The Teachers Who Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me chapter 166

The Teachers Who Abandoned Me Are Obsessed With Me 166

166 – First Night (4)

Evan laid the exhausted Witch King, Cynthia, and Selene on the bed and drank water from the shelf.

My thirst is quenching.

Evan let out a laugh. Perhaps because it was a cock that went through 5 women, it felt warm and ripe. Although the strength is still strong.

I don’t know for sure, but Evan’s s*xual desire is very strong.

Cynthia’s groin and labia majora were red, probably because she had been f*cked by Evan a lot. The desire to completely destroy the woman arose for a moment, but Evan held back because his love for Cynthia was greater.

There are still two people left.

Suddenly, Lin came closer to Evan.

It’s like he can’t stand it anymore.

Lynn took off her red gown and spoke to Evan with her face full of desire.

“Evan, there is something I learned from my family. “If her husband’s things get dirty, the concubine is supposed to clean them.”

Rin opened her own mouth. Her sticky saliva opens up in Rin’s mouth. For some reason, Evan felt that Lynn’s mouth was as erotic as a woman’s vagina.

Rin grabs the bed railing and climbs up like a cat.

“What does the professor say to the student?”

Funny enough, Evan became playful when he saw the wives who were former professors. These social relationships seem to lead to s*xual excitement.

But Lin did not take it easy.

“She can fulfill that role as much as her husband wants.”

Lin speaks out of a sense of duty.

Evan had a strange feeling.

“I can do anything for her husband. My husband can use me or destroy me as much as he wants. If you want, you can wear s*xy clothes. It’s okay to get hurt. So… “Tell me what you want.”

“It won’t hurt you. Just…… Please clean her husband’s, like Lynn said.”

Evan was curious about what Lynn said.

At the same time, Evan little by little let go of her words with her wives.

To enjoy s*xual pleasure.

Lynn nodded her head, pushed her long hair behind her and kissed the head of Evan’s glans.


Lynn’s squishy mouth swallows Evan’s cock. Lynn got down on her knees and took Evan’s cock down her throat, then pulled it out, licking it with her tongue.

Polite tongue movements.

Rin’s body emits heat. Little by little, the bottom of her legs became wet with love juice. She’s clearly a horny b*tch, but she’s holding back for her husband’s pleasure.

Nata was holding back and rubbing her thighs on her sofa.

Nata couldn’t bear it any longer and got off the sofa.

She soon climbed onto the bed like a leopard.

“I think I’ll go crazy if I hold on any longer!”

I felt like I was going crazy with s*xual desire.

The s*x between her husband and the other brides was so erotic that Nata felt like masturbating. It would be a waste if I climaxed, so I held back.

Nata took off her shirt and came to Evan. She was covering her nipples with her bandage-like breast patches.

“What is this?”

“hehehe… “I prepared to seduce my husband, isn’t it s*xy?”

Nata sporting a red thong and small nipple patches.

“Do it only to me, and it must never be seen by others.”

“Of course!”

Nata shuddered. The thought of someone else looking at my body gave me goosebumps.

Evan chuckled and gestured to Nata.

Chuleup, Chureup.

Lin’s neck presses the cock comfortably.

Evan grabbed the back of Lynn’s neck with her left hand and pulled her towards him.

“…… !”

At that moment, Rin’s throat got clogged.

Rin felt like she had been trained as an assassin, and she held her breath and became Evan’s s*xual processing tool.

Evan ripped off Nata’s chest patch with his right hand. Nata’s areolas were a little big. A shape where the nipple is buried in the areola.

Evan licked the areola, feeling something new.


Although Nata spoke leisurely, she looked desperate as her areolas were caressed.

The nipple gradually emerges from the buried areola.

The smell of the cancer is damp. Rin and Nata’s female scent.

Evan took off all of her breast patches and held Lin’s head in her left hand and Nata’s waist in his right hand, receiving fellatio from her and tasting Nata’s breasts.

As expected, there was no taste in her breasts… Playing with her big breasts with my tongue was a special feeling.

“…… “Sigh.”

Rin, who was performing fellatio while holding her breath, gradually became suffocated.

Lin ate up all the love juices and virgin blood of the five brides that were on Evan’s dick, as well as Evan’s semen.

Evan let go of the back of Lynn’s neck.

“Huh… ….”

Lin’s moody look.

The black lingerie and garter belt look s*xy.

Feels like a well-packaged female.

Evan left Nata and focused on Lin.

