I Will Fold It Up
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I Will Fold It Up

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꼬우니 접을게
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Will Fold It Up

I played a newly released mobile game.

However, it smelled like garbage, and the community seemed to have failed, so I cleanly quit…

When I returned, it turned out to be a game with a very high degree of freedom.

The response when touching body was exceptionally different.

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  1. Trashtaste says:

    This would be so much better if the game character is a female not some ts bs

  2. Mitama-sama Approved This👌

  3. Poison tester says:

    As human … I lost my faith in humanity.

    Review: I think only pervert can resist and enjoy this book

  4. Bocchan says:

    Ts Heroine = gay
    Nahhhhh lmao 💀💀💀

  5. This novel is fun after chapter 15
    Please update☺☺

  6. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    What a perverted thrill. Please update lol

  7. Insufferable says:


    I did not like men to devils..

    In the novel, the protagonist can interact with the heroine via touch and voice.

    He at first thinks its just a realistic game and he thinks that roleplaying as a devil to her will give him the justification to keep touching her and satisfy himself. Note that the protagonist still believes this is a game. He is a decent man but seems perverted because he thinks he’s just playing a mobile game.

    As for why its related to for men tag is because men themselves will kind of understand his perspective and decisions. Not that all men do it. Kinda like how men would understand if another man will accept a trap just as long as they look female enough but they themselves will not feel that way towards a trap.

    Im very apologetic if I came across as something else with the context I provided. I myself do not like this novel and I just tried to be as objective as possible with my overview. I do not personally think any way of what I put there but just gave them out generally. In fact I have dropped this novel by chapter 5.

  8. @Insufferable what kind of logic is that saying men are all related to a being similar to a devil in disguise? That’s outright unhinged and twisted if you take a look back at what you are implying whether by unintentionally or intentionally. You know it yourself that MC is a big pervert and a molester, but are you also implying that those two characteristics are somehow related to… ‘For men’ tag? That rubs me in the wrong way….

  9. pink hair slayer says:

    am i a man? hell man must read cause this is for men

  10. RealEason says:

    ain’t no way bro 🗿🗿

  11. Reafan says:

    Even if i going to Down right here, you to shall come with me, lets read this!

  12. Sephir says:

    I readed 2 chapters.
    My brain ended up frying.

  13. Insufferable says:

    For men because it explored the mindset of a man while playing an adult or pseudo adult game.

    You can relate to it and feel like it makes sense. For example when he quit the game after he found out that his designated character is a male. And rejoicing when he found out he can touch the gender bent character and choosing to act like a devil rather than a good god to her so he has justification to keep touching her and enjoy the “game” like a man.

    So it has that tag.

    Im not that far in so there could also be some r19 stuff here I’m not sure yet.

  14. Yuki says:

    @kk77 This mean, if you’re not reading this, then you’re not a man, hhhh

  15. kk77 says:

    what a dangerous novel ^_^;;

    no but are we really gonna gloss over the ‘for men’ tag?? WTF does it mean im terrified halp!!
    i need an explanation or else i dunno if i can slep tonite ;-;

  16. Insufferable says:

    And mc is insufferable and perverted. I can read shameless protagonist but perverted protagonist is my bottom line

  17. Insufferable says:

    And the heroine is the designated character he has to take care of. It’s originally male that looks like a tomboy trap, he mistook it for a female but left the game after finding out it’s male.

    So the goddess allowed him to Gender Bend the character just to make him come back to the game.

    He is th only one who can play it but the goddess made it look like a normal game by using ai to generate ads and make a fake forum only he can access and put different fake members there.

  18. Suherman Joshua says:

    MC is molester and likes to grope Heroine’s body which was previously a boy. I thought it was a hentai story, because the MC was fingering through the game screen. So MC does not enter another world and the TS heroine thinks he is a god and accepts as MC as his owner.

  19. Insufferable says:

    And the heroine is the designated character he has to take care of. It’s originally male that looks like a tomboy trap, he mistook it for a female but left the game after finding out it’s male.

    So the goddess allowed him to Gender Bend the character just to make him come back to the game.

  20. Insufferable says:

    I dropped… not that I hate it but that I don’t particularly like the “protagonist interfering on another world through mobile game” trope.

  21. Sebastian says:

    Girl love or pure love I want answer!!!!

  22. Blanc says:

    I am going read this master piece with men power 🦾

  23. Guidelines says:

    For men 🤌

  24. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    The novels are getting weirder this days, what on earth is this? The tags made a dangerous unknown combination of ‘ts heroine’ and ‘for men’

  25. I’ll pass on this one thank you very much

  26. Padre damaso says:

    What did he fold the weiner? THE WEINER?!

  27. IwantemBed says:

    Sometimes it takes a real man to become the best girl

    Erhm erhm

    Sometimes itakes a man to be the best girl

    Erhm erhm not this too?

    Sometimes it takes a man to be a girl

    Erhm erhm a lil more?

    Don’t be a man be a girl

    Perfection 🤌

  28. Insufferable says:

    I’ll go in I’m bored.

    I’m reading Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and I feel like my IQs gone up. Might as well read something stupid to knock it down a notch.

  29. Yusun says:

    Ts heroine=trans heroine

  30. Byul Yi says:

    Weird tags, I might say. Ones that doesn’t give off pleasant vibes, foo.

  31. Just the tage ‘For men’ is giving me very creepy vibes…

  32. Insufferable says:

    TS heroine?! What is this? It’s making me nervous…

    For men? Well… sounds dangerous.

  33. Big Blackclock says:

    For men?? What? Ts heroine? Poison testers, good luck!

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