Returner of the Colosseum
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Returner of the Colosseum

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콜로세움의 회귀자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Returner of the Colosseum

Ahn Woo-jin, who has risen to the upper league of the Colosseum as a blind man.
Then he goes back to the day he first entered the Colosseum.
To the day when both eyes were seen again.

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  1. Tsalv says:

    when does this get updated?

  2. Mr.potatoooo says:

    Update pls

  3. WTSBW says:

    It’s great
    good worldbuilding its slow but you start learning more and more without exposition
    interesting mysteries MC actually questions the world around him and slowly unravels mysteries
    great strength progression
    realistic game skills that seem fairly well balanced
    Mc is not all-knowing he makes mistakes and has things he doesn’t know without it seeming forced
    the butterfly effect is also shown instead of only being talked about
    skills that have a time effect sometimes get disabled during fights instead of stretched as in lesser stories
    his enemies actually die sometimes it requires two tries but they do end up dead instead of bulshit powerups

    MC is very emotionally unavailable which means most side characters are treated only as tools I mean it’s realistic but I would be quite interested in seeing some more character development on the emotional side

    there is very little explanation and description for most enemies’ skills which means a lot of enemies’ skills being mentioned only fill up the word count with their names

    the training method is inconsistent he uses cursed items to reduce his stats because that would mean you get increased stat growth but except that for no apparent reason doesn’t work anymore once stats hit 80

  4. Koko says:

    This is actually a very good novel (at least for me). I’m getting the same vibes as Damn System

  5. And fights are pretty lit . Also the ciderpath development is pretty good

  6. Caliber says:

    I will give it 7/10,

    Story is fine, if you ignore the blatant ‘Coincidence’ or Plot Armor. Eventhough this is a survival novel, it doesn’t feel like it. It feels too easy because of same excuse of ‘ regression’.

  7. It’s not poison. It has a lot of true regression vibes( by true regression i mean mc returns and conquers it all instead of living a laid-back life). People fight i a colosseum which brings players(humans) from all dimensions such a murim, earth, etc.

  8. Finished upto chapter 95. Spoilers. MC was blind because he gave up the most valuable thing he had at the time to gain power to go to highest rank which is the transcendent rank. He gave up his eyes to the king which I think it the most strongest god because he can change time and even affect the system. But he still dies to a girl with a fan. So he makes a deal with the king again but this time with his soul. So king makes him go back in time and at that time he wasnt blind because he never met king when he first arrived. It is shown that he met king by luck while he was in the lowest rank. So he goes back but in a different farm where they treat summons as dummy. But since he came from the future he still kept his skills but not stats so he killed them all alone. Then he got sold to another farm. He was alone in that farm but as he fight more and grows more he gets more popular and become rich. And i think future he knows will change a lot. This is actually good novel feels like sss sucide hunter and like pick me up or ranker who lives a second time.
    It actually makes you wonder when is he going to lose. I give this 9/10.

  9. KaltWieEis says:

    Noble, can you please upload chapters of Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy? Thanks

  10. Ramzi says:

    Tired of the blind, I will wait for the “return of the impotent” I think there will definitely not be a harem

  11. Q D Q D says:

    So the trend is blind MC?

  12. This is like pick me up novel and manhwa. Its actually good

  13. Shadow says:

    From the description before regression he was blind, but now he isn’t because he didn’t lose them in a fight yet (and wont).

  14. Wait so is he blind or not?

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