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Damn Academy

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망할 놈의 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Damn Academy

A childhood friend went to the academy.

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  1. Rartra says:

    oficial UPD speed is only 1 chapter per week

  2. LuxX says:

    When will this amazing thing update?

  3. Enter says:

    I add request to discord but clown staff delete it.

  4. Nitro says:

    Is a great novel if there is so much people fighting by his fault

  5. Jecker 17 Jecker 17 says:

    According to author, the one in the picture is Luna, with her blond hair.

    True, as much as I like this novel, the constant pov switches before chapter 100 was not great, particularly during moments of tension. Fortunately, it has significantly lessened after chapter 100.

  6. Warrior ! Warrior ! says:

    In the picture, is that Lisa or Lilith?

  7. Jackysito says:

    Pretty good. Only thing that annoys me is the constant pov switches, especially in moments of tensions.

  8. Haze says:

    I mean yea the main girl sound sucks but some of you guys were asking for Yandere and I brlieve this is Yandere

  9. Tendrils says:


    she’s just a side character for now (Ch 155), she only appears once after she abandoned the MC, even his childhood friend only appears once or twice. This novel is bit slow because the author uses several pov from several heroines.

  10. Amunmu says:

    Estas sinopsis me hacen pensar que al autor le importa una mierda si leen o no su novela

  11. Reyhan says:

    So will mother regret no loving Damian or she is just a side character that will not appear

  12. NeverTalks says:


    Don’t forget Silverins theory on how can Damian use the sword even with below average mana pool and with that MAYBE there were more reasons why a certain family was hunting Damian and how Liza prophesized.

    And Damian was a kid who kept things to himself you don’t need to explain more why he kept things to himself even Ella pointed that Silverin needs to know what happened. Not much you can do if others can’t accept simple reasons much more when they also missed out much details.

  13. Jecker 17 Jecker 17 says:

    Okay, review time.

    To start with, I really liked this novel. Obviously this novel is not a masterpiece, however, it is quite good. There is character development of some characters and the world is introduced nicely. There is not too many info dumps suddenly.

    This novel is a harem and so if you are not interested in it, or not interested in academy, you probably shouldn’t read it.

    I want to point out some irrational things said by @rrobz. To start with he brings up the question as to why Damian needs to hide his identity and act as two people. It was explicitly stated at the beginning that Damian’s sword is extremely special and so he must hid it and that’s why he has two persona. One is the masked persona who is known as Candy and other is his Damian persona. In the latter persona, he never wields his special sword, and while authoritive figures know Damian is an Archmage’s student, they don’t know about his sword. So he uses the two persona to hid from others. Of course, some individuals know that they are one and the same.

    Additionally rrobz also said that the bad guys already know who Damian is. That is completely baseless because the guys who tried to kill the MC know him as Damian only, not as the wielder of the special sword. The bad guys come from the family of the MC’s childhood friend and the very reason they tried to kill him can be easily guessed. It is simply to fully control and detach the childhood friend from the MC, because by killing him, her reason for living. It can be said that they somehow found out about the sword, however, it doesn’t makes sense considering other aspects of the story.

    Furthermore, they cannot prophesized about Damian. Because his future can’t be seen, as found by his teacher. But, here comes a plot hole.
    For some reason, his childhood friend was able to prophesize the future including him. As for why he didn’t write to his teacher, Silverin, about the warlock, that I cannot explain, it can be just said that Damian doesn’t wish to currently worry her.

    I would suggest you read all the 125 chapters currently available if you have the time, but read slowly because this is mtl, so you might need to read some parts multiple times.

  14. Extra Extra says:

    This novel’s a fun read, don’t be deterred by the haters. Try it out.


    Dude, of course the novel’s heading into Harem territory. It’s in the bloody tags, for God’s sake 😂

  15. NeverTalks says:

    LMAO. What a joke.

    Of course they know Damian even before he met his master probably because they were specifically looking for him not just guessing whos who and you should know why.

    And just a reminder everyone knows who tf is DAMIAN thats because of his MASTER.

    And the mask was an artifact that was given to him in a condition that he must use it when using his sword.

    And the mask can change his hair color, his voice and erase memories probably.

    And his sword which will be highly coveted if known was unrelated to his ambush before attending the academy.

    And at the entrace ceremony the top student was ZION no one knows who tf is CANDY.

