The Teachers Who Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me chapter 164

The Teachers Who Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me 164

164 – First Night (2)

Cornelia’s saliva strangely tasted like peach.

The taste of fruit.

Chu… Evan and Cornelia finished kissing, with threads of saliva hanging down.

Cornelia said as if she was embarrassed.

“As a princess, I ate many good things… “I think it smells like peaches.”

“I see.”

Evan thought Cornelia, who spoke as if making excuses, was cute.

Evan grabbed the back of Cornelia’s neck and kissed her again.


Cornelia was overwhelmed by Evan’s power.

Can I be this happy? Cornelia’s eyes become hazy.

Evan traced Cornelia’s thighs, grabbed the end of her negligee, and gradually lifted it up over her.


The kiss ended once again and the negligee was rolled up to Cornelia’s chest. Cornelia’s breasts were slightly larger than her eating stomach.

Evan completely removed Cornelia’s negligee and also removed her bra and panties. Cornelia’s bra and panties were silver, matching hers.


Cornelia covered her areolas as if she were embarrassed. It’s a pretty pink areola.

Evan is wearing only a tunic shirt.

Evan got hot so she took off her shirt.


Cornelia was surprised when she checked Evan’s cock.

Looking up close, I can’t believe it’s this thick.

Isn’t she almost the size of your forearm?

“A lot… “Do you feel burdened?”

Evan asked cautiously. Evan was confused as to whether his cock was good or bad for a woman.

‘Ah… ….’

Honestly, the thought of Evan’s cock entering Cornelia made Cornelia’s hair turn white.

It belongs to the benefactor.

Even if she couldn’t come in, Cornelia wanted to come in.

“No, benefactor. I want to connect with my benefactor. Please let me… “Please commit it.”

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Cornelia lied on her back and covered her private parts with her hands, just as Maya had done.

Her benefactor wanted her to take his hand and covet him.

Evan nodded at her and took Cornelia’s hand and opened it.

Pink pussy entrance.

Evan raised her hand and first pinched Cornelia’s nipple. A soft touch is held in Evan’s hand.


Cornelia’s waist is shaking violently.

Evan took Cornelia’s hand with her free hand and opened it. She has a sweet peach scent. Is it actually sweet to eat? Evan placed his mouth on Cornelia’s entrance and soaked in her love juices.

Evan’s thick lips scratch Cornelia’s labia minora and vaginal wall.


Cornelia’s waist trembles.

Evan was amazing. Her mouth is filled with a light peach flavor. Soggy texture. Is the scent of peach mixed with the smell of cancer so s*xy and delicious?

Chuleup, Choap.

Evan licked Cornelia’s pussy.

Cornelia’s back buckled here and there, but Evan did not stop. Cornelia’s struggles gradually subside.

Evan tasted Cornelia’s love juices until he was satisfied, and then let go.

Now it’s time to taste Cornelia below.

Evan is like a beast.

Cornelia loved Evan so much.

“Me…” … “Please covet me, my benefactor.”


“Yes…… “Benefactor.”

“I love you.”


A word from her benefactor that sets Cornelia’s heart on fire.


The hymen is torn.

Even as Evan’s thick cock gradually pushes in… Cornelia wasn’t as sick as she thought.

My soul seemed to be floating on clouds at the sweet words of my benefactor.

“Love…… Do.”

Cornelia’s water flows out damply.

Evan held Cornelia’s shoulders as she lay down and pushed his cock into her little by little.

-Wow… flaw…… Ugh!!

Soon, the dick went all the way in.

The tip of her glans pierces the entrance to Cornelia’s womb.

Was she like this when she had s*x with Maya?

Evan felt the soft inside of Cornelia, tracing her memories, and then began pistoning into her vagina.

Snap… Snap.

You can feel the soft quality of Cornelia.

Cornelia’s virgin blood flowing out in a rush.

Cornelia felt overwhelmed. The benefactor’s large cock invades Cornelia’s insides.

I feel like I’m going crazy with excitement. Cornelia was so weak that she had no choice but to entrust her body to Evan.

Squeak, squeal!

The bed shakes up and down.

