2nd Round Villain
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2nd Round Villain

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2회차 악당
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis 2nd Round Villain

I’m a villain.

2nd round villain.

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  1. Common Bandit says:


  2. Common Bandit says:

    A hidden gem. 10/10

    A great story with a great trickster MC. This isn’t a Harem though, there are only 2 girls who like him and he is Obsessed whit one of them, the other one is a victim of a misunderstanding.

  3. warr says:

    please update this novel

  4. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Awesome novel. I want more.

  5. White says:

    Sht I just read all 200 chapters and I want more

  6. Rader says:

    He does not need to participate in the Academy as he can go for the next step in his mission. We are getting introduced to some new characters which feels forced in the story. There is no goal of these side characters besides being some puppets with the goal to glorify MC and his team.

    Overall, novel is good. Could have been better without the filler arc.

  7. Rader says:

    Review until Chapter 140:

    I will rate this story 8.5/10, it could have easily got more than 9 but after 100 chapters or so we get the Academy Arc which feels like a filler. MC already got a power spike, can kill gods, and does not have any meaning other than protecting his lover while joining the Academy.

    He could have come on the day when enemies come but no, he started as a student and acts like he has been nerfed to ground. This arc felt forceful and can be skipped altogether or could be solved in a few chapters but I think that without this filler arc story could have been ended in 150 chapters.

    As of now besides MC the main people around him like Saintess and Demon King knows the reality of his regression and even MC has some concrete doubts which can get solved in a single chapter if he meet the Demon King. Also, MC retain the knowledge of him being the Chaos, one of the oldest being in the universe so he himself knows a lot of information that he can understand the main secret if he is given some more time. Why I am saying all this, currently MC is near the final state. He just need some more powerups and he will be strong enough to beat the Demon King and finish the story.

  8. White says:

    Chap 119 they meet again

  9. White says:

    At chapter 109 so this is a little bit of a spoiler man literally made a god out of a goblin man’s a troll

  10. First of all a spoiler free simple review for the harem tag..upto 200ch..

    It is actually a simple pseudo-harem…the MC is obsessed with FML and the FML loves the MC while knowing his true nature to some extent…..but there is a heroine(?) Who falls in love with MC due to a misunderstanding and there is another female character in love with MC during one of his acting scenarios but she is barely mentioned afterwards and not very relevant…..there are more possible love interests but the MC is openly obsessed with saintess to the level of a borderline yandere…….dont know how author will cover this in the future but a harem end seems difficult as the MC is basically obsessed….

    Now for a long summary with spoilers…..

    The MC is a reincarnation of chaos and anarchy…. in the first run he was called as joker and was the second strongest person…..demon king wins and then MC is imprisoned in tartarus by demon kings betrayal (more on it later)…here mc meets saint and falls in love (???)… MC is basically a madman who wants to corrupt people and likes those who are not easily corrupted…So he faals in love with saint who seems incorruptible…..next mc goes back in time with saintess and then waits 500 years to meet saintess in academy while meeting and interacting with various other characters in magic forest…..mc has revenge as 2nd priority and can talk with saintess who went back for 20 min per day as she has to be imprisoned somewhere as a penalty…the regresseion was caused by demon king because he wanted a worthy opponent….

    The MC is a smart madman……..

  11. Aether says:

    Dude i really love how MC went back to many years back in the past, and not just double digit, but whole staggering triple digits. He can quite literally change the whole history of human that was to be run down from one generation to another lol🤣
    Imagine if he decide to kill a human out of whim and that just happened to be the ancestor of hero or other important characters like saint bruhhh😂🤣
    This novel has potential, i will totally smash it tonight

  12. White says:

    At chap 68 now I know why this has the harem tag even though without love

  13. Phobi21 says:

    The level of this novel is incredible, I was a bit reluctant to read it because I thought it would be a glass of *El regressor y la santa ciega* but, no.

    I’m only on chapter 16, but if I’m honest, I think this novel is even better than its predecessor.

  14. GloomyFoodeater says:

    Chapter 14, now it looks quite similar to the blind saint. I can’t believe it’s gonna be harem…

  15. Calamity says:

    Hmm, I’m on chapter 18 and I don’t like how there’s a harem tag on this novel no lie.

  16. Yerh says:

    Chapter 49 and it looks great! Rich language, lively characters and unique style. Maybe it’s a little slow, but author pay great attention to details and keep a mystery which you’ll want to uncover the more you read it. Overall it’s very high quality work, for me it’s on same level as “Childhood friend of Zenith” and “I became the academy necromancer”. Thank you admin!

  17. I have read till ch12. Chapters are quite long.. Though the plot feels monotonous, but it feels quite satisfying.. I can’t bring myself to dislike this for some reason..! Is it just me?

  18. doctor says:

    heavenly inquisition sword please ♥

  19. Khun says:

    From 2 chapter, I think this novel take a reference from the novel “Regressor and the blind saint” with a naive saintess that can give a new life to our mc, of this novel is harem with a few deferences

  20. White says:

    Damn I’m only like chapter 14 and I like this already

  21. K 🇻🇳 says:

    Look interesting, any poison tester?

  22. R1 says:

    Why not just don’t add synopsis

  23. stallion says:

    Go to discord and ask for a novel request

  24. Atra says:

    Can anyone tell me the story based on the first few chapter?

    The synopsis is not enough for me

  25. ginnashi says:

    i killed the player of the academy please

  26. Aezir Korin says:

    I see, Naruhodo!

  27. Jack Silver says:

    So early chapters are yet to come

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