Deceased Trapped in a Game
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Deceased Trapped in a Game

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망겜에 갇힌 고인물
Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Deceased Trapped in a Game

[Play time: 35,102.2 hours on record (10,125.6 hours at the time of evaluation)]

– The game lacks content. you guys don’t buy it

I left a review like that, but I got stuck in the game.
I was praising it. Bad guys.

Those guys are bad too, but why did I have to work so hard on a roguelike game?
If you’re going to be locked up, there must have been many better games than this one.

It’s tiring to go back to the beginning every time I die.
It’s been 97 years since I was exiled to an unknown beggar-like labyrinth.
Only 3 years left now.

I hope this is the last time

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  1. Sephir says:

    since nobody is doing one, i’ll do it.
    (I’m getting criticized when i do reviews, don’t take it to heart. Been a bunch of months since i’ve read this so it may not be quite exactly like this but the most of it is right(maybe all of it))

    Basically game is an hardcore soul like game, there are players and what u could call npcs, the worldbuilding is really interesting, the mc is a regressor like all the other players, but here’s the thing that differentiates our mc from others.

    Players comes from a bunch of alternative earth with variables and so on, all players have a 100 years countdown, in this 100 years countdown they’re ‘supposedly’ repeating regressions but every times you regress you get transported to another ‘tower? Idk, that u climb’, floors have variables aswell (only main npcs and main floors stays in approximately what it looked like in the last round), so here’s the things that our Mc has, he regressed until the 97 years benchmark which in this novel worldview(INSAN KNOWLEDGE), since he regressed for 97 years, he’s quite a cheat code with bunch of knowledge.

    Although the world building was a really interesting thing, the Mc is quite mentally weak? May only be me, but u’ll see if u wish to read it.

  2. Bocchan says:

    Is this good?
    Need a person who test this series

  3. Greed says:

    idk why u brought TVWTL case here , I think the ending really bothered you . the author is known for bad endings in Novels extra , that monster novel , and even villain wants to live , they all are rushed as if the author planned the first 200 chapter and the rest are like not planned

  4. Ah can someone explain the story line here. In which chapter are the 3 years over. I’m questioning weather to read this or not. Ah Regression, have you read “The Villain want to Live”? Fantastic novel until the end, it was a bit confusing, and rushed the ending with time and all. I was strapped once, not again.

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