The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 69

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 69

Episode 69 18. Honey, Debt Eats #3(2)

Fourth, Andrew looked incredulous that the youngest in the family, whom Leo almost carried and raised, was already paying for a lady’s shirt.

“Lucia has grown a lot too. Are you the same age as Leo by the time I leave?”

“Brother Leo is personally my favorite brother out of all the brothers here.”

When Lucia finished speaking, the two men, who were showing signs of discomfort, suddenly started coughing.

Then Lucia hastily added a word.

“Anyway, it’s a very subtle difference, so I hope the two older brothers here don’t feel too bad about it.”

Joshua made a shout out.

“Hey, I’ve raised almost everything since Leo left.”

“Did you already cover it all by then?”

Rockefeller seemed to have something to say.

“Lucia, I don’t think you made me feel too short, right?”

“Rockefeller’s brother is always money. You didn’t think that throwing clothes or a doll at me would be the end, right?”

“Because I am busy with work.”

“I will politely decline any excuses.”

Andrew, who couldn’t keep his mouth shut easily because he was surprised, looked for the fourth person who was not here and asked.

“Besides, how is Leo? How are you?”

The answer to that question was Joshua, who was sitting next to Lucia.

“Leo, how are you? This time, we moved our parish to Lyon.”

“To Lyon? Weren’t you here before?”

Joshua grinned.

“If you want to grow big, shouldn’t you be playing in a big water?”

Joshua gestured his chin and pointed to Rockefeller, who was sitting at the top of the table.

“And that’s also what Rockefeller meant.”

Andrew naturally turned his head to Rockefeller.

“Then did Brother Rockefeller send Leo to Lyon?”

Rockefeller, who was accompanied by a soft smile, calmly answered Andrew’s question.

“I already have a special relationship with Your Excellency Bishop in Lyon. We have some of your parish property in our Carter Banco. So I also asked your bishop a favor. I think it would be better for Leo to be in Lyon than to be here.”

“So did Leo go to Lyon?”

“As Joshua said, whether it’s a priest or whatever, if a man wants to grow big, it’s right to play in the big water. And it was what Leo wanted. Leo also had big dreams.”

“Are you dreaming big? what is that?”

Rockefeller did not have to answer, but answered with a small smile.

“ah… … Looks like Leo was more greedy than he thought? I never saw Leo like that.”

It was Joshua, who was sitting with him, who responded to this.

“no. Leo is not greedy like us.”

“Leo is not greedy? Then why do you have such a dream? That went too far.”

After a brief silence, Joshua opened his mouth.

“It’s all because of us.”

Joshua smiled awkwardly, and then Andrew put on an expression of understanding.

Joshua’s dream was not a personal greed, but a sacrifice for his family.

‘Certainly, Leo was kind.’

“I am very happy to be here after a long time. It feels like you left here yesterday.”

When Andrew, who was immersed in emotion, spared his next words, Lucia, who was watching, suddenly intervened.

“I am also very happy that my brother Andrew is here. Andrew Brother, please rest in peace after coming down. I also have a lot of questions about my brother Andrew.”

“To me?”

“Yes, I want to hear about the military academy, and above all, I want to hear what life in the zodiac is like.”

“Are you also interested in the zodiacal life?”

“no. This is something I’m curious about and want to hear. You don’t know where I’m going to go out later, right? It could be the zodiac. So, I want to hear from you here and there.”

Then Joshua made a sharp voice.

“hey! What is it that the young blue child is already talking about? Even at that age, do you know that this older brother won’t send anything to anyone?”

“Oh, my brother Joshua. It is entirely up to me to decide. I have the right to choose my spouse.”

Before the dinner, after a light greeting, Rockefeller picked up the Western table to enjoy the dinner.

“That’s what we talk about. Come on, let’s go. The food will be cold.”

at that time.

The mansion bell rang, announcing someone’s visit.

The youngest, Lucia, was the first to respond to the bell.

“There, brothers and sisters. Who seems to be outside?”

Joshua wrinkled his face.

“this time?”

What a disturbance at a happy dinner time.

As Joshua with a frown on his face tried to get up from his seat, Rockefeller suddenly felt a strange feeling and stopped Joshua with his hand.

“Joshua, I’ll go out.”

“why? I will just leave.”

“no. I’ll just leave. It may wither.”

When Rockefeller who dried Joshua got up and headed for the entrance of the mansion, Lucia, who was watching it, revealed her curiosity.

“Who is it?”

Here’s what’s going on, Andrew doesn’t know, so it was Joshua, who was sitting with him, who was guessing.

“no way… … Are you withering?”

The seers used to come to Rockefeller from time to time, from time to time.

Because there were times when it was important or urgent within the territory.

Then there was someone who questioned that, and that was Andrew.

