Academy’s PTSD Chaplain
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Academy’s PTSD Chaplain

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아카데미의 PTSD 군종 사제
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy’s PTSD Chaplain

It’s been 10 years since I was possessed by the novel.

I, who participated in the terrible war as a military chaplain, survived.

Unfortunately, I survived.

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  1. milky violet says:

    I have calmed down now. I have accepted the endings. 5 stages of grief

    1. milky violet says:

      I realize now that it’s a game, and there aren’t any canon endings. So instead of wasting my brain data on moaning on phantom liberty or the endings in general, I will believe my own headcanon.

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        You have achieved enlightenment.

  2. Reiii says:

    I don’t want PTSD💀

  3. VelconTill says:

    Ok, I have read 50 chaps so I well state my opinion. This is a decent read, dont listen to the guy that does not recommend it. I will agree tho that that one might do better with it being pure love than harem, hell it feels more like pure love cause there is really only one girl the MC talks to, and she’s not a student. Anyways I like how its handled somewhat, the MC really is acting like a priest other than the smoking(Really, all korean authors love smoking for broken characters). My only problem is that the MC is in a game world I think? They dont go off of that plot point much.

    MC came into that world one year before a great war, joining it as a chaplain with pride thinking he was gonna change the world mindset but only got hell and despair. Losing friends and loved one cause PTSD huh?
    So with that happening to him he takes up the mantle of of another priest he meets in the battlefield as a teacher teaching the lords work and all that at a school which so happens to be where the game he knows takes place.

    All in all tho I think its a nice read, while the MC does have flashbacks to dont get in the way that much and as the story goes on the MC is getting better without much help of a harem. But really this would do better as pure love, 8/10 score.

    1. Enter says:

      Thanks for the time saved, I didn’t waste my time on a stinky smoker.

      1. IME says:

        no way bro, I’m curious why you hate smokers, almost saw your “racist” comments to the smoking MC in every novel that has a smoking MC

        “The Novel’s Extra” also has a smoker MC too, did you read that?

  4. oh brother, why don’t you just give him OCD, and every mental illness ever

    1. Anyways just finished playing Cyberpunk 2077.

      God dang bro, if I were happened to be transmigrated into that universe, none of the bad things would happen. Grrrr Phantom Liberty and the base game, Would you rather live lame or die out with a bang? none of them!!!! V is still young so he can rise from the dead again and reclaim their rightful renown but I need to see the rebirth NOW!!! I will not take this disgrace of imminent death or slow descent into obscurity, no I shall fight for my legacy and pride!!

      Sounds like a dumb reason to die for, but I’d rather live life as a hero and die a hero than to live a hero and die a respected individual but not at the peak of my hero-ness.

      “Uhmmm actually you’re missing the point of the game!!- and people usually don’t live like tha-“ ☝️🤓 shhhh I don’t care, blah blah blah more insane rambling

      1. I want to go on more insane ramblings, I am left with an empty hole in my heart after the endings of this game. Grrr I am so bitter, I will die on a hill that does not need death on.

    2. k says:

      I really enjoy the Phantom Liberty expansion as well, it has all the best things Night City can offer

  5. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    What in the tarnation telepathic relation with my counsin in Alabama is this title

  6. Jahe Manis says:

    MC is a priest who became a teacher in academic and this novel like a Christian theology class. There is no romance between him and his student, his assistant priestess who is closest to him and tries to treat his pstd

  7. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Ugh the Mc is constantly having flash backs, constantly taking drugs, shaking and suffering, having depressing thoughts and have women talk to him. It’s depressing and not worth a read, if it was pure love at least there would be the expectation if him being cured by a neat and tidy romance but it’s a harem so there’s not much to expect from this novel other than being depressed. I don’t recommend.

  8. must be really important that he survived cuz the synopsis said it twice

  9. Wikka says:

    what is chaplain? does the author actually want to say “captain rank”?

    1. shelwyn shelwyn says:

      He was a priest in a church with healing powers, he was conscripted as a military priest/chaplain.

  10. Cero says:

    Mc teacher 🤢

  11. Hated Author KR says:

    It’s a pity that it’s interesting, but not for me…

  12. D1Grandmaster says:

    The first ptsd tag but it’s still harem so Zzzzz 😪 I’ll wait for a review

  13. D1Grandmaster says:


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