I Returned As the Governor of the Country That Abandoned Me
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I Returned As the Governor of the Country That Abandoned Me

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나를 버린 조국의 총독이 되어 돌아왔다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Returned As the Governor of the Country That Abandoned Me

10 years. After the war with the empire, the kingdom and the queen who sold me out.

I wonder what expressions you all wore when you heard the news that I, who hailed from the kingdom, had become a bureaucrat of the empire, and then the chancellor.

But don’t get your hopes up. My motherland is now the empire.

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  1. Sephir says:

    Basically don’t make a mc smart, cunning, intelligent, cold blooded, villain, smart, genius and more cuz the author is going to nerf his intelligence close to a slug or downgrade their own iQ(author) by doing plot holes,
    we can’t deny the fact of a plot armor to literally create a world of rulers with close to only two neurons which can’t even connect to rule a whole kingdom.
    There’s so much more to talk about but I’ll stop here

  2. Anonymous says:

    basically everyone just need to give it a try i dont know for how many chapter up to your preference i guess since i what the review can give is pov i actually has this experience of clashing opinion about a novel with one of my mate so i will just say give it a try yourself not much harm in reading few chapters anyway

  3. puta madre says:

    this is getting crazy

  4. rob z rob z says:

    Suherman Joshua’s and Des’s comments above paint a decent general picture.

    Couple additional comments:

    (1) This really is a revenge novel so far. MC is full of hatred and wants to destroy both the country and the queen that sold him to the Empire. (I disagree with SJ’s comment on MC’s feelings being love/hate – this is all hate so far vis a vis MC and the Kingdom).

    (2) There is quite a bit of geopolitics involved – more so than any action. A number of chapters deal extensively with what various ministers are doing, how they have different political ideologies, different goals and paths to achieve reform, political assassinations, attempted revolution, etc.

    (3) There is obsession in the novel – the 5th princess is definitely obsessed with the MC, and the MC’s female squire is pretty much there as well. Romance? Well, MC is just not into romance at this point. Also has some dense MC tendencies.

    (4) As Des noted, there is an overarching plot with a possessor who appears to have his own harem in this iteration. Possessor also appears to be in conflict with the MC. I found this aspect of the plot frustrating (at least early on) – the author has a tendency to turn the MC stupid when it comes to the possessor being involved in the story.

    (5) As with almost all novels of this type, there is also a super secret organization with unclear motives involved.

    (6) You only get a sense of the overall plot once you hit chapter 50.

    I like the novel so far – solid 7/10 from me.

  5. rob z rob z says:

    Your description is music to my ears Yuki – I will definitely give this a read.

  6. Yuki says:

    Don’t expect much with a harem ending. Based on the nature of the MC and the illustrations of the novel, it is very likely that the MC will only end up with the 5th princess (cover), possibly also with his knight, Ariel, as a concubine. MC has been arranged by his parents for the princess. The other female characters don’t have much of a chance.

  7. Des says:

    Read all 50 chapters

    It has a similar vibe to Civil Servant , just there’s not Academy. So Mc has past drama, he is strong (one of the 10 swords of the empire) and Mc doesn’t seems to like any heroine apart the 5th princess (although it’s more like loyalty of a knight?). In fact he said he was ready to cut apart all those who stands his way(and 5th princess I guess).

    A bit spoiler here:

    Mc here is a character(a villain) of a novel (probably), so he’s like native? So he doesn’t know he is an novel world. There’s a possessor (he seems dumb to me) that knows the future so yeah… It’s probably this.

    Obsession? Until now I didn’t even see a speck of obsession tbh

    Regret? Uh I don’t know because until now (ch50) the queen doesn’t even know he is the one she sold during the war 10 years ago.

    Harem? Well I guess there are girls who have feelings for him although the mc doesn’t seems to really care? I can’t judge this because I think romance part is going to be slow so not enough chapters.

  8. volt zone volt zone says:

    A fine refreshing read, MC is smart and cool but has a clear vendetta against his birth country. Political complexity isnt very high but there is also a possessor doing random stuff(obv quests to him) in background to stop MC. Intriguing storyline.

  9. I see the tag “obsession”. Can someone tell me if there will be a worthy yandere here or is this tag being used as a filler again?

  10. Wise Man(Self Proclaimed) says:

    A wise man once said “A true regret novel are those that makes you regret ever reading it in the first place”

  11. Kaniya says:

    @Hash20 I agree with you…In 1 chapter Mc become E to S and the drama to clear an E lvl gate, dungeons..

    (Sorry for my English)

  12. Zero says:

    @Hash20: This page does not let you copy and paste. Do you have to write all that again 🤣?.

