I Give Up on Conquering the Heroines
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I Give Up on Conquering the Heroines

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히로인 공략 때려치웁니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Give Up on Conquering the Heroines

For reasons unknown, I find myself inside a game,
attempting to clear it for the twelfth time.
I feel utterly hopeless about ever reaching the ending where I conquer all the heroines.
In that moment of despair, I decide to give up on winning the heroines
and instead, set my sights on the ending where I defeat the final boss.

[With the blessing of the Holy Maiden, the dungeon monsters become empowered.]
[Due to the curse of Witch Yulia, the dungeon monsters now possess a mild poison.]
[The resentment of Frost Lord Yelina fills the dungeon with cold.]

The heroines begin to stand in my way.

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  1. rob z rob z says:

    I actually don’t agree with a few of the comments on the latest update. Putting aside a stretch in the 130s or so, I don’t think the later, more introspective chapters were a problem per se due to pacing. My issues were: (1) the typical harem degeneration (basically, once it becomes clear it will be a true harem ending, there was no way left to tell a good story – it all just feels forced) and (2) the final arc starting around chapter 237 – I thought it basically ruined the MCs character (all the stuff about “my greed”).

    The author should have used those more introspective characters to wrap up the 3 “heroines” and have them stand on their own, and have an ending with just MC and Cornelia, since that was the only relationship that was at all healthy.

  2. Cero says:

    The novel suffered a tremendous downturn in the 2nd part ( after 180ch) the meaning of the plot was lost 😐.

  3. Passerby says:

    The last section is draggy. The idea is to give conclusion or spotlight to all the casts but the author forgot about the plot pacing. It indeed covered it all, but the plot progression come to a crawl. In the end author has to quickly wrap thing up without much plot. I have seen it a lot in other fiction when author want to give screetime to all character for the climax but there isn’t much to cover. Overall, I like it if the author would balance the last stretch with more plot rather than focusing on inner thought, it make it draggy and boring to read.

    1. Giggity says:

      I feel like for those authors, if they are gonna slow it to a crawl to get everything covered, it would be better to have either an “after climax” set of situations to deal with it or an epilogue to help flesh it all out. Side stories are a thing too. Honestly it feels like the authors need an idea of what they want to tell each arc before writing it, otherwise they end up with too much.

      Stories that tell too much are just as bad as stories that tell too little after all, even more so if the characters aren’t that great.

  4. Imperador imortal says:

    finally updated

  5. goblinator says:

    3 OG heroines are terrible,incompetant & make the dumbest moves every time,their only real character growth is later in the novel when they decide to share MC and lessen their yandere tendencies.
    Its not enough to offset the glaringly bad traits. I gotta emphasize,they are bad characters.
    Cornelia,Transylvia & the Bunny are better in every way.

  6. amogustimestwo says:

    somehow not done yet lol. but yeah only like 5 more chs left done its done, maybe some ss with afterword afterward.

  7. amogustimestwo says:

    raw is at 225 and is completed. can’t wait for the update.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      I thought this is one of the ones that Noble was not updating. If folks can confirm otherwise, I am happy to pay for the update.

      1. rob z rob z says:

        Well I just paid to (hopefully) get it translated – fingers crossed folks.

        1. amogustimestwo says:

          nice! apparently i was wrong tho, novelupdates said 225 completed lol

      2. IME says:

        legend as always rob z

  8. Imperador imortal says:

    Does anyone ask for an update please?

  9. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Guys, i know it’s kind of spoiler, but don’t you feel the synopsis is kind of suspicious? It’s like foretelling what will happen when Heroines affection is negative and it empowered Last Boss’s dungeon

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      A lost hope unfortunately… The author decided to go misunderstanding route instead…

  10. I love this novel so much, side characters are interesting. MC is runing away from heroines, but he still wish for their happiness. MC loved them, but he cant meet them, cuz it will trigger the ending, that sad. I love how he handle events and support nvc from game
    9/10, one of best novels on this site

    1. And why overpower tag? mc is strong but cant compare to others. He just knows how to use trick

      1. So you tell me that he regressed about ten times and he not even stronger than the heroines it’s sh!t story for me and thank for telling me
        No way I’m reading something like this

        1. Zzz says:

          Try garbage novels in webnovel app they seem to suit your taste

          1. First of all I didn’t ask your opinion and what I like about the Korean novels that every character had it’s personality and development and the story not shallow but if you telling me that a mc who regressed about 10 and still weak and that’s normal for you then there is nothing to talk to you because that’s for 10 years age people to see it normal not for adults

    2. This is definitely not one of the best novels on this site lmao. Novels like , I became the weakest of the genius summoner, Incompatible interspecies wives, My alter ego is becoming a giant, Pick up the rejected pure love, I became the fiance of a dragon in romance fantasy and Romantic on the field are all way better.

      1. rob z rob z says:

        That’s better than a 50% hit rate, but some clunkers too. “My alter ego …”? Smh.

