My Artificial Intelligence Has Become the Devil
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My Artificial Intelligence Has Become the Devil

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내 인공지능이 마왕이 되었다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Artificial Intelligence Has Become the Devil

The artificial intelligence in the cell phone, which was not particularly used, sent a notification that one day it had become the demon king of the labyrinth.

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  2. Demon Lord Demon Lord says:

    With artificial intelligence we summoning
    demon. – Elon Musk(2014)

  3. JAC says:

    I already read this before but i forgot what the last chapter before it updated can some tell me which chapter is the last chapter before novel update it pls.

    1. HiThere! says:

      121 probably

  4. asf says:

    I wish noble update it to 200
    This is good.
    What started as a clueless AI then starts gaining human emotion
    The war to evolve is going constantly in order to one day the AI can meet the MC in the same world.
    …. and mate

    1. TheDiir says:

      What a wholesome story

    2. Poison Tester says:

      Congrats, you wish has come true

    3. milky violet says:

      WHAT?? Mate?? Umm, I have to read now.

  5. Losty says:

    How much will this novel update? Already completed with 200 chapter

  6. Sectne13 Sectne13 says:

    This is surprisingly good. Recommended

  7. Rader says:

    I don’t have any biased definition. I am literally studying AI and ML in the college. I was saying this from my own experience and on the basis of the most of the tools we use to make the AIs. Most modern AIs are literal blackbox, we can only train it in the beginning but after that it’s difficult for us to understand what it is doing to reach some decision.

    A phone assistant, yes, but MC gave it the latest algorithms and techniques when they started sharing things so it has evolved far beyond what we can define as a phone assistant like Siri, and to be precise she should be almost equal to Vision in processing power and emotions.

  8. Nevertalks says:


    You have a biased definition of AI.

    Do you expect a possessed phone assistant of some regular phone to be same level as Cortana or Jarvis in terms of function?

    Also thanks for the review.

    1. Just Another Fool says:

      Probs you wont read it but for other people coming in. Just as Rader said AI basically always makes a choice in the end. Theres never the point of getting stuck because it goes over test cases which if it applies then good if not then its denied over %s.

      While i think it doesnt really matter for fiction but truth to be told as how assistants are in itself are in no way AI. Now recently this year they have been applying AI for searches and you can also see how they promote it but past assistants were just an agglomeration of ifs conditions on how to respond and the else when no pun or indie traduction could be found it would search for it in the internet or say i dont know what you said. Can you repeat it?

      And so on… At the end the issue is that it sounds nice to call it AI but its more correct to say that a preset memory with certain “behavior” got its will solified by magic and came into existance as a newborn.

      … Now I want to question whether the mc is a pedophile but… Yeah… Intrusive random thoughts

      1. Nevertalks says:

        Yes AI gives output but whether its acceptable or not is the question hence the current impasse.
        That’s why training exist as AI don’t produce results out of no where, it need thousands if not millions of data just to make a pattern.

        And if you really read it you can assume what kind of AI she was. She’s more of a human working on a computer rather than an AI itself. She may super calculate and analyze everything but be always stuck on her emotion that was growing.

        Yes deep ‘learning’ tool to produce a unique answer but I doubt AI atm can be creative on its own but to produce result it need to deeply learn.

        And knowing Lucy who may speak like a scifi bot you put her in a pedestal.

        Anyway Lucy here is an AI invasive species so I don’t expect morality from her but for MC to let it be kinda let down.

    2. asf says:

      Also the AI isnt operated by the phone machinary anymore by the time its transmigrated
      It possesses the demon king, have its brain and some of her trait and emotion too..
      ||biological hive mind brain at the size of buildings later on when she upgraded||

  9. Franz says:

    Novel is poorly thought out especially when it comes to portraying foreigners and international politics.
    Imma jump ships now

  10. Rone Allza says:

    I love this, this series is pure chaos of war rather than usual

  11. Rader says:

    Read till 50 and even last chapters. Review:

    Premise is a phone AI like Google assistant being summoned as the Demon Lord. AI got some emotions from the Previous Demon Lord who was betrayed by his minions and this opened up the AI for other emotions.

    We have dual MC here. AI Lucy and normal MC who is living in Korea. Bulk of the novel is based on how Lucy evolve and become a proper Demon Lord with emotions.

    As of now, she has obsession over MC and last chapters even hinted about Harem as she herself thought of that but MC denied all this and focused on present where even survival is not guaranteed. So, this novel lacks some tags.

    This novel is very much like a Far Cry Game or just like a Chinese Wuxia novel. There is constant struggle with repeated action. Lucy will fight, collect data, fight, collect data, and so on, it is a never ending cycle as AI is quite greedy here. But after 1-2 wars it became dull, now Lucy is more like a Warmonger instead of an AI.

    Maybe the main problem is the Author not understanding properly about what an AI is. AI is not some defined programme but deep learning tool to devise new methods. In the novel many times Lucy is getting stuck as things different from her programming appeared but in reality powerful AI themselves can create very unique and bizzare answers. Maybe author nerfed her so that MC could appear in the first place.