When Evan pushed her cock into Cornelia’s pussy, Cornelia was pushed up, and when Evan took her cock out, Cornelia was pushed down.

The feeling of playing in the clouds.

Cornelia felt like she was gradually rising higher into the sky.

“Okay…… Black!”


Evan’s cock lusts for Cornelia’s pussy.

Cornelia’s vagina became increasingly under pressure. Cornelia could not bear it. Her lower abdomen is so hot it feels like she’s going crazy.

“Okay…… Ugh!!!!”

Cornelia’s vagina pressing hard on Evan’s cock.

But Evan did not stop.

There is still a long way to go before the sense of ejaculation comes.

“Huh, huh! “Benefactor!!”

Click, click, click, click!!!!

Evan lined his forehead with veins and dug into his waist. An unforgiving rush of excitement. Cornelia felt like she was in a hell of delightful pleasure. Cornelia’s body gradually opens.

Evan’s forearm-like cock transforms Cornelia’s pussy into the shape of Evan’s cock.

Cornelia felt herself becoming exclusive to her benefactor.

“Hang! Ah! Hmm! Ugh! Benefactor, benefactor… silver…… Person! Haaa!!”

Cornelia pressed Evan’s back in an attempt to somehow release the stimulation that was driving through her soul.

My lower abdomen is so irritated that it feels like it will break.

I feel so good that I’m going crazy.

Cornelia squeezed Evan so tightly that her nails left marks on his back.


Evan pistoned with all his might.

A feeling of ejaculation rushes in.

Push shot! Fu shoot!! Fu shoot!!!

Soon, Evan ejaculated.

Evan’s glans invaded Cornelia’s womb and poured out every drop of semen into Cornelia’s womb.

Cornelia felt her benefactor’s semen filling her depths.

“Benefactor!!! Ah……… !!”

A stimulus like a thunderbolt.

Cornelia’s lower back twitched as if she had received an electric shock, even as Evan stopped pistoning into her. It was the first time she felt pleasure in her life.

Cornelia could not bear the storm of pleasure.

“Huh… ….”

Evan inserted it inside Cornelia and waited for a while.

Even if Evan doesn’t do anything, Cornelia’s vagina contracts and makes her feel good.

Cornelia’s back was twisted this way and that, jumping up and down.

Cornelia’s strength gradually weakened and she sank down on her bed. She seemed to have lost strength.

Evan’s dick is still intact.

‘It definitely feels good, but it’s not enough.’

Evan stroked Cornelia’s forehead and covered her with a blanket.

“You had a hard time.”

“…… No.”

Under the damp cornelia.

Cornelia loved Evan’s semen inside her womb. So I blocked her entrance and smiled secretly.

Evan kissed Cornelia.

Then she raised her head and glanced at the dark-haired Juri, the Witch King Machia.

Now it’s the Witch King’s turn.

“Come here, Machia.”

-Oppa, I want to do it somewhere other than the bed.

“……… ?”

-I want to make it a little special. Come to the entrance, brother.

Machia plays the younger sister.

Is she acting as his younger sister again?

Makia is smiling brightly while standing in front of the bedroom door.

Evan got off the bed and went to Macia.

Gulp, the other brides, unable to contain their excitement, look at Evan with anxious eyes.

Evan first stood in front of Machia.

Machia looked Evan up and down with a provocative gaze.

-Brother, are you planning to rape her younger sister?

Evan was dumbfounded.

She is no longer blood-related sibling.

The fact that they were siblings was a lie created by the Witch King in the first place.

But Evan decided to sing to the beat of the Witch King Machia.

This was also quite refreshing.

Evan covered the Witch King with his body and placed his arm on the door above the Witch King’s head.

“Are you my sister, Machia?”

-hehehe, of course. I’m Juri, my brother’s younger sister.

Evan snorted at the Witch King’s words and looked down at the Witch King.

Now this is the smallest Juri here.

Her petite body has almost no breasts.

Enough for Evan to hold and f*ck me.

Evan grabbed Macia’s shoulder and pushed her against the door.


Machia’s face hardened.

A nervous face.

