The Teachers Who Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me chapter 165

The Teachers Who Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me 165

165 – First Night (3)

Evan penetrated Cynthia, giving her the same kiss and caressing her breasts.

Cynthia was lying on her bed, covering her own face with her pillow because she was so embarrassed.

Jji…… Whoops!


A torn hymen.

Cynthia’s back arches above her. Cynthia’s melon-like breasts bounced loudly.

Evan waited until Cynthia’s trembling stopped and he pushed his cock into her. Cynthia’s insides were deep and narrow. But Evan’s dick was long and reached the entrance to her womb.

“Huh… Phew.”

Cynthia trembled in pain, but quietly let out her breath mixed with pleasure.

Evan inserted his cock into Cynthia’s vagina and thoroughly tasted her. Cynthia’s insides were smooth and hot. Is she wet enough that it feels easier to get in? Evan felt good.

At the same time, Evan felt a sense of immorality. It feels like a student is violating a professor.

Cynthia’s face, revealed under her pillow, was red.

“Are you embarrassed?”

“Yes… “It’s my first time.”

“If it hurts, tell me.”

“It’s okay…” “It’s okay.”


Evan slowly pushed in and out of her waist. Cynthia enjoyed f*cking. Does it feel like she’s gently tickling your dick in a pleasant way? Five vaginal contractions occurred quietly. Cynthia climaxed five times. Cynthia’s thighs trembled and she gradually lost strength and came free.

Cynthia’s insides open.

Crackling crackling!!

Evan’s thighs and Cynthia’s thighs collided with hers, connecting her cock and pussy and repeatedly pulling them out.

“uuu! Ugh!!”

“Whoa…” … !”

Evan’s cock greedily probes Cynthia’s vagina. As if marking territory.

Cynthia was Evan’s now.

“It’s as if the student is violating the professor.”

“Ugh…… ! Now that’s a shameful thing to say…… !!”

When Cynthia heard the word ‘professor,’ she narrowed her definition further. Evan felt unbearable pressure.

It seems like the identity of ‘professor’ still exists inside Cynthia. Evan stretched her narrowed vagina again with his cock. Now it will destroy the relationship between the professor and her student.

“Ugh…” Ugh…… Evaan!”

“Huh… “Do you love me?”

“Yes, yes…” I love you, I love you. Evan…… !!”

Cynthia’s tongue went loose and she anxiously called out to Evan.

As Evan continued to tease Cynthia’s pussy, she grabbed both of Cynthia’s breasts without stopping her waist movements. Her melon-like breasts fill Evan’s hands.

“Ugh… It tickles…… !”

“Are you in a bad mood?”

“I love it… I feel like I’m going crazy…… “Huh.”

“Do you think you will climax?”

“Yes, yes…” I think I will…… Haaa!”

“No, please be patient.”

“Ugh…… !!”

Joowoouk! Her vagina narrows again.

As Evan felt Cynthia biting hard on his cock, she had a good idea.

Thoughts I had while having s*x with Cynthia.

Evan wanted to try something new.

“Selene, come here.”

“…… What?”

Selene blushed while holding the end of her light blue dress.

Selene was surprised.

It felt strange to see my sister having an affair, but Evan suddenly called me?

“Come next to me.”

“…… “You are having an affair with your sister.”

“So you’re not going to do it?”

“……… Ugh.”

Selene felt that Evan was being mischievous. I think I know what Evan’s intentions are.


Evan did not stop his cock even when Selene came close.

Cynthia spewed out her love juices as if she was cumming and struggled to get away from her struggling cock, but soon she was shaking and only accepting Evan’s cock.

While Cynthia was unconscious, she felt Selene approaching.

“Selene…… ? To… Evan, what are you doing?”

“Cynthia, you and Selene will both f*ck together.”

“Ugh, huh, hahahaha! Why why…… ?”

Evan gently pinched Cynthia’s nipples and then removed her hands. Cynthia moaned, her body shaking helplessly each time Evan’s waist thrust beneath her.

Evan opened his mouth.

“We are a harem. You can’t make fun of even one wife with so many wives. So, most of the time, we’ll have s*x together. Cynthia and Selene, aren’t they sisters? “Let’s do a demonstration together first.”

“Chi…… “It’s embarrassing to do it with my sister.”

Selene replied sullenly and felt Evan’s hand.

Still, she did not reject it.

Because I want to spend her first night with Evan.

Tuk, thuk. And Evan took off her Selene dress.

The lower body thoroughly rapes Cynthia’s vagina.

Cynthia had almost lost all feeling in her lower abdomen.

But the pleasure that penetrates her entire body rises, and then she doesn’t feel it for a moment, and then it rises again. Cynthia felt like a slave to her pleasure.

