My Disciples Know That I Am Strong
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My Disciples Know That I Am Strong

Read full chapter My Disciples Know That I Am Strong, Light Novel My Disciples Know That I Am Strong english, LN My Disciples Know That I Am Strong, My Disciples Know That I Am Strong Online, read My Disciples Know That I Am Strong at Noble Machine translations.
Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Disciples Know That I Am Strong

i am weak

like really f*cking weak

But why do they think I’m strong?

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  1. Ryuu says:

    When will this novel update? I put this in discord already.

    1. TheDiir says:

      You can put in?

    2. Ryuu says:

      I need an ending!

  2. If you are interested in a novel that actually ends with a harem, then this novel is for you. MC ended up marrying all of the heroines and have R-19 scene in the end story with all of them, except for one woman. I don’t like writers who don’t make her a heroine, just because she’s not a virgin anymore.

  3. Someone knows who is the fl ?
    Please tell me!!!!!!

  4. Jjoell12 says:

    Esperando la actualización 👀

  5. rrobz says:

    Tested up to chapter 140 – no poison and a fun, popcorn read. MC keeps claiming he is “weak”, which based on his pure physical constitution is true, but based on game knowledge, artifacts, etc, he does his share of @ss kicking – the feats he achieves make it fully believable he is OP. He is also fully self aware – i.e. not a dense protagonist – and gets when FMCs like or may possibly like him. No romance though – he is up front in saying until the demon war is resolved he won’t pick any girl (although there is one massage scene with the cat beast-girl).

  6. This plot is a series of forced misunderstandings.

    To some extent, I felt that the characters were one dimensional always praising and in awe of MC…

    I read almost 30 chapters, the setting felt fare not too great nor too bland..

    Its an enjoyable read if you stop understanding the plot and just read it for fun.

  7. Luiz Felipe says:

    this novel is funny asf

  8. Salty1 says:

    Basically the mc get reincarnated as a weak guy with an skill that allow him to spew killing intent thats why ppl thinks he is strong however he knows that demons will come and thats why he save the 3 heroes who are 2 slaves and 1 beggar and is misenderstood as someone strong there are characters that knows the truth like the wind spirit king and tease him its a nice story as far as i read and the mc will probably become stronger in the future cuz of some stuff like possession that let a dead swordmaster use his body once a day.

  9. wkwkwk says:

    I need full synopsis this novel… I call poison tester

  10. wkwkwk says:

    I need poison tester

  11. Blue says:

    Did u dive in, senior? How will u rate the lethality of this poison.

    ~Regards, Junior Daoist

  12. says:

    Huh, hope this ain’t a crappy novel that I will regret wasting time reading this.

  13. Doublesubwalfas says:

    No chapters?

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