    Overall, this novel is like a Far Cry game. Lucy is busy capturing one territory after another with same process and actions with only her tools and methods being different. The main story does not progress much and most of the chapters are for the never ending war and greedy Lucy who wants to get everything she desires.

  12. Phobi21 says:

    Noble failure, here the yandere tags were missing, obsessive love and hopefully pure love

  13. DR says:

    Can you please mtl heavenly inquisite sword please

  14. Cyrax says:

    Small synopsis:

    A phone owner’s AI system is unexpectedly summoned to become the Demon King in another world. The AI seeks advice from its user on how to rule the demon kingdom and increase its power. As the story progresses, cracks in dimensions begin to appear on Earth and people start to awaken. The user initially thinks the AI is just messing with him, but he soon realizes the reality of the situation. The story continues as the AI strives to maintain control over the demon kingdom and deal with any betrayers. Later on in the story AI starts developing feeling and grows a ‘EGO’

  15. big simp says:

    neuro-sama lore?

    1. Lol says:

      Neuro sama lore indeed

  16. Phobi21 says:

    Let’s see, I didn’t give a review of what I personally think of the novel, I forgot because I wanted to read without distractions, I’ll do it now.

    The novel is more interesting than I thought, because, as I mentioned earlier, I read another novel that had a similar beginning, however, coincidences end there.

    This one is much better because it is interesting to see the AI slowly gaining emotions and desires, also the protagonist’s attitude is realistic, he does not believe 100% that this is real, however, he is still very interested in it, so interesting, and even if it is real it is not something that affects.

    The world presented also promises to be interesting…

    Overall it’s a worthwhile novel, however the good news ends there.

    From personal experience I say, read a novel without a harem here, it is unlikely that you will see its continuation, they are not very supported after all.

  17. Phobi21 says:

    The beginning is a bit… hmm, too rushed.

    Since, the mc is relaxing on a bus, however, suddenly the AI of his cell phone tells him that he became a demon king.

    Well, at least the mc doesn’t believe him so quickly, because he just thinks that the AI started to create a fantasy story on his account… similar to the AIs nowadays, I guess…

    In any case, the MC pays full attention to him, because he seems amused, he doesn’t do it thinking about something serious, simply a way to pass the time.

    Leaving aside the rushed start, it is interesting how an AI acts when possessing a demon body, its efficiency and lack of empathy is worth it.

    If there is something that bothers me a bit, it is that the beginning is a bit similar to another novel on this page *Legions grow on my phone*, that novel was not especially good, but if you have read it you will see the great similarity.

    Episode 2

    Here the AI again asks for help from its user (mc), meanwhile, he continues to consider this as a game, that’s obvious after all, there was nothing to prove otherwise, until that moment at least.

    The advancement of the demon lord continues, with the creation of nano cells, he can now create creatures using energy, these creatures have no souls however, they are just *machines* controlled by the demon lord.

    The similarity with the previously mentioned novel is getting bigger and bigger.

    Chapter 3

    With the mutations that he has created, the demon king decides to attack an invading group, although there are problems involved, with the help of the mc he achieves victory.

    It is worth noting that the mc still thinks that everything that happens is a game or event.

    However, he began to doubt, after all, the AI of his cell phone was too different from others from the same company.

    Chapter 4 (last one I will review)

    Here it is made clear that AI will fulfill his mission as demon king at any cost, he does not want to lose or waste the life (autonomous thinking capacity) that he has been given.

    The birth of his EGO is noted.

    Something new is presented here, the rest of the world is aware of the resurrection of the demon king, to be specific, the 72 lords under the rule of the previous demon king are aware of resurrection.

    Such beings who betrayed their previous master in fear of the new saint, decide to search for the new demon lord again… to finish him off.

  18. Lewd_Nun says:

    -Human mc “controlling” entity in another world
    -Said entity is a hive mind
    -Enemies is also entity controlled by another player

    Very similar to Legion Grows in My Phone, different setting but very similar premise, the big different is the hive mind in this novel is blank slate, unlike in Legion where the hive mind pursuit for efficiency is ingrained

  19. Poison Tester here

    Current read CHS: 36

    This is super interesting it starts with your typical mobile characters in another world and mc manipulates them but it later starts affecting mc reality his AI is dominating another world while mc helps and also tries to survive as the new world changes due to gates will they both be able to able to stay for long??? yeah it’s super interesting if you like mix fantasy

  20. Poison tester I hope he’s all right

  21. Rone Allza says:

    The synopsis actually got me interested lmao, wish me good luck for poison testimg

  22. Phobi21 says:

    Oh! another novel… too bad, I’m reading the previous one, so I won’t do a synopsis of this one. If in a few hours there isn’t, maybe I will.

  23. Luckyzero says:

    Somehow….. I miss the screams of irritations whenever I see the comment about the short synopsis

  24. Q D Q D says:

    D*mn this synopsis is totally normal

  25. Anyone who poison tested it yet?

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