Even though Machia looks like this, this was my first experience like this.

“For something you said so excitedly, you seem very timid.”

-There is no brother who rapes her younger sister, brother.

“Do you have to make me a sinner to get excited?”

-hehehe… how did you know?

Be, the witch king sticking out his tongue.

‘I wonder if you’ll feel relaxed even after joining me.’

Evan grabbed the Witch King’s black dress. The collar of a dress. Evan tore it with force.


The Witch King’s eyes widen.

The Witch King is stained with embarrassment.

The dress tears, revealing the Witch King’s pure white bare skin.

Evan kissed the Witch King. The Witch King was embarrassed, but he didn’t push away Evan’s kiss. Excitement comes rushing in. It feels like I’m being scared by the real Evan… The Witch King was filled with tension and joy.

Evan’s tongue touched the Witch King’s throat. The Witch King found it difficult to breathe. It’s a rough stimulus.

-Sigh…… Sigh!!

The Witch King caught her breath.

Paha! Soon the two people’s lips separated.

The Witch King was pushed down the door and collapsed.

Evan said with a chuckle.

“You’re not my sister anymore, right?”

-Written…… Wow, I feel it more…… I need to see it.

“What a cheeky bride.”

Evan squatted down. He placed his hands on either side of the Witch King’s face to prevent her from running away.

Still, Evan feels like he has become more skilled after having s*x with Maya and Cornelia.

Evan pulled down the Witch King’s black bra and licked her nipples. A gentle caress, unlike the harsh push to the door.

The Witch King could not tolerate this strange gap.

-After… Ugh, hahahaha…… Female…… Number of people!

“Lick… under…… “Didn’t I say I was your brother?”

-Fu… hehehe, it was a joke.

Evan went down. Damp cancer odor.

Evan placed his mouth on the Witch King’s labia. The wet love juice stimulates the tongue. The Witch King’s love juice tasted a little sour. It’s not like it smells bad or anything.

Exciting taste.


Evan drank the Witch King’s love juice.

Love juice and saliva flow between Evan’s mouth and the Witch King’s pussy and fall to the floor.

All the Witch King can do is sit down with her legs spread.

It seemed as if the Witch King’s back was gradually being pressed against the door.

-Ugh… Itchy feeling…… That’s strange.

Evan’s tongue feels good inside the Witch King.

The Witch King was in a strange mood. A strange and tickling feeling that I have never experienced before.


Evan’s mouth left the Witch King’s pussy and the Witch King felt strangely sad.

It feels like the stimulation that was creeping in has suddenly stopped.

The Witch King ran her hands around Evan’s chest as if looking for stimulation.

-More… Do more.

Returned relationship.

Evan chuckled.

“You said you wouldn’t do that to your sister?”

-Oh, it’s okay because you’re not my real brother. That…… Please.

The Witch King’s face turned red. Even when she thought about it, she felt like a lustful woman.

Evan rubbed his cock against the Witch King’s vagina with a smile on her face. Twinkle, twinge. The Witch King’s two thin legs twitched.

-…… Stop worrying.

The Witch King requested a favor. Evan nodded her head and inserted his cock into her. Kuuk… The glans opens the insides of the Witch King and blazes a path for her… The Witch King felt as if something large had entered her body.

-Pfft… Wow…… Nice… That’s right.

Virgin blood is dripping drop by drop.

The Witch King felt as if her body was being torn apart. Although the vagina was soaked with love juice, Evan’s large cock quickly entered the Witch King’s womb.

-Ugh…… Ah!!

I feel like I’m going out of my mind.

I can’t believe it’s this big.

The Witch King seemed to be going crazy from the ferocious pleasure. This thing comes and goes? One intrusion is enough to make you lose your mind. The Witch King instantly became afraid of s*x.

-Woah…… Dawn.

“Are you sick?”

-Ugh…… Crab.

The Witch King hesitated at Evan’s question. Maya and Cornelia had s*x before it was too scary to say. As the Witch King, how can you avoid s*x because you’re scared of it?

The Witch King could not bend her pride.

-…… Okay.

The Witch King decided to endure it.

