The Medieval-Modern Man with a Gamer Mindset
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The Medieval-Modern Man with a Gamer Mindset

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Synopsis The Medieval-Modern Man with a Gamer Mindset

Madman that would shock both medieval and modern folks have arrived.

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  1. Roy says:

    MC’s character is satisfying until he basically go for theology instead of nobility. It is a matter of personal preference but I couldn’t care less about those religious intrigue, I wanted him to use his keen sense of politics for a place of his own. I thought that after the original “king” life he had, he would prefer to be the one controlling things in the shadows , who built tall rather than wide and control a small territory with full control of it.

    All in all, really wasted potential in many ways.

  2. Batman says:

    Was reading this on kakao before finding free raws which reached until ch 113…
    I’m literally at ch 114 I’m gonna kms

  3. Rader says:

    MC was jaded due to his job and became a shut in after earning enough money. He played Tactical games and others to enjoy.

    But in dreams he possessed a King. A puppet king as no one else wanted to be king of a fallen nation. Thing is that in that World other species and their Gods hated humans and humans were slaves. But in a very isolated area one and only Human Kingdom existed.

    Suddenly an outer god came and sided with Humanity, and humans rebelled and destroyed other species. The other gods tried to woo humans and many of them did side with them, they are called Pagans and are simply Vikings in the world. Anyways these Barbarians found the Human Kingdom as they were pushed out of the Mainland and invaded it.

    MC who became king of that area suffered losses and most of his officials died. In the end he himself became a commander and fought. It was happening in the dream. And when he died as King he then possessed other person in future.

    And in future he is called Nameless King, only person who fought the barbarians without any help of God. While he himself doesn’t associate Nameless King with himself, many others have claimed that his fighting style is similar to Nameless King, last King of humanity in that Era. Just like King he possessed, Nameless King didn’t get proper support from his vessels and was able to get total control only after many officials died. And when he fought on front lines in this life he was able to see similarities between the Pagans of now and Invaders of that time.

    Overall a good story. 9/10

  4. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Pretty good. Author starts the war and battle chapters in the 90s. They’re pretty good too. Mc is a real warrior lol.

  5. Dead Pann Dead Pann says:

    This novel reignited my hatred towards the inhuman and their pagan gods, Glory to Mankind baby!

  6. Poison Tester says:

    Noble should add politic and kingdom/government tags. it’s really good but complicated at same because the politic, I don’t recommend it if you don’t like ‘too much think’ novel.

    Synopsis: a hikikomori guy that love strategy game(like Rise of kingdom, Empire, etc) possesed as noble son that married with Pregananted woman because military intimidation. Then he applied the experience from the game to real world to save his noble family and himself.

    1. H Finn H Finn says:

      I like political/tactical stuuff, but with the way MTLs always change and translate the same characters name a bunch of different ways it will probably be a pain to read.

    2. Suherman Joshua says:

      Now you make me interest to read iy when you mention he marry pregnant woman. No many novel take this path

  7. I understand the title after 13 chs, and MC is a 4D chess player

  8. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    yubas this yubas that i am sick and tired of this
    last chp 40

  9. Thug Shaker says:

    Narba , what an ugly name, it fills me with nothing but aggressive thoughts.

  10. Some dude with a cheesegrater says:

    We must stay strong brothers! I will charge first. If I do not return, tell my landlord that I don’t have to pay rent anymore!

    1. Insufferable says:

      Leave me with your cheeseburger I promise to take care of it and not tale a bite.

      1. Weirdo says:

        Blug misread Cheesegrater, you need to sleep big bro

  11. Jack says:

    Are there no reviews from the first diver???

  12. Jack says:

    Are there no reviews from the first diver???

  13. es meh, nada del otro mundo tirando a mala
    ultimamente las novelas de este sitio estan siendo malas, y se el motivo pero que se puede hacer…
    bueno, me voy a panda novel, allá estan sacando la nueva novela del autor de author POV.

  14. Ayyo, first time i arrive earlier than the vhapter itself

  15. 2chu says:

    It’s the first of its kind. A madman tag.

    1. 2-chan says:

      BROTHER! It’s been so long since we’ve met…

  16. Big Blackclock says:


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