Paladin in Dark Fantasy
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Paladin in Dark Fantasy

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다크 판타지 속 성기사
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Paladin in Dark Fantasy

[Winner of the 7th Korea Web Novel Contest]

Hypocrites, you were noble enough.

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  1. Only one that has popular work as a tag. This should tell u something. So I am gonna try it.

  2. Thanos says:

    Is the translation still readable? Some of the novel of this site is readable while the others are incomprehensible.

  3. Actually now that I think about, there are some rape attempts but it only happens a few times… I’m hoping so.

    Of course no one actually gets raped… if you exclude his mother (kinda) and every human on the old continent. Ahhh I hate rape

  4. and also pure love and stuff

  5. lighter on later too because the MC becomes this gigachad who just doom slayers everything

  6. It gets darker later on but also lighter later on. I mean the demons rape a lot, but of course that doesn’t happen because of the MC so while there is rape, it’s like kinda… only happens in the past not great but not bad.

  7. Tiramat says:

    It seems to be a harem with only two girls introduced until where I read, story isn’t very dark and mc is the op type and can think a little but I have only read up until chapter 56 so it may change in the future

  8. So what’s the theme, is the protag’s friends gonna die left and right?

  9. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    The story is good, MC was a bit detached driven by situation. Atleast the flow of the story could make u engaged in reading compared to another novel.

  10. 52jkl says:

    I’ve read it, the novel is good and unique. so far its not a harem and my boi has an extreme yandere that killed an entire city just to keep him to herself.

  11. Hey, I’ve actually read a few translated bits of this novel and yes it is good. I definitely recommend this

  12. Feng says:

    a dark fantasy? critically acclaimed? ok time to poison test . hopefully its a chad mc. but since it popular means charateer developent s there so mc prolly starts out as wimp

  13. Extra says:

    Any romance?

    If not, then it’s not for me, regardless of how popular it may be.

  14. EX-RANK Revolver user says:

    The best novel!

  15. Len Len Len Len says:

    This one is popular work. GONNA TEST THIS.

  16. Jack Silver says:

    Anyways got nothing to do so Imma read this hoping it’s good

  17. Jack Silver says:

    I see noble you paid the ransom is that the reason why the synopsis is so short?

  18. Need somoeno to check it…. tell me whether it is harem on non -harem.. does it have romance or is it only action

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