Possessed in a Game That Is Full of Mods chapter 279

279 - Ending - 6

279 – Ending – 6

“I will deal with that. You should make treatment a priority.”

Cai Killia, whose pupils were extremely constricted and exuding bloody momentum with her whole body, aimed her holy sword. The blade of the holy sword was shining very brightly, as if expressing the feelings of its owner.

Next to her, Floretta and Luna nodded with half-crying faces. He looked like he would burst into tears if someone touched him.

Before he could say that this wasn’t hurt, Caicilia lunged at the World Eater, spurring red fluid compressed to its limit. A golden flash drew a line.


The World Eater let out a roar. She seems to remember that when she descended to the capital of the empire, the woman in front of her fainted with a single roar.

But she was different this time. Far from fainting, she rather approached her with increasing speed. Her next breath also deflected her and was easily dodged.

As jet-black flames scorched the ground, Cai Killia leaped and landed right in front of her World Eater’s head. Her Holy Sword shone even more brightly.

Cai Killia, who approached her bastard’s eye with her incredible speed, swung her holy sword with all her might. Quaang! A sound close to an explosion rang out.

Nevertheless, the World Eater didn’t even move. The holy sword also couldn’t pierce his scales.

‘…… Come to think of it, did I tell you that I needed a requiem to kill him?’

As the incidents continued to unfold, her memory was fuzzy. I remember that she only told me that it was necessary when dealing with the immortal centipede.

She tried to tell me to write a requiem, but she stopped. That guy doesn’t know that Caicilia can use requiem. So, you have to save it until the end and attack accurately at the crucial moment.

‘Before that, I just have to be careful of the situation where mana and holy power evaporate.’

If Caicilia’s mana and Sister Pope’s divine power disappear, the challenge will be to survive rather than kill him.

“Delta! Delta!”

“Don’t move recklessly! Please take it easy!”

While I was making plans in my head, Floretta and Luna came running in a very urgent way.

Seeing that he came running directly on his two legs rather than teleportation, he seemed to be in a panic and not even thinking properly. I could tell just by looking at the expression on her face that was about to cry.

Through the translucent black see-through, my heart was shaking so violently that I wondered if it would break. Even so, she did not lose any of her bosom’s characteristic elasticity.

Blinds resembling Eclipse were also scattered in all directions. It flowed into the breastbone and got caught between two hills, or rolled into the armpit, revealing the pink nipples intact.

The same was true of the piece of cloth that covered her thighs. It was in the middle of being able to perform even the bare minimum role that clothing can play, such as covering private parts.

Floretta and Luna didn’t seem to care about that at all, even though they were virtually naked. The popes who approached me with their hearts throbbing were crying.

“Sorry…… Sorry, Delta…… Whoa…… If only we had come a little sooner…… If you did, you wouldn’t have to go through this hardship…… I’m really sorry… ….”

As soon as Luna saw me, she burst out crying. Transparent tears leaked from her purple eyes.

“Ah…… How…… How could this be so terrible…… Please, Delta-sama…… Please value your body…… Please… ….”

Floretta was similar. Green eyes shed clear tears. Tears ran down her cheeks, briefly formed on her lower jaw, and then dripped onto the red liquid.

Their delicate hands slowly caressed my red liquid-stained uniform. Judging from the constant shaking of his hands touching his uniform, it seemed that he was in a lot of shock.

“This is not the time to be like this, Evangelina. Come on treatment…….”

“You don’t need treatment, Luna. It’s hurt-“

“What are you talking about!”

Luna gave a groan.

She was the voice that reminded me of Luna before the god-forsaken creature was killed, when she gave up everything and deliberately acted sharp to be hated.

“Because she has suffered so many deaths, because she is familiar with her wounds, because she is familiar with death! You don’t feel pain, do you?”

The teardrops became streams of tears before I knew it. Startled, I stopped what I was about to say. I don’t know what meaning Luna accepted my appearance, but she only sobbed endlessly.

After that, Floretta opened her mouth in a crying voice.

“Please…… Please, Delta. Please value yourself more. The countless pains you’ve been through…… Those wounds…… We don’t want it to repeat itself in front of our eyes…….”

Soon after, Floretta started crying like her own sister. The sobs of the two filled the area.

“Uh… ….”

She didn’t know what to say, stifling her words, but the sound of Kai Killia fighting the World Eater brought her back to her senses.

While wrapping Luna’s hand, he also held Floretta’s hand as well. She and she gathered them in the middle and folded them.

“I understand how worried you are, but you don’t really need treatment. Because I’ve never been hurt before.”