      2. Bro, if u think iiw is great, go get some checks. We dont have to talk anymore

  11. amogustimestwo says:

    At first I thought it was a cool concept with mid MC but now it’s getting way better and show MC and other characters development in both skills and personality.

    1. Hehe says:

      Ugh need moreeee

  12. Finally! I was waiting for this update

  13. Thanks bro, needed this cuz i have to travel tomorrow

  14. Cero says:

    Yesss an update !!

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Yep – I paid for this one.

      1. Cero says:

        Thank you!!

  15. asf says:

    Yeh. Despite the title MC is just trying to clear the ‘game’ so he can go home.
    I thought he start at giving up the heroine but no.
    This novel is all about MC trying to woo the heroine as a gamer to go back home.
    He will prolly give up at somewhere near the end and got his karma for trying to use their feelings.
    It felt grindy and its not fun to read
    Its like seing a playboy trying to act his way to woo the girls to gain something from them and leave when hes done with it

  16. Its got updated baby letsgo

    1. Its so good, cant wait for another update. Hope this also got scheduled update

  17. Extra Extra says:

    A good read so far.

    Hoping for more.

  18. It is good novel, but there are not many chapters so expect a very big delay for update. If you think mc is a simp then you may be wrong he respects heroine and loves them but is annoyed by them too. You won’t see the type of regret in which mc is self sacrificing himself to be a villain or something. He is very realistic and is someone who is not dense to others feelings. He knows he is bad person by playing with all of there feelings but needs to do so to escape world. Heroine are good, not the best but definitely good as yandere. Story is good enough but I suggest to put this on back burner untill you get more chapters

  19. Manchester Black says:

    I loved the synopsis. Head for it.

  20. Rader says:


    MC was making an Elden Ring type game with Dating Elements and added Dark Souls level difficulty in game and relationship system as all heroines can become Yandere. So MC was sent to the game and was given two option, either get Harem ending or bear the Final Boss.

    Final Boss was not even meant to be fought in the game as he is kind of a Hidden Boss which will wake up 1000 years later or so. So MC decided to get Harem but he failed 12 times due to Yandere Women and finally decided to summon the Final Boss early and try to defeat it. There was a failsafe in System which activated and sent the memories of past attempts to Heroines or it is more likely that Archmage Heroine was able to manipulate the System.

    Anyways, currently MC will be sent into starting point if he met any heroine as he will capture 100% love stats for them. To get Harem ending he need 95% or more love stats. That’s why he is hiding from them and getting more stronger and finding things game company never included, he is getting to meet new Heroines and events.

    1. k says:

      You have me in EldenRing, gonna dive in

  21. She hates commoners because they killed her noble parents? I don’t see anything wrong with this. Aristocracy and royalty should be killed and people should have the power to govern themselves. So the slander of republicans seems extremely weird to me. They are right, you know? Nobles should be killed ASAP

    1. Daver55 says:

      I prefer to be a well fed pet than a “free” stay.

      1. Dignity and pride are among the most essential traits of a civilized human. The idea of aristocracy is directly in contrast with these traits, therefore it is impossible to accept them. Dying with dignity of a free man is better than living under tyranny. “Give me liberty, or give me death” as Patrick Henry said.

        1. RoshanDistaste says:

          Yeah, people have “Freewill” but you can’t deny that people also have “will to survive”, they will do anything to ensure their survival even commiting an unspeakable crime if it’s a necessary.

        2. Blaze says:

          There isn’t really no none ruling class, no system of governance can actually provide equality to everyone, because there would have to be police, or some type of law enforcement, let alone jobs and the like

    2. Dootdeedooterson says:

      Nobility had it’s place and was a solid form of government for its time. There’s a reason republics and modern political systems (at least that were similar in many ways) failed every time in the olden days and the nobility worked. It wasn’t till education was far more readily available, and far better, that these types of government were able to work and weeded out the nobility.

      Your comment spews pure stupidity in attempting to place modern standards on a story set in a different time and world. Nobility worked for its time, it would fail miserably now but it did work.

  22. Y’know perhaps I judged him too harshly. Anyone would crack under such intense pressure. Nah who am I kidding, that’s still not an excuse. I understand your reasoning for it though so I won’t crap on MC too much hehehe

    1. This novel sucks, I hate children type characters and slave cliches. It would’ve been better if the stupid slave was just a random person the MC decided to tentatively form an alliance with for short gains but then it becomes a friendship cause they work together well… but nooo slave and loli, dogwater novel

      Idc if it’s good, it’s dogwater for me

  23. Nightune says:

    It was a good read

    I recommend reading ch. 1 then skip the chapters and go to ch. 15

    If you want to go straight to the regret part and is annoyed by reading from the mc’s first regression then do as I say

    1. Cero says:

      I don’t know if it’s good to skip the chapters of the of the first regression, at least I see It as necessary to know the basic character of the Mc and the heroines.