After kissing Rin, caressing her breasts, and even inserting her.

I wanted to give every bride a standard first experience.

“Knock, keung…” Gasp! Other…… Side!”


Rin moans softly as her hymen is torn.

Evan held Lynn’s legs and inserted them without taking off her underwear.

Black panties that are pushed into the pussy and then pulled out.

“Are you wearing this underwear at Balmung?”

“Ah…… You… “She learned that’s what husbands like.”

“You also learned that at Balmung?”

“No… What I heard from the maids…….”

“The professor is really s*xy.”


Evan slowly tasted Lynn’s pussy.

Jjuwoouk… The quality of lean expands.

As expected, Rin’s vagina was narrow, but it felt like her uterus was deeper.

Accept Evan’s cock more easily.

Rin bit her mouth tightly and closed her eyes.

Evan hugged Lynn’s legs tightly as if to trap her and thrust his waist into Lynn’s vagina.

“Whoa…” Phew…… Phew.”

The patient Rin is distracted.

Evan felt a sense of conquest.

Nata watched with interest.

“Your husband is really physically strong?”

“I’m not sure because it’s my first time.”

“I only heard through rumors that two women are too much for an average man.”


If what Nata said is true, she must have good physical strength.

“Ugh…… I can’t stand it. “Can’t I do something for you too, husband?”

Nata pointed to her own vagina. Her red tee panties are completely wet and not working properly. It’s thrown carelessly on the floor.

Nata’s moist, ripe pussy dripped her love juices.

“Then stand and put your private part to my mouth.”

“Hey… a moment ago…… “Is that what you did for other priests?”



It seemed like I was embarrassed to actually do it.

Nata soon spread her legs to Evan’s mouth.

Vulgar appearance.

Evan buried his face in Nata’s pussy.


Hot mounds and vagina fill the face.

Evan tasted Lin below and Nata above.

“Whoop, whoop…” Husband…… Are you having s*x with all your first-year professors?”

“Chureup… Whoop… “Isn’t it all mine?”

“That’s right…… Ugh!!”

Lynn’s stomach was so full of Evan’s cock that it felt like she was suffocating.

It’s too irritating.

I can’t believe Evan’s dick is this thick and big.

She filled Rin’s cock up as if she would not tolerate empty space.


Lin struggled.

The body’s natural response to twitching in pleasure.

As if he would not allow this, Evan lowered her body and pinned her with his body.


Her dick goes deeper.

The entrance to Rin’s uterus is pierced.

Nata was startled and pulled away to her side, but Evan again thrust his fingers into her pussy, causing her pleasure to continue.

Nata was ashamed of her appearance.

“Ugh…… “I feel like a puppy.”

“Whoa…” “It wouldn’t be so bad on a bed.”

“I, I…” “Aren’t you the bride?”

“Is that possible? Professor Nata is my beloved wife. However, during s*xual intercourse, please be a female for me.”

“Ugh…… !”

At Evan’s clear declaration, Nata felt a deep sense of immorality in her.

Her former student becomes her husband, and now she herself becomes that husband’s female counterpart.

Nata felt her unbearable excitement.

“Do you understand, Rin?”


Evan said as he fiercely stabbed Lynn’s vagina and pushed it deep into her.

Rin held her breath and endured the pleasure.

Rin gradually gave in to her pleasure.

“Huh…” Ugh, yes…… I am… Lin…… “This is Evan’s female.”

“As expected, Professor Lin, you are quick to understand.”

Now that Evan had given Lynn her first orgasm, she was slowly finding the pleasure of s*x.

Lynn’s vagina tightened around Evan’s cock.

Rin’s second peak.

Lyn is unable to move as her entire body is grabbed by Evan.

Lynn had her legs over her head and she had no choice but to impale Evan on her cock.

“Please tell me if you are in pain or having a hard time.”

Still, Evan had no intention of pushing Rin too hard.

When Cynthia let her flock go crazy with excitement.

Rin shook her head.

“No… Evan, please do whatever you want.”

Rin’s usual cold appearance has collapsed.

Evan couldn’t stand it.

She wants to see Rin completely melted.

Evan smiled lewdly.

“Then turn around.”

“Ah……… ?”

“Turn over and lie down. Lift her ass.”

He said he would play junior role.

Rin answered vaguely, but she soon understood and laid down on her bed and lifted her buttocks.

Evan did not remove his cock from her. Lynn lay down with her dick inside.

