Another World Gallery Became Popular
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Another World Gallery Became Popular

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이세계 갤러리 주딱이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Another World Gallery Became Popular

He stayed in the gallery for 24 hours and was taken to another world.

[You have been appointed as the manager of the other world gallery.]

P.S.: The term ‘gallery’ refers to something like a forum or community, kinda.

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  1. OG Fortnite Player says:

    Why is this in the latest updates? lol

    1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

      Nobel does a little bit of trolling

  2. Des says:


    This one had LOT of potential (if you know how to understand mtl cuz chat is a bit hard to).
    What ruined it? *SPOILER*

    MC can’t defend himself. I know… you saying “he just an admin that controls the chat, a normal human” but if he had any admin privileges in the world, like punishing those who try to harm him and public expose them or at least a way to defend himself. Instead MC is easily swayed and all is resolved through misunderstanding. Really bad move author. This had potential… HAD.

    This happens in the later parts like around the *death* of the MC.

  3. Rader says:

    This novel is a wet dream of thousands of Reddit and Discord Mods. A small summary:

    MC has enough wealth from his parents that he can survive from rent. He is not going into higher education like Masters or Phd or even seeking jobs, so only thing he could do was chill but got bored as became a Reddit mod.

    He was so proficient and a chronic reddit user that many Sub Reddits asked him to be a mod and he did it. In the end he became an unpaid mod for 17 sub-reddits. He is a super human as far as mods are concerned. He opens 16 tabs at the same time on a large screen and read each and every post simultaneously and even comment on them.

    So, he was scouted by a God who made Reddit like network on another planet. It’s like a full blown internet on another world and he is an Admin for that, it’s beyond just forum now. He hires sub mods, which are people who spend 12+ hours every day, also he spent 20 hours….insane. And his three sub mods happened to be Demon Queen who was bored, Elf Queen who is bored because she has no power due to Elf Council, and Hero who has no enemies to beat as everything is at peace.

    Also, real enemies of whole world are Ancient Demons and even current Demons are their enemies. But it does not mean that there is no antagonist, while we don’t have a clear idea of villain there are possibly some gods who hate forum and internet in general on this fantasy world.

    Overall a 7/10 novel which can become 8/10 if you love forum based novels and 10/10 if you are a reddit or discord mod. Novel mainly covers dialogues on the forum, they are interesting in beginning but gets boring for me. Still I will read it and follow for updates as it’s okayish and entertaining in its own rights.

  4. A reddit admin upgraded to ISEKAI reddit admin.

    Instead of not getting paid, now he get rewarded by point if he do his admin job.

    Read up to chapter 5 and most of them is just reddit post and reaction comments and MC banning people to get point.

    Its not my cup of tea.

  5. wow, the author did write a real shut in incel and a brave internet warrior. the mc is way too boring to read, even for a slice of life its a struggle to read past 40 chapters.

  6. Roca says:

    I thought another certain villain novel was updated when i saw the frog censor 😂

  7. Poison Tester says:

    Only read 3 chapters then stopped. I don’t understand the plot, maybe because we have different meme culture and the mtl just make it worse.

    The premise is good but I rather read Chinese novel with similar genre than this *popular work* Korean novel.

    1. Jahe Manis says:

      Agree, I also don’t understand who this line and the conversation line belong to. If I see that Koreans like novels with online conversation types, other novels about online gamer dialogue are also popular there. However I don’t really like this type novel. Sometimes online conversations are created exaggerating how amazing the MC is. I particularly dislike self-narcissism.

      1. Arcus101 says:

        Read till chapter 8, not much exaggerating how great MC is. There is, however, exaggerating how great Coca-Cola is. I feel like I know what the author’s favourite drink is.

  8. XAY XAY says:

    This is basically discord mod in another world

  9. Trashtaste says:

    You know this is good when the frog show up

    1. Nevermind, you will never understand this if you are not South korean. This novel is basically SK dank meme novel. Its popular in SK but not for us because diff meme and internet culture

      1. Quite dissapointed tho. The first ever “very popular work” tag novel is this.

  10. Shiin says:

    Poison tester poison tester helpp…

  11. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Literally a reddit admin lmao

  12. clown 🤡🎪 says:

    it got the frog so its prob good (i think) im swimming this thing

  13. IME says:

    oh the hot one in novelpia, hmm… 2.34 M views and 58 ch rn, thats crazy

    lets dive in.

  14. Insufferable says:

    Those were big mammal bags. It seems this novel is quite high in novelpia so I’m entering

  15. Jahe Manis says:

    I tried read this because it seemed popular in novelpia, but the machine translation was bad. I’m confused by the story.

  16. Salty1 says:

    Is it good guys?

  17. 4chan in another world O-o

  18. Seastan says:

    The MC is a moderator of a forum website? Lol

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