“If you’re having a hard time, tell me.”

Evan told the Witch King not to overdo it.

Because today is not the only day.

The Witch King remained silent because she could not bend her pride.

Evan pulled her cock back.

-Qu…… Black!!

Feeling like my skin is being swept away.

The Witch King struggled against the overwhelming pain and pleasure.

With my hand on Evan’s back.

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The cock comes back in.

The Witch King felt the pain subside and a surge of pleasure wash over her.

“It’s warm inside you.”

-…… Is it real?


Evan placed her hand on the Witch King’s cheek and moved her waist.

Click, clack, clack!

Evan’s thick cock invades the inside of the Witch King.

The Witch King gradually felt her vagina transforming to fit Evan’s shape.

I feel like my mind is flying.

Nevertheless, the Witch King felt good about being invaded by Evan.

Because he seems to be dominated by him.

-More… Make me strong.

The pain is bearable now.

The pleasure is already making the Witch King’s head strange.

The Witch King wanted to achieve the ultimate pleasure.

“Are you really okay?”

-hehehe… of course.

The Witch King was happy to see Evan’s concern for her.

Evan nodded his head.

“Turn around.”

-Yes…… ?

“Put your hands on the door and lift your butt.”

-Ah… ….

The Witch King moved her lethargic body like a puppy receiving a command, and slowly got up… He put his hand on the door and lifted his butt back.


A mixture of love juice, Cooper juice, and virgin blood falls to the floor.

The Witch King’s legs were shaking. His body cools down little by little. I want to receive Evan’s warmth quickly.

-Like this?

The wide-open entrance to the Witch King’s pussy.

This appearance, which existed solely to be violated by Evan, made it difficult for Evan to bear it.


Evan grabbed the Witch King’s butt. Then he slowly opened the Witch King’s hole. Gurgling, pussy juice running down the Witch King’s thighs.

Evan pushed his cock inside the Witch King from bottom to top.

Maybe because I had just expanded my vagina while having s*x, it went in easier than the first time.

The Witch King lifted both of his heels to get level.


The Witch King convulsed and her vagina immediately contracted.

Evan pistoned slowly.

The narrow inside of the Witch King bites Evan’s cock tightly.

Push shot! Fu shoot!!

The Witch King felt an orgasm and her vagina contracted, but Evan did not stop.


Evan’s cock speeds up.

The cock that was meant to destroy the Witch King’s vagina went in and out.

The Witch King seemed to tease herself with Evan’s cock, which was about to enter the entrance to her womb. A cock that heats up the Witch King’s vagina without mercy.

Every time Evan’s cock was inserted, the Witch King was pushed against the door a little and was completely pressed against the bedroom door.

-Queueueuuk, eueueueuuk! Ah! Female… number of people! Oh…… Bar! hahahaha!!

Love juice gushes out like a fountain, and Evan’s cock expands the Witch King’s vagina. The entrance to my pussy was trembling.

The Witch King’s entire body began to tremble slightly.

Evan came close to the Witch King’s butt.

An instinctive desire to hit this with the palm of your hand.

The desire to subjugate the woman as his own arises.


Evan hit the Witch King’s butt.


The Witch King’s butt and pussy tightened and then shot! And her love juices surged and she trembled.

The shock of being hit by Evan comes across as pleasure.

Evan felt like she was opening her eyes to a new world.


Evan’s cock scrapes the Witch King’s vagina at a very fast speed.

Purrr… The Witch King trembled and felt as if her mind would be blown away by the pleasure.

“Witch King, what are you to me?”

-Woah…… Brother… no… god…… Wealth.

“Okay, so joke around in moderation.”

Pot-pot-pot-pot… Pot!!

Fu shoot!! Fu shoot!!!

Evan pressed her cock against the Witch King’s ass with all her might. A huge amount of semen pouring straight into the pussy.

The Witch King felt the hot affection of her dawn filling his insides.

…… I can’t believe s*x was this good.

Freshly, the Witch King collapsed under the door, trembling.

My pussy felt hot and sore, as if on fire, but at the same time it felt so good.

It was a really strange feeling.

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