I Became an Immoral Child in the Game
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I Became an Immoral Child in the Game

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정판 속 패륜아가 되었다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became an Immoral Child in the Game

That’s good.

The problem is that the place where I was reincarnated is in an authentic fantasy where I didn’t read everything and pre-selected fashion.
As soon as the novel started, he was reincarnated as a filthy bastard.

“Fuck, most of the selection lists were from Munchkin’s mass market, so why did I reincarnate into the final edition!”

It’s unfair and I don’t think so.

I have only one goal.
Surviving by turning this authentic fantasy into a trashy mass market.
I don’t know who sent me here, but watch carefully.
How this novel is smashed.

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  1. Tabibito says:

    Is good. There are no sistem or status window.

  2. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Yeah the story is really good, I’m a bit resentful. All the good stories only get 50 or 60 chapters translated while the garbage fires get 150 translated then they get abandoned.

  3. rob z rob z says:

    Comments above cover much of the story, but it’s your typical isekai novel where MC ends up in a noble family where the evil stepmom is trying to kill him because “reasons” – and his father is an a-hole who goes along with it for political reasons, sabotaging MC at every turn and trying to promote evil stepmom’s son to the head of the family and banish / kill MC. MC tries to take advantage of his knowledge of the world and improve himself to the point where others cannot mess with him.

    It’s OK, but no romance so far, too much wuxia dantian BS, and chapter 49 sucked. But not poison and may be worth your time for a read.

  4. Rader says:

    And the Woman in the image is indeed the Fire Goddess. MC likes her and want to get her body fast in a deal where he can rub her boobs if he gets her body early, of course she burned his soul but he keep on making these remarks. He is also a pervert and made Saint a trap or Femboy with maid clothes and fake boobs.

  5. Rader says:

    Good story. Read all 50 chapters, now want only more.

    Best thing about it is the MC. MC got reincarnated as a Mid Boss in a fantasy novel. Mid boss is similar to the Wraths in Lord of the Rings, the corrupted bearers of the Rings of Power. He got betrayed by his family and exiled from the continent, then he seeked Demon Lord and asked for power to take revenge and he did so. He destroyed the Family and Empire before being killed off by the Saint, original Hero of the Story.

    Now our MC remembered his past and have only one thing on his mind. To get as powerful as he can get and then live in isolation with his wives, yeah he does not seem to be against Harems here. But the thing is that his fate is strange. His mother was blessed by mana and was cursed because of it. She died while giving him birth and this special blessing actually is quite strange for MC. In Orginal setting he was able to absorb the Power of Demon King. And in this Story he was able to absorb the Power of Fire Goddess. So it’s very likely that even if he doesn’t want to fight much beyond ensuring his survival things will revolve around him.

  6. tian says:

    I’ve read 8 chapters and I’m liking it… and looking at the cover, it looks like the god that helps the mc is a girl

  7. says:

    Huh noble hasn’t released a harem novel after 5 novels now huh surprising well hope noble post more yandere novels🍷🗿.

  8. Is it interesting?

  9. MC is the eldest son, his unfavored mother is of imperial lineage (royal clan). MC’s father doesn’t want his successor to be of imperial lineage because it will create administrative and political problems, so he is encouraging attempts to get MC killed.

  10. Putu says:

    Mc is someone who wants to live in peace somewhere by eating beautiful women every day. His family wanted to kill him since childhood, But I don’t know why they tried to kill him when he was the eldest son, it was explained that his younger brother was a very talented person, maybe this is the reason they tried to kill mc. But mc was often abused as a child (mentioned that it was when he was 5 years old), Then what talent did Mc’ younger brother show when he was less than 4 years old, I don’t understand, was Mc an illegitimate child? Or is there another reason?

    When the mc frees the sealed god who will later become part of the power of the “novel mc”, the god asks about his family circumstances, but that is not explained to the reader.

    Someone please find out if its a plot hole or not

  11. Hehe says:

    Ugh.. where harem ?!! Wtf .
    No harem

  12. MC was a hipster who preferred traditional medieval fantasy (eg. Lord of the Rings) over mass produced Cheat MC webnovels. You know, high level writing and vocabulary, classic character development, no cheats to destroy story progression, classic tragedy build-up… Then he gets reincarnated into a traditional medieval fantasy novel he read, as a character who isn’t a hero and is set for a classical tragic ending – poor guy lmao.

  13. Putu says:

    Wish me luck

  14. RealEason says:

    no chap yet… guess im too early

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