Countess Cianella’s Male Slave
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Countess Cianella’s Male Slave

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시아넬라 백작가 남자 노예
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Countess Cianella’s Male Slave

If only I had succeeded in conquering this dungeon, I could have become an S-rank hunter. But instead, I have become a slave in the world inside this failed dungeon. I must somehow support her, for the sake of this damned world and for myself.

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  1. CeilingFan says:

    Im at chpt 150, and its quite good

  2. Sephir says:

    Another 5.7 k good luck with being transmigrated or whatever i’m going to sleep

  3. Kyryuu says:

    Date a respetar rob igual odio las novelas chinas

  4. Des zera Des zera says:

    Bro really wrote a novel in the comment section 💀

  5. rob z says:

    Now, responding to matachi, your claim, to the extent I understand it, is so completely false I don’t know where to start. I have no problem with women being powerful characters, expressing their opinions that men listen to, etc. I also very much dislike OP novels, and despise wuxia novels (and anything that mentions dantians, cultivation, transcendence, heavenly demons, etc). So your comment makes no sense to me. However, I do dislike weak willed MCs.

  6. rob z says:

    Next, you patently misrepresent my position – i.e., the classic “strawman”. I do not criticize the MC because he is a slave, but because he is a PB SLAVE. Here is an instructive literary comparison – Shin Siwoo from City of Witches. He is a slave in an arguably even worse position, trapped on an island surrounded by women who hold powers he doesn’t understand, not appreciated for any talents or background he has, in a culture fundamentally different from his own. Does he descend to being a cowardly PB? No – for 5 years he struggles, using all of his knowledge and talents, applying his advance skills in mathematics, and seeking to find an escape. Completely different from this MC.

    [To interject, this also applies to Ag Sen’s comment- please read the above. I fully understand the distinctions – however, you also seem to lack the historical context or understanding of what is a slave and what the title implied for the possibilities of the story.]

    Next, you claim I only read 20 chapters – sorry Hans, wrong guess, would you like to try for double jeoparfy where the scores can really change?

    Finally, you cast a naked ad hominem attack – let me respond in kind – piss off you ignorant philistine.

  7. rob z says:

    Next, let’s read the whole title in context, which you abjectly failed to do. “COUNTESS CIANELLA’S” Male Slave. Now, assigning a male slave to a young lady, particularly one of nobility is very rare and historically required an extreme level of trust (given obvious issues). So what does this naturally call to mind to anyone with half a brain? A type of slave referred to as a paedagogus, which was somewhat common among the upper classes in ancient Rome. In short, a paedagogus was a tutor assigned to a young man or woman for purposes of care and education; the paedagogus was a highly trusted position, and even given the right to beat the child / young adult with a rod called a ferula. In short, the role of the paedagogus does not at all imply a PB coward character as referenced in my criticism above.

  8. rob z says:

    First, you start with the term “slave” – so what is a slave? In short, a slave is an individual subject to compelled labor and treated as chattel, regardless of the possibility of manumission. Most Americans appear to be of the limited view that a slave is synonymous with movie portrayal of slaves in the South in the up until the Civil War. However, over the course of human history, there have been unnumerable forms of slavery. Are you familiar with the Mamluk warriors of the 8th-13th centuries, who enjoyed more rights than and wealth than the average citizen? Or the treatment of slaves in pre-Christian Judea, who could rise to the level of trusted family members? Or the various types of slaves in Egypt, who could be managers, scribes, or even reach some level of authority? Heck, did you ever read the Bible – you know Joseph, son of Jacob, who was sold as a slave to Potiphar, and rose to the position of Vizier? All of these were “slaves” and all were possibilities for this character based on reading the title.

  9. rob z says:

    Wow, I leave this thread and see myself subject to repeated, baseless invective. I will respond in kind to each post in turn, although it may take a bit.

    I will start with “bruh”, whose post represents a shocking level of cultural, historical, and literary ignorance.

  10. matachi says:

    robz is one of those ppl that thinks mc shouldn’t listen to other people opinions. if women let mc make a choice then mc not a chad bla bla. mc must become the strongest person in the world. lmao too much chinese novel bro.

