The Girl I Saved Came Back As An S-rank Hunter
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The Girl I Saved Came Back As An S-rank Hunter

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내가 구한 그녀가 S급 헌터로 돌아왔다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Girl I Saved Came Back As An S-rank Hunter

As soon as I became an S-class hunter, my childhood friend and lover suggested breaking up. Another S-class girl came to find me, who was hurt.

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  1. rob z rob z says:

    However, one more general comment that pisses me off to no end in thus type of novel (and happens in this novel in particular) is that the MC routinely gets misevaluated in rank, and as a result is treated like crap. This is a Japanese LN trope that has infected its way into Korean novels. For example, MC here is a D rank even after he recovers from being sabotaged, goes into a dungeon, kills an A rank boss that was bearing 2 female S ranks, and his ranking doesn’t change? WTF.

  2. rob z rob z says:

    Surprised at the negative comments. Sure, it’s a bit derivative – there are at least 3-4 novels on this site with some variation of MC is a hunter, has a GF / childhood friend, something bad happens that costs him abilities (usually treachery involved), MC struggles back, ends up with devoted / yandere GF, and ex-GF is full of regret. However, 50+ chapters in, I am enjoying it so far. It’s heavy with sticky, yandere (but PG) romance.

    If I had to sum up the negative comments, it would seem like folks just don’t like the lack of action – much of the novel (especially the beginning) is focused on the romance aspect between MC and FMC, without much of an overarching plotline. There is a clear issue of MC being sabotaged by someone FMC knows (which is how MC lost his mana abilities, and concomitantly his GF, in the 1st place), but the thread kinda gets dropped.

    But if you like yandere, obsession, pure love, and regret, with no harem or boring grinding arcs, it’s a fun read.

  3. GameOn says:

    @Hazery. What do you mean by creepy 🙄
    Isn’t that just a normal girl?

  4. MrPojsomnoj says:

    Okay I read 21 chapters, and it created hole in my memories with nothing in it, similar to trash japanese stories about “abandoned by hero party”. Maybe the hole is not that extensive, but novel really lack attention span and immersion.

  5. Hazery says:

    This series is full of forced drama that i start to lost interest midway, forced myself to finish it, eugh…

    Basically guy get rejected by former girl, but she dump him when he became weak, another new strong girl come and love mc, dumped former girl then regret it, and start trying to broke and ruin the relationship of her ex…

    Just kinda dislike it midway because almost all of drama was forced to the point i stopped caring, and it’s boring, sure lovey dovey with new girl are interesting early on, but when most chapter is filled like this up to chapter 60 on it’s getting boring quick, and training montage, eugh….

    Oh, and the guy above me is missing something, early on at chapter 3 or 4? We seen that the new girl is actually kinda creepy by installing webcam on MC old flat without his realization, and having shrine of mc filled with his photo of him in her room, it’s literally invasion of privacy that was just handwaved and never mentioned again, gross…

  6. This book is literally filled with NTR tropes. I mean, there is no actual NTR in it, but every time I see a trope like “the guy and girl stayed in someone else’s house, but in different rooms” or “after I confessed, we started seeing each other less often,” as well as phrases like “how does she know how to seduce men? It must be her natural talent,” my heart skips a beat. I repeat like a mantra – she is yandere, yanderes don’t cheat. This girl definitely isn’t doing anything behind his back. Trust the tags.

    If you, like me, are too sensitive to these kinds of details, it’s better not to try to read this and test your limit.

    And yeah, Lolicon, one day I surely make a visit to psychiatrist, but at that moment I will be ready to go to a mental hospital.

  7. Lolicon says:

    Friends, I hope you check yourself into a psychiatrist, I’m worried about those of you who like the Yandere + obsession + pure love genre

  8. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    It’s melodramatic and boring. Mc never gets revenge. He has had so many chances to get revenge but always wuzzez out. It’s annoying and stupid.

  9. MrPojsomnoj says:

    I’m more concerned, that considering it’s modern fantasy, it’s slice of life. S-ranks raised by me was a good novel but a bit boring… the best modern fantasy novel(I mean novel) was Kill the hero and Tomb Raider King. I want action(or techno magic) from hunter novels… Again it’s my thoughts about genre not this novel…

  10. bran says:

    Just letting newcomers know that the synopsis is wrong, it’s not him (MC) who becomes S-rank, but his ex.

  11. The girl who abondened Mc keeps returning and shown flirting between Mc and FL, regrets her choice of leaving Mc. Asks for forgiveness and etc

    So romcom type of regret?

  12. Are we talking about every chapter mentioning regret or every arc containing regret elements?

  13. It’s a 100% regret novels guys. Caution

  14. Poison Tester says:

    Obsession, Yandere, Pure Love? I’m go my friend!

  15. Insufferable says:

    Oh Lord… These types of novels make me nervous.

    Good thing there’s not a sign of regret in the genre list

  16. Finally, we got some yandere

  17. says:

    Yoooooo, YOOOOOOOOOOOO finally a pure love yandere novel and its slice of life too le’ts goooooooo, but anyway going to read it, and hopefully it’s not too much of a poison.

  18. Mrvallet says:

    alright, I’ll test how strong this poison is. please pray for me guys.

  19. LuxX says:

    Ohhh, obsession and pure love but not harem?

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