“The seers?”

“Yeah, someone who comes to visit may wither here.”

“No, why do the seers come here?”

“Ah, that’s because the lord here can’t do his job. So, since when did the seers come to visit Rockefeller?”

“Is that possible?”

“Of course. Who’s paying the widows now? The lord here is a debtor. So our Banco is taking care of the withers’ salaries instead. Whatever the case, if the territory gets confused, we won’t be able to do business.”

Upon hearing the story, Andrew immediately knew that the lord’s situation was worse than he had expected.

How bad will Banco pay for the withers?

‘Looks really messed up. For some reason, the whole way back, his expression was so bad.’

At the same time, there were also concerns about her.

‘What are you doing now? I hope it doesn’t turn out to be too bad.’

While Andrew was thinking about it.

Rockefeller was facing an unexpected visitor to his mansion.

Again, it was his touch that felt something.

‘Somehow, it seemed like this.’

“no… … What are you doing at a time like this?”

Wearing a deep robe hood, she came alone, and it was Stella, the daughter of the lord.

“Because Bancoya is closed. I have something to talk to you about my father’s debt, will you have time?”

Her visit was somewhat expected.

Rockefeller decided not to stop her from coming.

“of course. Oh, since you’ve come this way, let’s have dinner together. Andrew must be here today. Our family was just about to enjoy dinner.”

Then Rockefeller didn’t forget these words.

“You are very lucky Ms. If you haven’t had dinner yet, let’s eat it together. You can talk with me on the spot.”

Stella was somewhat embarrassed by the sudden dinner invitation.

However, because of time, she had a bit of a conflict and reluctantly agreed.

Anyway, I needed to talk to him.

“Won’t my family feel uncomfortable if I sit there?”

“There will be no inconvenience. It’s a dinner with a young lady, but it’s a greater honor for us.”

“then… … It will be a big disrespect for the family, but I have something to tell you, so I will attend the event.”

“Come this way. I will guide you.”

It was a very good place for a mansion for commoners to live.

After all, why do people turn to money?

Wouldn’t everyone be thrilled to be able to enjoy such an overflowing happiness?

‘It’s bigger than you think. Even the furniture is not ordinary, and everything is luxurious.’

Stella, who was guided by Rockefeller to the drawing room, was surprised to see the dinner table again.

They were commoners only on the outside, but in reality they were no different than small nobles.

‘It looks like you made a lot of money in Banco. I didn’t know the Andrew family would live this far.’

The food prepared was so luxurious.

People here probably wouldn’t have prepared all the food that was served there.

Even if he didn’t know it, it seemed obvious that he would have called in a skilled person.

‘How did you get here?’

Andrew was the most surprised by her appearance.

Andrew got up from his seat in surprise and said to Stella who had come.

“Why did you come here?”

“that is… … I got an invitation all of a sudden.”

Rockefeller said, giving her a seat next to Andrew.

“I apologize in advance for the lack of hospitality for the young lady as it was not prepared in advance.”

“no. I’m fine.”

When she arrived, Joshua and Lucia took care of themselves and stood up.

“Joshua Rosmedic, see Miss Stella. Long time no see, Miss Stella.”

“Joshua has grown a lot. I don’t know.”

“thank you.”

Joshua politely greeted him, and Lucia, who was next to him, also greeted him cutely.

“Are you Stella? I heard stories from my brother Joshua from time to time. that you are nice and pretty My name is Lucia Ross Medici. Please feel free to call me Lucia.”

“You were Lucia. I’ve heard a lot about you from Andrew.”

“I am so happy that my brother Andrew did not leave out my story.”

After a while they started enjoying the dinner in a rather awkward atmosphere.

However, Stella, who could not eat comfortably due to her father’s debt problem, brought up her father’s story during the dinner.

“I think I’ve said it before.”

Rockefeller had foreseen it, so she already knew what she was going to say.

I was just waiting patiently.

Rockefeller, who smiled as benevolent as possible, as a representative of the family, responded to her words.

“Yes, you tell me.”

“I owe my father. No, how can I not settle the debt owed by the lord here?”

Rockefeller, who thought he had filled his stomach, lightly wiped his mouth with a napkin and answered her.

“The story is the same as last time. At Carter Banco, we lent a gold coin to the lord, and the lord must repay the gold coin.”

“I know that, but interest rates are too high. Now, they say that the rest of the land is also taken as collateral because of the interest, isn’t this a bit too much?”

Isn’t that too much?

If you were a banco contractor, you would hear it every day.

Rockefeller began to speak with a solemn expression in a different atmosphere than before.

“It’s a matter of interest, it’s our natural right to lend gold coins to the lord. We also lent so many gold coins at our own risk, shouldn’t we be compensated for that?”

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