    Damian scored around the middle and didnt attend the ceremony.

    And they didnt took the test and activities in a room but in MOUNTAINS and FOREST.

    Only ZION knows CANDY was the top scorer and Cecily just guessed it and they don’t personally know Damian.

    And ALMOST NO ONE personally knows DAMIAN he was just known for his rumored looks and background.

    There were only gossips about the masked dude hes not even in the student roster if there was even a list.

    And who do you think can relate DAMIAN to CANDY when Cecily the closest one to CANDY can’t figured it out since shes not even an acquiantance to DAMIAN to check out the connection.

    And seriously the story is heading to harem territory wtf im not liking this.

  16. rrobz says:

    @Raoul Nahimana – I am reading the novel as posted on this web site – what are you reading? It sure isn’t the novel or my post at any level of legitimate analysis or criticism. Also, I take offense at you criticizing me for “wrong reviews” – that is baseless and I challenge you to point out anything inaccurate in my post. Rather, your post reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the points I made and what “tropes” are.

    First, I hope I don’t have to get into the origins of the “hide my power” trope, which is based on cultural development in view of geographic volatility, survival, and other issues on the Japanese islands, how this is antithetical to western individualism and exceptionalism, etc. But putting that aside. let’s start with the fact that he is literally in a group assignment with multiple people where several people know he is Damian, and the others know him as Candy (with the mask). And you don’t think that any of them at any point would put their heads together and figure out the whole mask BS and how it is Damian wearing the mask (i.e., Damian = Candy)? It is beyond grotesquely stupid.

    Taking a step back, he is in an academy. He gets evaluations and grades. Do you really think it makes any sense that he can just get by as “masked guy” WHEN HE DOES CLASS ASSIGNMENTS IN THE MASK and that somehow nobody can figure out who he is? Sorry, when they post grades, they don’t use aliases. Again, it doesn’t strain credulity, it destroys it.

    So now, putting aside the plot stupidity / incredulity your post patently ignores, let’s look at the substance of your post. You point out the “reason” i.e. supposedly if he showed off his power his village will be in trouble. Starting with the concept of the trope itself, the author did not have to write the story in such a way that somehow his doing well in school is an existential threat to everything he cared about. In short, stories that focus on MCs having to hide their powers for contrived reasons are generally something promoted in Japanese light novels, but are antithetical to Western readers who are more focused on individual exceptionalism (and moreover, are usually are not prominent in Korean web novels, which is is why I prefer them over Japanese web novels and made the comment in my review). In short, you completely fail to understand THAT IS THE TROPE AND THE TROPE SUCKS. Moreover, it is not even realistic. Remember the silver haired woman he dreamt about? Don’t you remember that she and her army of wizards attacked Silverine and the MC on the way to the academy? THE BAD GUYS ALREADY KNOW WHO DAMIAN IS AND ARE ALREADY TRYING TO KILL HIM!! Him being in the mask or not during academy assignments makes no friggin’ difference.

    Second, go back and re-read chapter 81. He asks Ella to withhold the information from Silverine because he does not want to “worry master.” Moreover, he does this despite Ella clearly and rationally pointing out “When it comes to warlocks, SIlverine needs to know” and that Silverine will eventually find out anyway. In short, this is a threat that affects the whole friggin’ world, and he wants to withhold it from one of the people who most needs to know, so whatever BS reason he may have had, its beyond asinine.

    So please don’t cast aspersion with poorly reasoned comments.

  17. Joseph 117 Joseph 117 says:

    Her best friend NTR him?

  18. Rrobz are you reading. First of all there are reasons he has to hid his power because if not his friends and village might be endager or get captured he literally doesn’t even know how to wiled as sword and he get a sword related power do you really want him to flaunt that power and die?? He doesn’t even hide it he get to use it as long as no one sees him. And also Mc has trust issues do you think a normal being will just tell everything to other other person without secrets Silverine herself was about to look into his past without consent and yet she stopped later he literally tells her about it including the prophetic dream please read instead of wrong reviews

  19. RealEason says:

    i thank you Misib for your heroic sacrifice, I can feel the pain behind those words

  20. Greed says:

    so basically she f*cked his life and then ended with him ? wtf is this plot.

