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SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

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SSS급 메카닉 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

In a world where all the military equipment from modern times has disappeared, Tae-jeong discovers the awakening stone during a time of crisis. [You have succeeded in awakening as a mechanic class.] “What the hell is this weird job?” The era of playing around with swords and magic is over. Now this floor belongs to the mechanics.

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  1. Franz says:

    Ok second chapter in and it’s crap
    For some “mysterious” reason people simply can’t make guns.

    Note that the Mysterious part as the author simply couldn’t come up with a reason to explain guns don’t work anymore.

    Like I’ll buy that after a long time and after a great cataclysm that humanity has regressed but the author has forcefully say that over night guns simply doesn’t work anymore and even all the scientists in the world can’t recreate a simple gun.

    Reason? Doesn’t explain.

    This just proves that this novel as I have expected is poorly thought out.
    I’m jumping ship now

  2. Franz says:

    The first chapter and there’s already alarm bells ringing.
    First one is Earth (our or a close approximation of our earth) is destroyed. Humans with technology got so powerful that the gods suddenly decided to destroy all humans in it.

    Second alarm bell is the Earth god thought that the source of human success comes from the occupation called “Mechanic” so he made the game breaking cheat.
    There’s just so much wrong with that, that I can’t even begin to explain.
    If the first chapter has so much flawed logic the future chapters does look all that good, it makes me think the author is not suited to be writing this type of novels.

    I speak from experience, from the hundreds of Chinese novels with similar themes and concepts but ultimately failing.
    Readers be warned

  3. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    The poison is that strong? Thanks for your sacrifice, senior brother. May you get well soon.

  4. Chapter 31 is my limit I can’t go on any longer the poison is too strong

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