I Became a Fortune Teller in a Game My Sister Made
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I Became a Fortune Teller in a Game My Sister Made

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점쟁이가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Fortune Teller in a Game My Sister Made

But I don’t believe in fortune-telling.

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  1. Hey can anyone tell me if lily whiterose is in mc harem ????

  2. Lots of missing text like character job/class and some mission text from the system.

    Other than that, i like the story.

    A Yandere heroines with personality disorder is my kind of stuff.

  3. It was good until about ch 30-40. Then the MC basically just mostly rely on the harem to pull some strings instead if his own power, which brings the enjoyment down a bit. After ch.40 it was an alright novel, just a bit generic.

  4. Rader says:

    Looking at this one I remember one great novel which I read near it, it was about Exorcists in modern times or so. MC wanted to ascend and did crazy things, and he really got ascended to a parallel world or something. It was great…will be very grateful if someone could tell it’s name.

    1. Rader says:

      Got the name, Shaman of Transcendence.

  5. sandwitch says:

    i guess my request finally got approved lol thank you for the update

  6. Padre damaso says:

    Yo mc you living life I’m easy mode, why you so mad bro, like it appears that your sis did that to give you a better life in disguise you know?

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      Well, that kind of story ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. If there ain’t obstacles to overcome, the story’s like totally lacking in tension, which makes it hella predictable and boring. Some peeps might not vibe with a main character who’s not going through struggles like them. Honestly I also find hard to really feel connected to a MC like that.

  7. LuxX says:

    This is a well made academy novel. It’s interesting.

  8. Su 183 says:

    Fun and light
    No annoying characters
    No extreme bullshxt

    Give it a chance
    Definitely NOT poison

  9. Zzz says:

    Mc basically survives with plot armor
    He uses everything he can but his skills are garbage if not for plot armor he would literally be dead day1
    Even his item skill is better than his garbage class skills
    I will read a bit more in hope of his new skills might be better

  10. Now this is hard, even tho i like academy, and harem. Based on what others talked about the development of plot in 20s chapter. I am not sure if i should read it or not. Seems like i developed a fear for the poison huh. After all, there are just too many poisoned academy novels here which were good at start and became same genric story as all others later on.

  11. Overseer says:

    i read until the latest chapter and it is to my liking. Eileen being obsessed a lil bit too fast tho.

  12. says:

    It’s pretty good definitely not poison

  13. Veldra says:

    So I am at chapter 31

    So far it good. Instead of the actually use of his class MC uses his game knowledge as that.

    So far the characters are good and the mc is fine . He tries his best and uses his useless skills ina creative well and he relies on his leading skills.

    I person like the relationship between the mc and the character. The obsession of females is actually incredibly tolerable as it not yandere level and they actually grow and change.

    I think so far it pretty good for an academy novel. The most surprising thing is that the academy student aren’t brain dead guys and actually trust what they see from the MC. Despite his class being trash after he proved himself they actually learn to trust him and not underestimate him which is refreshing heck that includes nobles.

  14. Des says:

    Read up to chapter 36.

    I can say that it starts good but it goes average/below average around 20ish.

    MC despise Fortune Telling cuz a scammer led his parents to suicide. But he is forced to be one cuz that’s his Job.

    He uses his skill that just create tarot cards and tries to bluff his way out of situation using game knowledge.

    Why I said it became bad? It seems he lost credibility as a fortune teller in mid 20ish ch.
    But heroine ofc are blind because of love/interest towards MC.

    Even a heroine who has the trait of being overly suspicious doesn’t suspect?? Like bro? That’s your whole purpose.

  15. Dyna says:

    It’s pretty good, little bit of poison but overall a solid read. 7.5/10


    If you want to get transmigrated just write a paragraph long insult to Noble

  17. Wow says:

    If you don’t die you will have to return so that’s not that bad

  18. Wow says:

    I mean if you are already suffer might as well end yourself so your sister fell guilty?

  19. Insufferable says:

    If I were to transmigrate I would straight up just beat anyone I see for the next half hour. And after that regret it. My insufferable personality and ego will have me absolutely without any respect for strobg people so I’d probably die immediately too.

  20. Sephir says:

    nah i would rethink about my life if this happened, it literally shatters our worlds logic and i’ll be asking the question am i real

  21. Actually, it looks quite intriguing because the forces of “fortune-telling” can be represented in a rather unusual form, thus creating very atypical situations that can be either super interesting or super boring. I need a fortune-teller who will tell me if this book is fortune to me.

  22. milky violet says:

    Anger is very justifiable. If I were transmigrated into some piss magic medieval fantasy with an academy that magically has modern luxuries but requires the most skilled talented talents to get accepted in that I don’t have probably, I’d probably be pissed because I will suffer in the disgusting pig bath known as medieval worlds. Unless the bastard who transmigrated me gave me the the free golden ticket of academy entrance, which I will still be mad because I have to save the world or watch it be destroyed to a point because I’m too craven to get involved in the story and forgo my advantage in future knowing.

  23. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Wouldn’t destroy my room though that’s for sure.

  24. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    For example if my younger brother is the one who did that to me, “Why?! Why me?! What on earth did you do this time!!! Whatever it is just leave me out of it! Send me back!”, is one of the things I could imagine shouting if that happens to me.

  25. Pedroeduar says:

    Bored Novel

  26. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    @Sephir There are many ways for someone to express their emotion, I know a few people that lash out in anger when they felt fear. Anger is as valid of an emotion as sadness or denial in a sudden situation like this. Maybe anger won’t be fitting if the culprit is unknown or some all-powerful deity too dangerus to anger. But here, in the first chapter it specifically said ‘the development team’ did it, which he knows his younger sister is in, in his mind the conclusion is, this is all his sister’s fault. Sure, if his sister and co manage to do something like that they maybe too dangerous to just insult but if the one who gives you misfortune is someone you know sometimes you can’t help but to express anger in the heat of the moment, especially the fact that it is your family member is the one who did it. Though I have to admit destroying his room is too much.
    Basically, while destroying his room specifically does show he is a bit unstable, just the act of expressing anger itself is an understandable reaction.

  27. Zreomurderer says:

    Finally the fortuneteller entered the academy

  28. D1Grandmaster says:

    Man what’s up with all these mid asss novels with only 8.8 ratings, I really need those 9+ rating gold asap

  29. Sephir says:

    man is isekaied and his reaction is anger?? does he have some missing screws, instead of being scared or being in denial he lashes out anger like a thunderstorm, can’t follow a mc who’s unstable with his emotions in the first chapter

  30. Overseer says:

    i just saw this novel yesterday in novelpia and thought, man i wanna read this novel. Ty noble for hearing my wish.

  31. Zzz says:

    Looks juicy wish there was regret too man
    It is a love hate relationship regret is main ingredient for poison but at the same time makes you float

  32. Nightune says:

    A new role in academy is appearing

  33. Yorghuul says:

    First, I hope it’s good, also when do I get transported in a novel world too?

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