“…… Yes?”

As soon as she heard that, Sister Pope’s tears stopped. Heep, a cute hiccup sound was heard. Both of them looked like what did I just hear?

“Can you look at the floor? What lies here?”

The green eyes and the purple eyes turned downward. I untied my folded hands and scanned the floor. A bright red liquid oozes from the tip of her hand.

“This is just buried. It’s complicated to explain in detail, but anyway.”

Floretta and Luna also slightly bent their backs and poked their fingers into the ground. A red liquid that looked like blood was applied to the tips of the index and middle fingers.

They looked back and forth between the red liquid on their fingers and me.

“Ha, but… ….”

“Why are you covering your whole body with something spread on the floor? It’s because you’re rolling around trying to avoid that guy’s attack. There are no injuries, so don’t worry.”

“… ….”

“… ….”

Sister Pope stood there blankly for a moment, then her cheeks and ears blushed as soon as she finished assessing her situation. It was red enough to not lose to the liquid on the floor.

“That, that…… Then…….”

“Sorry, sorry, Delta. I didn’t even know that and got angry…….”

It was incredibly cute, but I didn’t have time to appreciate it.

“It’s okay. Because it was a misunderstanding. Even if I had seen it, I would have thought it was covered in blood. So, sorry, let’s go help Caicilia first. I can’t let you fight alone like that.”

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Since when, the karate has been reversed. Caicilia, the attacking side, now became the blocking side, and the world eater, the side receiving the attack, seemed to be attacking.

Kai Killia was generously pouring the many skills she had used as her boss into the dragon in front of her.

A technique that spreads a golden floor and explodes it after a while, or a technique that covers the holy sword with an enormous amount of light and cuts in all directions. She looked quite familiar.

‘Isn’t it also not possible with Caicilia?’

The problem is, none of that has inflicted a single scratch on the Eater of Worlds. The black and indigo scales were still intact, and he showed no sign of pain.

It was clear that I wouldn’t last long if I went on like that.

“I’ll take your word for it, Mr. Delta.”

“Please give me orders as you wish.”

Floretta and Luna nodded resolutely. But the cheeks and ears were still red. It seemed that the misunderstanding just now had been quite embarrassing.

“I need a requiem to catch him, but don’t use it right now. If you use it clumsily, everything will be blocked. It would only serve to raise awareness. Wait until a clear opportunity presents itself later.”

“I will do that. Do you have any other orders?”

“If he tries to let out a strange-sounding roar, back away as far as you can. The divine power may be sealed. I am like that now.”

At the word that my holy power was sealed, a bright red color flew off their faces. The blood evaporated and the pale skin filled the spot.

“…… Did you lose your divine power?”

“It’s not gone. That can’t be written. That dragon sh*t Both mana and holy power were sealed, wouldn’t that be the case for you too?”

Actually, I wondered why the World Eater didn’t seal Caicilia’s mana even now. It’s a good thing on our side, so I don’t want to dig deep, but I kept thinking about it.

Like we try to use the repose of souls at the right timing, he also wants to blow away our mana and holy power at the right timing.


After answering, Floretta and Luna simultaneously raised their holy power. Tremendous divine power that felt as if the sun and moon were brought in front of me spread out in all directions.

Dozens of spears of light slammed into the back of the World Eater. The guy who was about to let out his breath turned his head. Cai Killia took advantage of the gap to straighten her up behind her.

“Are you okay, Delta? Wound? Can you stand up? If there is any discomfort, tell me right now.”

Then he came straight up to me and kept bombarding me with questions. Caicilia hurriedly scanned every part of my body while bombarding me with questions.

“It’s okay. I’ve never been hurt in the first place, so what’s there to treat?”

She had a puzzled expression on her face for a moment, but after hearing her explanation, she smiled slightly as if she was dumbfounded.

“You have a knack for making people’s worries useless. Such strange talents should be abandoned as soon as possible.”

“…… We will try.”

Then, with a satisfied smile, Kai Kilia pointed the tip of her holy sword at the dragon fighting the popes.

“Then, what should I do with that?”

As expected, Floretta and Luna’s attacks did not do any damage. In the first place, even Eclipse’s attack, which could be said to be highly compatible with the two, was not working, so it was a natural result.

You never know when the world eater will seal the divine power and mana of this side. It must be finished in the shortest time possible.

“Tell me how to beat that thing. You have always made the impossible possible, so of course you will do the same this time.”

It was a trust that felt very heavy. I expressed my thoughts as concisely as possible, and Caicilia accepted the idea without hesitation.

Now is the time to put your thoughts into action.

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