  11. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    so far, my score is 7.8

  12. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Alright, since no one make summary, i’ll make it.
    I’m on chapter 65, after i checked the raw, the story end on chapter 262 cuz the author has notice of military enlistment on August 2022, so i don’t know the end will be closed smoothly or something.

    The MC was reincarnated(?) (MC was a spirit archer and top 50 hunter of +70 million) after died from sudden increase rank inside dungeon. The world state is like from the plot of The Novel Extra, dungeon from remnant of destroyed world by devil. The MC, died and reincarnated into the past of another world before destroyed by devil, given a task to change history.

    On this new destiny the world tasked him, he has duty like “growing your game character”. As a slave, he need to help the seed of saviour(his master) to bloom her talent. To tend her mental state, her relationship with others and save her to accelerate the blooming of her talent and devil-annihilation power.
    By doing so, he is able to unlock his power from past life.

    Btw, unlike MC which has spirit mana, the world is blessing women from birth with mana and men with holy power (your gender reversal genre). You can say it is the world of Amazonian, still the men is weak af unless they awaken holy power.

    Sorry if my explanation is bad

  13. Jay-r says:

    He always have bad takes anyways f*ck that guy.

  14. puta madre says:

    bad take robzzzzz

  15. Now on chapter 75. At 46-47 he confessed his feelings. Mostly, it’s just romance. Also, all women flow from MC. It is interesting to observe how he gets out of these love situations (not a harem).

  16. bruh says:

    >Novels title has the words “male slave”
    >Proceeds to read it
    >hasn’t even read past 20 chapters
    get btfo b*tchf*g

  17. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    @rob z
    are you misunderstanding something?
    MC is a ‘slave’, not a ‘servant’ like butler and maid. He has low-bottom freedom, what do you hope for? MC being a slave and then make rebellion group or something?

  18. rob z rob z says:

    Nope – for me this is absolute poison. MC is a pussy b!tch slave that is granted to a fat daughter of a warrior family and his whole job is to be, you guessed it, be a pussy b!tch slave and help fat @ss improve because she is eventually supposed to become the savoir of the world. 0/10.

    And Insufferable – if you are a b!tch slave, you by definition are NOT a gigachad.

  19. rob z rob z says:

    Guys, this is still confusing as heck. Any clear reviews here? Screw it, I’m going in.

  20. It’s not very good.

    There are some examples of bad writing/forced/contrived drama.

    For example: MC gets a mission letting him know there are DEMON WORSHIPERS in a town that will try to KILL the girl he’s guarding.

    That girl’s powerful escort decides to split off and go do some shopping, and the girl wants the MC to come with him to do seperate shopping, with only MC as escort.

    The MC KNOWS there are DEMON WORSHIPERS in this town trying to kill the girl. He KNOWS THE WORLD WILL END IF SHE DIES.

    And he says nothing. He doesn’t try to convince her to bring her guard, doesn’t say “I have a bad feeling” etc. and make up a reason that they should have at least some soldiers with her.

    He goes “eh its broad daylight surely nothing will happen.”

    This was a “FORMER STRONGEST S RANKER IN KOREA” saying that.

    Bad story. Bad writing.

  21. Insufferable says:

    Archer. But uses swords for close combat much like legolas

  22. Julio Abel Julio Abel says:

    So the MC is a swordsman and or archer?

  23. SenatorArmstrong says:

    ^”I can fix her” type-MC but he actually fixed her? Sounds interesting.

  24. Insufferable says:

    It. Is. Glorious.

    The heroine starts out fat and insecure. Gigachad mc will rehabilitate her into a perfect bow goddess.

    Mc is a former s rank archer who died in a dungeon and reborn there with a mission focused on the rehabilitation of the heroine. No implied reason why, but it seems her power is necessary to save the dungeon world.

    Mc is weaker at first, but he regains his wind spirit powers as long as he teaches his bow to the heroine.

  25. Dagonsuznyx says:

    This looks generic and my self-respect senses alarm me that I would probably hate the mc because he would be too docile and submissive for my liking. So naturally I’ll poison test this.

  26. Q D Q D says:

    Wait it’s a katana right?

  27. NEAT says:

    First time poison testing I guess I’m going in

  28. Anyways I would poison test but I gotta study for exams.

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