Soon Selene became naked.

Evan gently bit Selene’s earlobe with both her hands and her mouth and began caressing her while maintaining his penetration into Cynthia. Selene had a refreshing apple scent.

Her two breasts are also small and like apples.

Although Selene was embarrassed, she tried to somehow fit in with Evan.

Don’t avoid Evan’s touch.

Evan found it cute how she got down on both knees and responded to his kiss with ease.

“Ha… ….”

Selene’s passionate sigh.

Selene was very wet.

Like a perfectly ripe apple.

Evan pulled his cock out of Cynthia.


The sound of the dick falling out is loud because he was being f*cked so hard.

“Wow! To…… Half!!”

Cynthia’s back arched above her. Her crazy pleasure hit Cynthia’s body like it was multiplied.

“Evan, Evan… I love you, I love you… Hmm!!”

Cynthia became a complete slave to pleasure.

Cynthia climaxed 8 times, and Evan ejaculated inside her 4 times. Cynthia’s pussy juices poured out like her urine.

“Ugh… Hmm!!!”

Cynthia twitched. She quivered with pleasure. Evan thought this was funny. Her Cynthia was completely her own.

Evan gestured there.

“Selene, lie down on top of Cynthia. “Like hugging each other.”

“Like this…… Crab?”

Selene hugged her older sister and bowed down.

Cynthia peeked her eyes out from under her pillow.

“…… Selene?”

Cynthia’s somewhat hazy voice.

When Cynthia got on top of Selene, she realized what Evan wanted.


Cynthia’s face is ruined.

The sight of the two sisters overlapping is truly a spectacular sight.

A sense of immorality came over Evan.

“You’re like a sister.”

“Ugh… “She never thought she would do something like this with her sister.”

“Evan… This…… “I’m so embarrassed.”

“I’ll put it in, Selene.”

Evan ignored Cynthia’s words and slowly inserted his cock into Selene’s pussy.

“Gently… Be gentle… ….”

Selene swallowed her saliva and spoke as if she was nervous.

“I understand.”

Evan slowly inserted his cock into Selene.

As expected, the hymen was torn, and Evan slowly moved Selene’s waist until she climaxed.


Selene’s moans.

Selene had a narrow vagina similar to Maya, but while Maya was hot, Selene was warm.

From Noble mtl dot com

The temperature feels different.

Evan already remembered Jill’s various feelings.

s*x with many wives.

“Haak, haak, haak…” Evan…… !”

“Selene, are you okay?”

“Yes…… ! Please continue…….”

Hilarious, Selene did her domination with Evan.

Selene ends up falling face down and gets hit from behind.

Her stimulating pleasure stained Selene.

Selene had a hot body. Selene opened her mouth and sucked in her breath. Because it was too hot. Evan lifts her head and kisses Selene.

“Ugh…… !”

“Chulup, hahahaha.”

Selene accepted Evan’s cock like a rabbit caught by her tiger.

Cynthia was drooping and enjoying the afterglow after having s*x.

Evan did not let Cynthia rest.

“Cynthia, who told you to rest?”

Evan suddenly spoke informally.

This is a dirty word meant to spice up the affair.

Cynthia spread her legs slightly, feeling a tingling pleasure. In a instinct.

Evan put his cock into Cynthia as he was f*cking her Selene. Since Evan’s injected semen and Cynthia’s love juice were still inside Cynthia, she entered easily.


Cynthia’s back bounced and Selene almost fell next to her. Naturally, Selene and Cynthia hold hands. To strike a balance.

Evan plunged his cock into Cynthia quickly, getting her body warmed up again.

“Haang, haang, Aang, Evan, Evan…… !!”

Cynthia’s recovered body enters Evan’s cock again. The only thing in Cynthia’s head right now was Evan’s cock.

Evan plunged his cock deep into Cynthia’s womb, stretching it wide open.


“Professor Cynthia, what are you to me?”

“I… I am…… Evangun’s Bride…… “Yes.”

“That’s not it. “Would you like to say that again?”

“Hmm… I, I… It’s Evan’s. Just Evan’s…… Ugh!! Please forgive me, honey.”

“Well said.”

Evan removed the cock that was filling Cynthia’s insides and this time inserted it deep inside Selene.

“Sigh… Evan!”

“Selene, what did you just hear?”

“Si, the bride is Evan’s… that…… “It’s a shame.”

“Are you not going to tell me?”

Evan took his cock and put it deeper. The glans invades the inside of Selene’s womb. Selene screamed.

“Haaa!! Me too! “I’m Evan too!”

Evan received confirmation from the two sisters.

Evan felt satisfied with her and alternately inserted Selene once and Cynthia once.

Cynthia and Selene f*cked Evan until he melted.

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