Adventurers Are Obsessed With My Cooking
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Adventurers Are Obsessed With My Cooking

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모험가들이 내 요리에 집착한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Adventurers Are Obsessed With My Cooking

He was kicked out of the party and opened a mobile stall in front of the dungeon.
However, every guest who visits is crazy about my cooking.

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  1. Zzz says:

    Do a favor for yourself and skip this garbage of a novel
    I was lazy to find a new novel slfor a bit so i read to like 73th chapter.
    What a waste of time it was!
    Story? Even a copy pasted chinese powerup novel is better
    World? Physicsn’t!
    Mc? Ntr villains got a better personality!
    Other characters? Author probably described them in 1 word in his notebook!l, only for 1-2 of them! Because 2 characters are 1 dimensonal and rest are just air)))
    Food? Also bad!
    Pacing? Oh boy be careful you might not live long enough to see something meaningful happening in this novel!!

    Tl dr : skip and be a happier person than me

  2. @Sephir Lmao yeah, i am back, couldn’t fight against my obsessive addiction for academy story, even tho most are disappointment now. But how did you find out I am back? I don’t think I have commented much recently, i am just waiting for something good to uploaded while checking others reviews.

  3. asf says:

    The cooking part is skimed over even tho its a cooking novel. Everything MC vook is delicious and buff your stat.
    Its just a repeat of showing off MC’s food
    Its kinda boring

  4. Extra Extra says:

    Of course, as soon as I make that comment, Incompatible Interspecies Wives gets updated… 😫

    Fine… I’ll make one exception…

  5. Extra Extra says:

    No mention of Romance or Harem means it’s not my type of novel.

    It’s probably a good thing, as Baldur’s Gate 3 is taking up all my time ATM.

    So let the novels, both new and updated ones, continue to pile up!!!

  6. PerlicaLover1 says:

    Istg the comment sections on this site just becomes a discord server now 😭😭😭

  7. This work is simply bland and boring. It seems to be trying to be a sol, but even typical sols are slightly more enjoyable and easier to read than this. The “overpowered protagonist” tag refers to the main character’s power that doesn’t have any special meaning, which he received just because “the author wanted it”, and which no one else has for the exact same reason. Well, as always. Nothing bad, but nothing special either. It might be suitable for killing time if you’re really thirsty for something to read.

  8. Meh, I roughly understand what’s going on, and it seems like this book really should be full of poison. Well, no matter, I’ll try it for myself in a couple of hours. Who knows, maybe the author is actually just trying to learn from their mistakes and has interesting ideas they want to share?…

  9. Sephir says:

    Sorry i’m back i can’t force myself to read it.
    50 lines ch1,
    i dont know why they’re fighting a yasha guy,
    someone nearly lost his arm,
    the author is throwing fancy words but it sucks it’s just filler words

    the thing that ticks me off is that they’re making a guy losing an arm without any backstories or anything?? How am i supposed to cheer them when i didn’t even knew their names 30 secs ago.

    I’m bad at doing review mb i shouldn’t have said anything about review,
    i can’t delete my message so well

  10. Sephir says:

    i’ll poison test it behehe bye

  11. Judging by the tag “overpowered protagonist”, the description is clearly deceiving us in some way. Either the fact that the main character is involved in cooking is just a teaser, or it’s a repulsive poison full of the main character’s lack of understanding of their own strength level. In any case, I won’t touch it for now and wait for those who have returned…

  12. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Considsring it has the obsessive love tag? For this particular novel, yes it is impossible.

  13. puta madre says:

    no harem or romance? impossible

  14. Insufferable says:

    That novel was a fever dream.

    Anyways cooking is one of my favorite go to novels for when I want to doze off.

  15. Forgotten one says:

    And here i am waiting for “incompatible interspecies wives ” update…😑😑

  16. @Saberm I refuse to believe you made that guess without knowing that novel exist

  17. Velcon says:

    @Saberm Bruh, that is already a thing in this site. We will never be safe.

  18. Saberm says:

    Mage, Porter and chef. What’s next? An attack helicopter?

  19. Sephir says:

    Breh can’t be first btw, i think Louis got kicked out LMAO and zaxia is bsck with another username this site is becoming strange

  20. Kaniya says:

    Delicious ~~~


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