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The vagina turns and rubs against the dick. Chew! Rin’s love juice poured out between the cock and the gap between her pussy.

Her body trembled slightly, but Rin supported her arms and held her hips steady.

“I will go again.”

Evan tasted Lynn’s pussy again.

Lin’s pussy was narrow and the stimulation was strong. Just when she thinks she’s stretched her vagina a little, it presses hard on the dick. As if ejaculating to ejaculate.


Evan slapped Lynn’s butt. Wow! Lynn’s hips twitch and her vagina tightens.

“Relax, who told you to strengthen?”

“Ugh… sorry…… Evan.”

Nata swallowed her saliva.

Lin, who was called the Red Dragon, collapsed like this…….

Evan penetrated her, slapping Lynn’s ass.

Evan plunged his cock deep into Lynn without fail. Rin was able to breathe as the cock slipped out of her, but a muffled scream escaped her as the cock quickly filled her insides.

“I, my husband… I am?”

Nata felt impatient.

What on earth is Rin feeling?

I’m so curious.

How does a bride like to faint every time she has s*x with her husband?

Nata was both scared and curious.

“Professor Lin comes first, please wait.”

“Uh, uhm… Sorry.”

Evan had no intention of making rice bowls this time.

Listening to her own orders only made her professors more excited.

Evan slowly opened Lynn’s vagina and tasted her narrow vaginal hole, pat-pat-pat-pat! She f*cked her cock quickly, shaking Rin out of her mind.

Pushup Pushup!!

The dick ejaculates while being f*cked. But her dick didn’t shrink. A lust that boils like the sun.

“Ugh… ….”

Lynn put her face down on her bed and let Evan inject her pleasure.

Phuk, Phuk Evan’s stamp seems to be putting his stamp on Lin.

“Rin, you are mine.”

“Female… Ugh! No see…… Evan.”

“Education is fast. Don’t worry, even if Lin is my female, she is also my wife.”

Of course now.

Only Evan’s female.

“Go, Rin.”

Evan f*cked her waist quickly.


Crying, crying, crying! As her love juices splashed here and there, Lynn felt her body being pierced.

“Okay…… Hmm…… !! Evan!”

Lyn uses an honorific that Evan didn’t ask her to use.

When Evan saw Lynn like that, he felt unique and satisfied with her.


Lynn’s lower abdomen was pressing hard against Evan’s, as if her cock was about to break.

Lin lost all his strength. Her lean vagina twitches.

Rin’s pussy trembles.

Rin was overcome by a storm of pleasure as if she had been electrocuted.

Souk, soouk, soouk.

Evan gestured to Nata, inserting and withdrawing his dick as if he was going to grab it.

She was going to f*ck Rin and then f*ck her before she f*cked Nata.

“Wow… ….”

Natha’s mouth opened wide at that obscene sight.

The bed was completely filled with love juice and semen.

The Witch King and Maya, who were about to use the spell, fainted and the bed was wet.

But Evan didn’t care.

Evan asked Nata.

“Have you been waiting well?”

“Ugh… ….”

“Please come here.”

Evan grabbed her Nata’s arm, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her.

Be kind at first.

I was going to be considerate until the hymen was torn.

Nata accepted Evan’s gentle tongue.

She feels cared for by him.

Evan is not just a rough man.

That large gap made Nata dizzy.

Evan licked his chest again, and Nata’s body became hot.


Evan withdrew his cock from Lynn’s pussy.

She pounded the cock so hard that Lin’s pussy was so wet.

He was convulsing slightly and somehow holding on to consciousness.

“I…… More… You can get stuck…… Evan.”


Evan removed her mouth from Nata’s chest and shook her head.

“No, Lin. Thank you for your effort. “Please sleep.”

“Ah… ….”

“I love you.”

“……… I love you too… Do.”

For some reason, Rin blushed and buried her face in her bedspread.

Even though Evan’s handprints remained red all over Lynn’s body.

Nata was mesmerized by the violent scene.

Evan rubbed his cock under Nata.

Evan’s cock appeared between Nata’s two knees.

Nata suddenly felt fear.

But he did not refuse.

The Yeti people were not a people who retreated out of fear.

Soon Evan lays Nata down, spreads her legs, and inserts his cock into her.

Nata had some brown pubic hair.

My body feels particularly hot.

As expected, the quality is narrow and feels good.


The hymen is torn.

Evan slowly slid his cock in and out of Nata’s cock until she got used to it.

