Awakening After Divorce
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Awakening After Divorce

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Awakening After Divorce

I’ve been divorced for two years and paying child support.
Only recently did I realize he wasn’t my son.
I decided to leave all my regrets behind.

And then I awakened.

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  1. Zaeril says:

    The novel ended at chapter 245…. It’s an open ending with loose end, no conclusion to what happened to his father and the divorce was just a waste of setting. I guess the author gave up on the story.

  2. Yuusol says:

    By chapter 200 it is just a repeat of him making a new invention with few new relationships (friends and ‘potential’ love interest), a conflict with new demon king trying to invade the earth, glimpse of the father’s past which hinted that he was an OP father… still no revelation of the ex-wife and the son’s real dad.

    If you like a crafting story then it’s a good one because some of the creation he made and the world building is quite creative.

  3. Nightune says:

    Impression from Ch1-50:

    MC divorced–> Come back to his hometown–> Open a shop without any incidents–> Awaken to hacking like skill–> modify status of equipments —> got bombarded by informations (me) about appraisal process and equipment—-> meet childhood friend —> sell equipment—-> go hunting —-> repeat from modify status…. Only the new girls is introduced instead of childhood friend

    Yeah, generally I think the flow is somehow like this…

    A doable read for me It’s story revolve around crafting/modifying equipments with a little bit of battle while MC being overgeared and his status being modified not sure if harem since I’m seeing some sign in some girls having a reason to be close with MC the childhood friend is still the closes to MC…

    Just in my impression I feel uncomfortable with the way he use modification on equipment and the way he earned sp if you can get so many sp just by staying in the tower why can’t he just live in the tower modify his status, talent and traits either to be stronger or to become more skilled in production by upgrading/ modifying his skills and talent, creating items in tower and selling it in system auction. Instead of just doing production outside and using sp directly on items instead of using it on himself while only relying on achievements to earn sp since his outside (which I actually hate because It always give him excessive reward that give airs like “You did Something !!!” x 10 achievements and somehow suffice before another achievement is done)

  4. Aether says:

    Dropped at chapter 75. Too boring. There is nothing that particularly interesting about this book at all.
    The only reason i even read it is to know how the relationship between mc and his ex will develop. But she was only shown only one time this whole time. And even that encounter was so bs. so ye idk why did author even put the book title that way. He should have rather gone with other cliches one.

  5. Dao zun says:

    Fellow daoist , Pendao has confirmed that academy limited demon hunter is a righteous sect cultivation method. Is daoist brother is an evil cultivator.

  6. Nightune says:

    No what is with the solo leveling… title
    Yeah that’s a bit… too much

  7. zedtype says:

    Lol what is wrong with manhwa nowadays it’s regressed into Japanese isekai level of title.

    “I awakened after divorced.”
    “I’m the parttimer of God.”
    “Academy Limited demon Hunter.”

    “I awaken my demonic lineage power.”
    “Solo leveling in tower of trial regressed after possessing extra mercenary corps villain king.”

  8. 7th Extra 7th Extra says:

    Title kinda feels like potential romance/harem

  9. MISIB says:

    It fells like slice of life, very boring for me.

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