Gender Reversal Politics
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Gender Reversal Politics

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남녀역전 정치물
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Gender Reversal Politics

Lee Soo-ho, member of the National Assembly. He wore a gold badge at a young age and succeeded in coin investment, but somehow his life doesn’t seem smooth.

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  1. give this novel a chance atleast till chapter 20, it is boring at start but after chapter 15 it becomes interesting,

  2. Sbn says:

    Its pretty interesting, like an exaggerated version of house of cards with more drama.

    The reversed gender role is pretty irrelevant, the story would have worked even without it, but I’m guessing the author put it in to be more relatable and attract male readers.

  3. T V T V says:

    Nobel, please give me more yanderes and obsession; I’ll be devastated if I don’t have my medicine dose. 😭 And don’t give me this garbage.

  4. T V T V says:

    What can I say… it’s quite boring. I read 2 chapters, giving it a chance, although it was quite boring. The first chapter mainly focuses on golf and the protagonist’s golf-playing abilities. However, due to some external reason, he left it, marking it as a gloomy event, and then delved into politics, where he had the luck of receiving the support of Congresswoman Hyeri Na to become a national member, all thanks to golf and years of effort… It also mentions that he invested in cryptocurrencies because of his friend (almost forced into it), with little hope of achieving anything, but in the end, his currency is valued at 400 million.”

    There was a bit more information, but it’s already quite boring to read it as a reader, let alone write about it as a reviewer. So, I give it a 3/10. Everyone has their own tastes, and in my case, it’s rather dull. Maybe it will improve, but that will be left to the next person who dares to read this. I wish them good luck!

  5. Luiz Felipe says:

    this is boring

  6. Hash2O says:

    Only asians think politicians are not trash

  7. Caliber says:

    Is politics fun?….Nooooo!

  8. KR reverse world novel, MC put money into Crypto while interning to a National Party politician.

  9. says:

    Also again politicians💀💀🤮🤮.

  10. says:

    Maybe I’ll read it but there is not yandere or obsession so probably not.

  11. says:

    Oh hell nah politicians💀💀🤮🤮.

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