I Picked Up the Abandoned Hero
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I Picked Up the Abandoned Hero

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버림받은 용사를 주웠다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Picked Up the Abandoned Hero

Five years after the demon king was subjugated by the hero.

One day, The hero suddenly came to visit me, who was an executive in the demon king’s army.

Even without a holy sword, she became a wreck.

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  1. Quite refreshing!!
    Please update!!!!!!!!!🥺

  2. It’s pretty gud but fl gets pretty annoying sometimes, but I digress, since she is the hero after all.

  3. Yuki says:

    @Bocchan join discord and ask for a request there if you want this novel to be uploaded

  4. Yuki says:

    Rough synopsis
    This is a kind of vanilla story with mystery in it. The male lead (ML) is half demon, half human. He is the errand boy demon king and is considered a traitor for allowing the heroes party to enter the castle and kill the demon king. The female lead (FML) is a hero, and during a party, after killing a demon king, his holy sword unknowingly kills both her party, the knights, and the king. She was considered a traitor, and he became a wanted man. He suffered from a curse that suddenly appeared. Five years later, he met ML again. For five years, ML lived alone and lonely in Demon King Castle. ML tries to help FML and falls in love with FML. Can ML save FML from the curse? Is it true that FML killed her party member, or is someone controlling her? Who gave the curse to the FML? Can ML and FML have a happy ending?

  5. volt zone volt zone says:

    Sincerely refreshing, its a dark fantasy but mc and FML are quite fun to follow. Things get worse after killing the demon King, story has some nice elements that give it nuance.

  6. Shadow says:

    It’s decent, not poison atleast, hard for me to judge since I don’t read romance mtls. But at least it isn’t cliche and is quite unique, and the MC is quite fun. The characters have depth and there is some logic and common sense unlike the usual ones.

  7. Bocchan says:

    Pls admins, moderators translate ‘ Became the Son of the Final Boss (최종 보스의 아들이 되었다)’

  8. Caïssa says:

    Oh romance & pure love quite refreshing

  9. DarkOpera says:

    The FMC in the cover look similiar to the Heroine in lazy confucius novel cover

  10. Wikka says:

    Is this like the reversal role of the trope MC being betrayed hero and saved by love interest?

    Sounds interesting……

  11. Sephir says:

    I remember seeing that thumbnails somewhere on noble idk where tho

  12. Poison Tester says:

    Pure love in dark fantasy, I hope it will be good.

    Btw, I miss breeding uncle.. Hope noble update it

  13. Sephir says:

    Noble schedules are becoming strange

  14. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Pure love, baby!!

  15. wow just read 4 chapter and i see human are very human with lie , plot , betrayal , … pretty good

  16. Luckyzero says:

    And now I shall I take the first

  17. Bruhh says:

    Oof! To fast

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