“Whoa, whoo…” Phew!”

“Are you satisfied?”

“Ugh, ugh…” “Huh!”

Nata couldn’t stand it.

This thick?

Pain and pleasure come together.

Is it fortunate?

Nata overcame the pain faster than any of the priests.

Nata writhed in her pleasure.

“You have been tempting me ever since I went to the Chamber of Trials.”

“Ugh… Yes, but…… Lol.”

“Did you get what you wanted?”


Evan said as he pushed his cock deep inside Nata.

Her moist, molten vagina tightened, and Nata tightened her thighs.

“Hmm…… Huh!”

“You had s*x with half of the first-year professors.”

“Ugh… hehehe…… Transformation.”

“Is Nata going to say something like that to me?”

Evan felt that Nata was arrogant.

So she pushed her dick a little deeper.

Even inside Nata’s womb.


Nata’s womb opens and her cock pushes in.

The cock that filled her vagina had no intention of leaving.

Nata trembled and climaxed twice.

“aaah! I feel like I’m going crazy… “Ugh!”

“Is Nata still a pervert?”

“Ugh, uhm… ! That’s right!”

Evan shook her waist, feeling satisfied. Evan’s cock drives Nata into submission. She felt fulfilled like never before and felt like her pussy was not her own.

My body is hot and sweat is pouring out.

I feel like my body is being pierced.

But it felt so good.

Evan laid Nata down and f*cked her while holding her legs and back at the same time.

He inserted his dick into her, making sure Nata could never move.


Nata’s big breasts are pressed tightly against both of her Evan’s breasts.

“Whoops…” Whoosh! I love you, Evan! Love you!”

“I love you too, Nata.”

“Ugh… hehehe…… Evan… Now…… With a class of first-year professors… forever…… Are you going to have s*x?”

Nata’s body was tightly wrapped in Evan’s arms.

Her pussy was tormented by the cock, and her vagina and uterus were played with, provoking Evan.

Evan was funny.

Evan held Nata’s body tighter and moved her waist faster.


The cock quickly invades Nata’s pussy. Nata’s pussy trembled and contracted. Has she already climaxed 4 times?

Nata’s consciousness seemed to gradually disappear.

“No, Nata. Are you a professor now?”

“That…… Case!”

Evan put it deepest into Nata. Evan’s glans and the wall of his cock press against her wide open womb. Nata felt her entire body open, with her toes spread wide open.

Nata’s body turns red, with Evan’s handprint and her arm imprinted on it.

Nata felt like Evan’s s*x slave.

Her shame rises.

She had an insane sense of immorality and greater pleasure.

Nata laughed lewdly, as if being controlled by her pleasure.

“hehehehe… I am… Not a professor…… Onetime… Was a professor…… Evan’s female.”

“That’s good to hear. Would you like to say more?”

“Yes, honey& I am for Evan’s use only.”

“I love you, Nata.”


Evan heard Nata.

Excited! Nata is startled and wraps her arms around Evan’s neck.

Evan grabbed both of Nata’s thighs to keep her balanced and shot his cock up and down her.

Stick… Knock! Quake quake quake!!

Nata’s large breasts rub against Evan’s chest and stomach.

Nata felt the weight of Evan’s cock pressing heavily against her cunt.

She feels really crazy.

Her pussy feels like it’s going to burn.

The feeling of satisfaction filling her lower abdomen seemed to make her lose her mind.

Evan also felt his s*xual desire gradually being satisfied.

The more she has s*x with the brides, the more she awakens to her s*xual desires.

I think I was more concerned about relieving s*xual desire than love.

Nata lost her balance and her head and upper body fell on her bed.

Evan thrust into her waist without letting go of Nata’s two thighs.

If Nata is Evan’s exclusive b*tch, he can f*ck her more.

“Come on, I’ll go.”

“Ugh…… Yes!”

Evan thrust into Nata’s waist as if he would pierce her body.


“Kuuu… “hehehehe!!!”

Evan’s body began to tremble slightly. She feels exhausted.

Her sense of ejaculation comes rushing in.

Pushup Pushup!!

Evan ejaculated while inserting himself and did not stop inserting himself.

Nata’s insides transform to fit Evan’s cock.

Nata’s body reminds her of Evan’s cock.

“Nata, what do you say?”

“It appears…… Evan’s female! This is Evan’s female! Hmm… I need some rest, Evan…… ! Love juice… This and semen… I think it is…… !!”

