.”

As Rockefeller emphasized, he continued.

“Anyway, the Gold IOU was issued with the Lord’s IOU as collateral.”

“… … .”

“No matter what you say here, we are, in principle, completely under no obligation to convert them into gold coins. This is exactly what is stated in the Gold IOU, so we have nothing more to say.”

From the Overseer’s point of view, there was anger, but there was no way he could take his anger out on Carter Banco.

All the faults came from the lord.

Because I had to go to the lord instead of here and ask myself.

“then… … what do we do now? Are you telling me to just go back with this little piece of paper?”

Still, I felt more comfortable arguing with Carter Banco than the lord, so when I shouted that out, the only answer that came back was this.

“It’s not like a piece of paper.”

Rockefeller pointed to a piece of paper similar to it.

“Don’t you have the lord’s deed of loan that I gave you earlier? Since it is collateralized, we can’t take gold coins, but we can take care of the Lord’s Deed of Loan.”

Rockefeller said again.

“In other words, it is saying that the Lord’s deed of loan is as much as the gold deed of borrowing you brought. It’s clearly stated in the Gold IOU.”

that is to say.

It was the sound of asking the lord not to question it, but to ask again.

“under… … .”

Carter walked to the side of the Overseer, who had only let out a long lament for nothing more to say, patting him on the shoulder and giving him consolation rather than consolation.

“It’s not like we’re just going to send it back. As much as the Gold deed you brought, I will give you the deed of borrowing from the lord. Because we see it right.”

How can you dare to exercise a bond (to pay off your debt) against a heavenly lord?

The Overseer felt the sky getting dark, but then he thought again.

Youngji was overflowing with people like him.

Even at this time, the angry residents who came to Carter Banco were clamoring for an exchange for talent right now.

‘It’s never too small. Maybe it’s all of Young Ji-min.’

Most of them were holding Gold IOUs rather than the IOU IOUs guaranteed by Carter Banco, meaning that they all had something to say to the lord.

‘I can’t do it alone, but… … What if we all move together with the people out there?’

In addition, the salaries distributed to the seers this morning were all Gold IOUs.

‘If my subordinates have the same thoughts as me, there is nothing to think about anymore.’

He wondered how the Gold IOU (fake money) came to be used here and there like ‘real money’, but in the present situation, it wasn’t that important.

‘You have to go back and get it back in gold.’

The Gold IOU he was holding on to was no longer like money.

Because it was nothing more or less than a piece of paper.

As the Overseer’s eyes changed terrifyingly after completing the preparation, Rockefeller’s lips, watching it, slightly curved.

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