Miss Holmes, the Professor Is Not a Villain
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Miss Holmes, the Professor Is Not a Villain

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홈즈 양, 교수님은 악당이 아니에요
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Miss Holmes, the Professor Is Not a Villain

You say it’s a lie?

It’s a detective’s job to uncover that.

I took on Sherlock Holmes as my disciple, though she’s but a girl.

Miss Holmes is obsessed with me, saying I am a criminal.

ps: mtl change at chap 50 this time

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    also WHITE hair spotted, novel approved

    1. Sephir says:

      Milky goes by another nickname now, he shed his skin’s and embraced his true self
      Fly high and never come back

      1. BLASPHEMY how could i dare to impersonate the great, almighty, reverend milky

  2. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Good novel with a nice MC that gets his deserved wholesome end. A cricket team consists of 11 players.

  3. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    dropped : i dont read novels to be sad

  4. amogustimestwo says:

    lol chapter 166 doesn’t let you go a chapter back, only forward

    1. kono dioda kono dioda says:

      there is no going back

  5. finally finished it… thank you to whoever requested for an update

  6. Read up to ch 50:
    Usually, I only don’t read a full batch of chapters from a novel if I dislike it but this time, it’s because this novel is too sad for me personally. This is an alternate world where professor Moriarty is a bored and disillusioned 25 year male genius while Holmes is still a happy young female genius (like around 14). The story starts light and cute, all from the perspective of Moriarty. He’s a genius and he’s bored until he ends up tutoring a genius little girl named Holmes. He find joy in giving her puzzles and loves spending time with her. At the beginning of the story, they’re both the light in their lives as the only people smart enough to understand each other. It’s cute, it’s great and it’s so sad where the story decides to go after this prologue. This story gets real dark after this beautifully picturesque opening and if you’re interested in seeing a dark story, I recommend you stop reading my review and just try it.

    If you’re still here, then the story continues when Moriarty’s tutoring contract is close to ending. He doesn’t want to stop tutoring Holmes and he sees her loving parents as obstacles since they personally want her to be just a simple noble lady. The actions he does afterwards are unforgivable, even for any reason. He chooses to make Holmes father shoot his own wife and then proceed to kill himself after. He does this by spreading rumors that his wife is cheating on him, taking advantage of the father’s alcoholic tendencies and loading the father’s gun. Afterwards, he just waits for the people to do what he wants.

    This is who Moriarty really is, a monster. This MC torments a small girl who admired and has a crush on him by making her loving parents die. He makes her hate him so that’s she’d continue to solve the puzzles he makes as they both grow older. His life is so full of boredom that he decided to monopolize and break a little girl to make sure the only light in his life will always be his.

    This premise is great, interesting and definetely emotional. It made me impressed and shocked to see that this is a serious novel with a new take on the Sherlock Holmes parody trend Koreans have nowadays. I love it’s idea, I just don’t read web novels to be sad. If this sounds like your cup of tea, I highly recommend it. For me personally, I’ll stick with the gag novels.

  7. RealEason says:

    let’s go an update

  8. We finally get basement ending, don’t know how i suppose to feel tho.
    Insane people attract other insane I guess

  9. Usually, I really love sweets. I always put a lot of sugar in my coffee and eat at least one chocolate bar every day. However, if I eat something bitter or sour and then try to eat a fairly sweet jelly, it will be very difficult for me to eat it because it will seem too sweet – even though I usually enjoy eating it. This book creates the same impression on me as that sweet jelly that I decided to eat after something very bitter. I was not prepared for the fact that after all these liquid, superficial emotions and ideas in the chapters, I would start reading this book. It is a wild mixture of values, feelings, and thoughts, with their meanings concentrated and not diluted by a drop, which leaves a strong aftertaste. Perhaps I need to prepare myself mentally a little before reading this entire book in one go.

    I stop at 18 chapter and would take a break for a while, then return to this book.

    1. In my opinion, this is the best book I have ever read on this website. I cannot say that it will definitely “appeal” to those who decide to read it, but the fact that it has struck a chord with me so deeply, I had to mention it. I hope to someday see all its chapters here.

  10. Bocchan says:

    Maybe obsession tag like bruh what’s that supposed to mean lol

  11. Rafael says:

    Any spoilers for the ending and if there is romance?

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      Barely, it’s pretty much just obsession. Also the MC never loves anyone.

  12. I’ve only read like 30 chapters of this but I do hope that this is going to have a bad ending where the Mc ends up losing to the Heroine and she locks him up and tortures him to her desires because the Mc is actually a very cruel villain and an ending similar to Death Note would be very cool

    1. Cero says:

      The novel ends just as you described It bro .

      1. Uh oh I sincerely appreciate the spoiler because that genuinely made me want to finish reading the rest of the chapters instead of saving it for tomorrow but others may not appreciate it but I don’t think I can delete the comment so…

        1. Cero says:

          Not only the heroine, the other two also do their thing 😶.

          1. Cero says:

            Not everyone likes this type of ending, at least I prefer the MC to reign over everyone when he is the villain.

    2. Your desires are leaking out.

      1. 0…0 says:

        Noble hasn’t Mtl all the chapters of this novel, yet

  13. honestly… i like it. i cant say why though… maybe I just like the whole detective and mind games thing

  14. Eshya says:

    Sorry, i cant imagine RDJ as a girl. With that reason , i will pass. Good luck all

  15. amogustimestwo says:

    Who’s Sherlock in the cover? The one on the right or middle?

    1. I’m assuming that the white haired girl in the middle is Jane Watson because she’s a gambling addict while the girl on the right is Sherlock Holmes because she always wear detective clothes

  16. milky violet says:

    This novel is reading out like a proper dignified Shakespearean work instead of a web novel. Ngl I do not like it, it reminds me of the horrors of reading proper Shakespearean works… like jomeo and ruliet, the other ones that I can’t remember.

    1. milky violet says:

      Oh god, my brains been corrupted my the consumption of mtl novels!!! NOOOOOO!

  17. Lucarik ~ Lucarik ~ says:

    Does MC really kill Sherlock’s family? After Novel’s Extra I can’t read love hate drama anymore

    1. Poison Tester says:

      Yeah, he killed them. The worst part was Mc manipulated Sherlock to helped him killed her parents.

      1. Why? I read till chapter 4 but he didn’t seem like he want to kill anyone

  18. I read some of this before, Villain mc , heroine kinda crazy ,why is she obsessed(sexual) with someone who kill her family?

  19. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Sherlock Holmes ❎
    Miss Holmes ✅

  20. Poison Tester says:

    I smell Basement.. Well, I’m in

  21. Cero says:

    Another mc teache 😵

  22. Night Hound says:


  23. Insufferable says:

    If I don’t see this Girl Holmes snorkling coca*ne then I’ll be massively, monumentally, tremendously disappointed.

    1. Feng says:

      Canon stuff

    2. its real the author actually made her a coke addict lmaooo

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