  13. Hash2O says:

    Well I’m too lazy and it would be awkward, sorry for the wrong novel 🙁 it was for the ‘genius swordman in a pretty girl game’

  14. Hash2O says:

    My bad.. I can’t delete it but I’ll go rewrite it under the good one!!

  15. Revival says:

    Hash2O, i think you review the wrong novel

  16. DarkOpera says:

    Hash2O, i think you review the wrong novel

  17. D_D says:

    Hash20 i think u wrote the review in wrong page

  18. Hash2O says:

    It seemed decent but for me it’s disappoiting. The MC doesn’t seem to be a man from modern earth who possessed a guy in a reverse gender game, rather he seem to be a true native. He truly doesn’t act like he was a man used to be on the dominant side, he act like a chicken who’s lost it’s frustrating af..

    I’ve read about 5 chapters, basically the MC got his cheats and all, it’s nice he’s OP but he doesn’t know how to use his strengh, so he goes on a gate to try his hand and getting used to his new powers. But what happen in fact? He doesn’t do much. He act like a radar through the raid and near the end he finally remembered he was supposed to try 1 or 2 mobs, so he goes tell the leader he want to take part in the DPS like he was supposed to and of course the leader is relucant as if it was unexpected and all while he was truly supposed to act like one from the start but well. Next of course they go deeper and UNEXPECTEDLY find the ‘boss’ (It’s nice to not forget that the MC had a skill called ‘intuition’ that was supposed to tell him that the boss was close but despite the fact that he had a little feeling it wasn’t much and all it was just because he was nervous and all but of course 30sec before the boss is finally spotted he was finally able to remember that he got this skill but it’s too late haha 🙂 ) So of course the leader tell “RETREAT” and goes all alone and the MC was “SO DUMBFOUNDED” in front of her skills, courage, etc.. I’ve stopped here.

    It’s obvious that what come next is the desperate situation but since the MC is OP he’s gonna turn the tables, astonishing the reversal gender macho of his team and get recognition.

    I don’t read subpar thing like this. It’s korean version of the so called chinese ‘pretend to be forced’ and all.

    Why is this really sh1tty? First of all the MC is supposed to know his strengh better than anyone, he can’t act like he’s not confident and all, that’s a lie for everyone and it’s frustrating. Secondly enough with the simping all the way! F4ck, he was supposed to f4ck1ng try his hand and get used to his power? So why was he not? Because he was busy being nice, considerate and understanding of the reversal gender machos of his team, it’s disgusting to read, but since they’re girls it’s all nice 🙂 -only creeps think like that. But since I’m here writing this anyway I’ll say what it translate. It just mean that the MC is profundly overconfident and arrogant. If he wasn’t the first thing he’d do would be to get used to his strengh, but he did and was leisure about it, and this in a setting were hunters is a dangerous profession, where one could die at any moment, where there’s supposed to be terrorist organization, demons and various psychos going arround.

    In short it’s a troll story. Read this if you’re weird or something, anyway it’s not my thing.

  19. Kirill Popov says:

    Got it. I’m going to finish reading the “shadow slave”.

  20. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    My life is regret novel Yea!!!

  21. Rough summary:

    The story of a young soldier (MC) who was asked by the general of an colonizing country to give him to their military country. The queen who was still a teen, full of stress and lacked experience in leadership and was afraid what happened to her country if she not obey him, so she give him to colonizing country. Luckily MC adopted by great Nobel family in his new country and several years later she returned as a governor of his home country. He blame the queen and have hated/love relationship with his country. His option is want merge with its new country or destroy it and build it from scratch. It should be noted that the queen is only a symbol here and don’t have much political force. As the governor of the colonial state, he has the highest authority. I myself feel sympathy for the queen, she is still young, at the beginning of the story full of optimism but can’t fight the reality of her country’s political conditions, corruption, many political enemies, countries that wage war to colonize her territory. So he suffers from stress. I feel the writer tortured her with regret when her life was full of problems. The story is interesting because it remembers the history of my country, during the Dutch colonial era, the king was only a puppet, and the governors who came from the Netherlands to control the territory had full power. Of course if the governing governor is a native person, there will be hatred and he is considered a traitor to the country, that’s what MC has experienced.

  22. Truck says:

    Decent read. Not too special, but good enough to pass the time. Imma skip it since I have acraving for different type of trash.

  23. Zero says:

    Poison 😧😨

  24. Cross Azure says:

    I hate regret stories. Hopefully this is a good one.

  25. Sephir says:


  26. Sephir says:

    I’m going crazy

  27. Memomo says:

    too early

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