  21. rrobz says:

    I wanted to like this – I really did. But catching up the latest chapters, it is clear that this novel falls prey to 3 of the worst tropes in light / web novels. First, the dense protagonist – yes, he’s dense – nuff said. Second, and more problematic, the “I must hide my powers” because “reasons.” The frickin’ eyemask plot line, beyond being not credible, is just garbage at this point. And third, the “I must withhold information from people who should / need to know” because “reasons.” Again, the withholding information about the warlock from Silverine is so grotesquely stupid I don’t have words.

  22. Still good. Thanks for update +1

  23. @Pva It’s not real Ntr. Actually on novelpia in author notes he says himself that it’s not an ntr story and says “perspectives matter”

    I think she saw a prophec or something along those lines. It’s actually implied something like that when she reappears later

    …I mean even if it was ntr was it that sad to see her gone?

  24. PvA says:

    ok have to ask cause i keep hearing about NTR in this, is there a reason for it or is it real NTR? someone please throw me some spoilers before i read 80 chapters only to hate myself

    why does liza get a BF and throw it in the MC’s face what is the reason?

  25. It’s amazing. Great read. Like a hidden gem in this site. We need more

  26. Nevertalks says:

    Updates pls. 🙏

  27. Misib says:

    @Mista Thank mista it hurts reading like that, but i know it is a good novel, plus i know she love him too, the problem the novel isnt helping going that slow , sniff.

    he got over her, he loves teacher, but like every novel like this prota always end up simping for women.

    even if i am complaining like that this novel is actually very very good much above average. ^.^


  28. Mista says:

    Wow… Big F for Misib and his sacrifice.

    This is truly terrible if it only happened in 5 chapters.

  29. Extra says:

    Great novel, kinda slower paced story despite many things going on (there’s quite a lot of chapters before the MC enters the academy) so I think the story is going to be long one.

    Really looking forward to reading more.

  30. Misib says:

    @Matachi, thats why i got mad she does that to him, and fucking come back with a boyfriend and show off in front of him, ofc there is a reason but not to show u have a boyfriend… She is too selfish for me to like her.. .

  31. matachi says:

    its like reading a diary rather than a novel, the vibe when reading this is just so weird, i also cant understand why the mc can loves his childhood friend when she act like a bitch and doesnt allow him become friend with other kids.

  32. willianpk1 says:

    por favor traduz as versões mtl dessas novels re:life player i became the tyrant of defense game ambos tem também manhwa e são muito bons vale pena traduzir mtl as novela tem mais 300capítulos merece ser traduzido não consigo entrar no discord se alguém poder por favor poste la

  33. Misib says:

    @Liza i am cause that selfish bitch destroyed his social life in order to quench her loliness, then bring her new boyfriend to flaunt in front of him, for no reason(we know that fake, or boyfriend with a condition plot), but there was no need to flaunt like that, the reason i am mad is cause he is gonna be with her again, later and the story is slow, so pain until then dammit…. The story is good .

  34. Phantom says:

    Good ol Noble. Once we start noticing the changes they go back to the roots

  35. calib says:

    Noble is still noble

  36. Blue Shadow says:

    After all that pure love novel, i guess the real admin come out from basement

  37. Liza says:

    Misib you seems to be hurt real bad….
    Take care bro

  38. Misib says:

    Okay an super early review:

    1.Protagonist father dies, his mother leaves him to die in order to find happiness.
    He meets her again with her new family.
    (She doesnt recognize him)

    2.The childhood friend… I hate her with all my soul they meet quite early she likes mc then she makes him by force and wathever she can to stay by her side,(basically she is super selfish) and dont let he get near other people, he has no rights to life(she is a noble and she is going to marry her uncle when she grows).
    But she force him to be with her.
    Then she has a plan to “run away with mc” almost let mc die.

    After mc woke up after his almost death comes the part i didnt like one bit.

    She left, then she come back with her lover showing off to mc……..(ofc there is a reason, we know) but from the perspective from a man… U fked up his life we know u like him but u come in front of him showing u got a man and u are happy…. For the…..

    Just dont show up and send letters….

    Ofc we know the plot since its on the title academy… Bla bla bla hiddeb potential…

    Its a good, solid story but how selfish the main girl lead is….. Hurts… If u were mc ….. I would just forget her…. Ugh…

    I read up to 3-5 chapters.

  39. Extra says:

    This any good?

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