  24. CrovoloDesu says:

    Good novel 👍, more chapters pls

  25. Cero says:

    A satisfactory read, recommended.

  26. Read all the chapters… It was quite good… One thing did not fit in, author tried to forcefully add regret to FMCs with some absurd reasons… Other than that, it was really interesting read… World building is kinda vague though…

  27. MCs be like: “I wanna go home so bad that I will disregard my morals in favor of speed”
    and then be shocked when they get locked up and repeatedly dried by a yandere

    Like buddy, regressing and having something important in another life does not justify being an asshole.

    “Grrr I’m so angry that I tunnel vision” idk buddy have you heard of “PTSD” or “Damn, I’m so messed up mentally I repressed that to the back of my head” maybe that could help?

    1. Pitiful existences, regressors in fantasy settings.

      Modern setting regressor: 😜😉

      Tower, medieval, fantasy, hunter regressor: 😐☹️

  28. willianpk1 says:

    please update the narrow-eyes villain of the demon academy

  29. Zzz says:

    Yo this has everything i like
    Pls let regret hit deep
    Kinda sucks it is harem tho

    1. IME says:

      i think it is more good if its harem, like “the main heroines are trying to kill me”

  30. Amunmu says:

    Amo el rol de genero invertido más que las tres comidas del día

  31. IME says:

    yo this one is one of the top new novel that korean ppl read

  32. Memomo says:

    read up to ch 15
    the mc got possessed into a game he took part in making. to clear the game he has to either beat the final boss or conquer all the 3 heroines with intimacy level 95%..prologue starts with end of his 12th retry where he finally gave up conquering the heroines and decided to defeat the final boss.
    and to my disappointment the author decided to start from the 1st time he got possessed into the game..welp the story is fast paced and he finished the 1st try in 15 chapters.
    anyway the heroines all have yandere tendencis and don’t accept being a part of harem.. it’s hard to tell if the mc even truly loves them or just doing it for the sake of clearing the game and returning to his world.. he even insults them badly at the end of each try because they are the reason for his failure with their unexpected and crazy actions (1st try one heroine ruined his relationship with the other 2 with a genius plan to have him for herself) .. those insults will come back to bite him later in the 13th try as they’ll regain their memories as the author hinted.. the mc is at fault tho since he’s literally using them to return to his world and has little regards to their feelings.. so far he’s the character I hate the most in this novel

  33. Read till ch15, Not gonna spoil, it was quite interesting in it’s own way. There were some inconsistencies in Eugene’s choices, but overall it was quite enjoyable. Though the heroines fall for MC quite easily, it wasn’t to that unbelievable level.

    I would definitely recommend to read it…

    Would rate 8/10…

  34. Hated Author KR says:

    Anything but gender role reversal…

    1. Cero says:

      you hate that genre so much 😶.

      1. Hated Author KR says:

        Of course, there are some of my hate comments on some novels of the genre…

        1. Cero says:

          I don’t really like this genre either. But there are some that are good.

  35. Jack says:

    When will we get to read update chapter of incompatible interspecies wives????

    1. Cero says:

      I also wait for It

    2. Memomo says:

      I can give spoilers if you want… welp nothing much happened anyway

  36. I raised EX Class says:

    I’ll try 10 chapters… Since I recently got addicted to playing visual novels…

    1. Insufferable says:

      A dangerous path that is. However, trauma and excellence go hand in hand. In order for one to reach the extreme heights humanity can achieve, one must experience extreme lacerations in the heart and feel deep seeted despair and sorrow that would leave scars of trauma never to fade away.

      Fear not however, for the community of visual novel game enjoyers would lead through a safer path. Dark still, yet monumentally tamer than the unhinged depravity that the dark depths seductively offers.

      1. Sareza says:

        I love this xuanhuan/wuxia type comments, they’re so unhinged and funny. A bit late, but that made me laugh XD

  37. Bocchan says:

    Expecting to have some good & Deep story of characters so we can know what’s going on time to dive in

  38. Memomo says:

    imma scout this novel.. wish me luck

    1. Baek gain says:

      Do it friends

  39. Insufferable says:

    I smell high levels of bi*ch in this scripture. Beware fellow daoists, I may be known as the Venerable Venom Serpent however my abilities are limited within my immunity to toxins and the transmission of toxins. The ability to expel toxins from another is far away from me.

    I’m sorry I’m reading a xuanhuan right now so I’m currently a Dao realm cultivator.

    1. Insufferable says:

      Oh, it’s actually 8.8 rating. Hope our novelpia friends do not deceive us in this juncture of poison testing. False confidence can dull the vigilance of even the most indomitable practitioners known in the eastern wasteland of noblemtl.

      Hope it’s good tho especially since it seems that it can contain some sweet deep drama

      1. Crosz says:

        Nahh mah guy, it only has 16 reviews so tbh, this 8.8 rating is not that high with only that much number of people rating.

    2. You can always ask advice from this seat. He is the most profound in god realm MTL.

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