“Okay. Nata, you are my female. Don’t take your time arbitrarily. “Be patient as long as you can.”

“Hmm…… ! Hmm!!”

Evan completely dominated Nata’s body and pushed his cock into her until he was satisfied.

Nata fainted. Even after fainting, I was f*cked by Evan and continued to climax.

Nata wanted to spit out the semen and love juice in her womb right away.

I couldn’t squirt because I didn’t have Evan’s permission.

Nata convulsed.

Even though Nata tries to hold back, her love juices and semen flow out.

Nata instinctively lifted her waist and responded to Evan’s s*x with her.

It seems like she really became his slave.

Tingling, twinging. The intense pleasure drives Nata crazy.

Nata’s body still couldn’t move.

Evan holds on tight and won’t let go.

Nata had no choice but to convulse and climax.

Evan’s cock comes again.

Nata’s vagina is swollen.

Even though Nata wanted to stop, her pleasure kept coming.

It really seems like it has become Evan’s exclusive s*xual device.

“Ugh, huh… Evan… I’m Evan!!”

Nata eventually struggled, spewing out her love juices.

Her cock enters Nata’s pussy without mercy and fills her vagina deep.

Nata felt like her pussy was being destroyed.

Evan’s cock continued to rub against Nata’s hot vagina and ejaculated.

Nata’s consciousness flickers.

Nata pleaded.

Evan’s large, thick object enters and leaves the lower abdomen.

Nezha’s body now was not Nata’s.

“uuugh! Evan…… Hmm… Master… Don’t……….”

“Whoa…” … Don’t even let me… Without…… “They say it’s the master.”

“Huh…… Husband…… Niim!”

Evan inserted his cock deep inside Nata’s womb.

Nata shook her thighs.


“Please…Try it.”

“Please, please… Master… Please forgive me! uuuk!!”

Evan ejaculated. She did her last back f*cking while cumming.

It looks like it will destroy Nata.


The sound of rough flesh clashing rings out.

Nata felt as if her vagina was about to break and was crushed by Evan’s body, impaled on his cock until the very end.

Her lower abdomen swells and her pussy rubs with pleasure without stopping.

Nata’s consciousness was hazy.

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The last of Evan’s ejaculations comes out.

It wasn’t until Nata went limp, her pussy juices gushing out of her pussy like a tide.

The two took a deep breath.

“Ugh…… Yes.”

“Pfft…” Phew!”

Evan was exhausted and collapsed along with Nata.

I can feel Nata’s voluptuous and hot body.

Evan rolled her body next to her and slept, hugging the other brides.

Her arms are full of flowers.

These brides all bear Evan’s traces.


The dick fell out of Nata again.

Only then was Nata free and able to sleep.


When Evan opened her eyes in the morning, she felt a strange sensation on his cock.

Chuhup… Chuuup…… Chuuup.

Squishy feeling.

Maya is taking Evan’s cock in her mouth and licking it with her tongue.

“Maya…… ?”

-Chuhup… Chuuup…… Brother… Are you awake?

Evan woke up pressing his forehead against the headache he felt.

All the brides who had a passionate affair yesterday got up and gathered around Evan.

The Witch King smiled darkly.

-Phew, you really have a huge s*xual desire. How about that? Would you do it to a small burden? I will accept any amount of luggage.

“You seem to have become more lively.”

-Well, that’s not it… ….

The Witch King was slightly surprised by Evan’s words.

Evan chuckled.

And he gestured towards the priests.

“Please come here.”

I want to hug everyone.

Maya fell into Evan’s arms while performing fellatio. Evan hugged Maya, Cornelia, the Witch King, and Cynthia, Selene, Lin, and Nata, who were rambling towards him.

“I love you.”

I really wanted to say this.

The brides’ eyes widened and they responded with a big smile.

-Sabu… i love you! Now it’s baby, hehehe.

“I love you so much, benefactor.”

-hehehe… You’re embarrassing me. Jim loves you too. Hmm. I love you brother.

“I love you, Evan.”

“You are my first love, I love you. Yesterday…… “I was embarrassed.”

“I love you Evan. More… Is there anything you want?”

“Ugh… It hurts so much underneath, I love you. Husband.”

Spoken in that order by Maya, Cornelia, Witch King, Cynthia, Selene, Lin, and Nata.

Evan felt satisfied.

I have to spend my whole life with these precious people.

I felt that kind of promise.


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