Elves Have Migrated to My Planter
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Elves Have Migrated to My Planter

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내 화분에 엘프들이 이주해왔다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Elves Have Migrated to My Planter

My plant pot is strange. It was after the inhabitants of another world smaller than a fingernail came to the place.

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  1. tltltl says:

    The novel started as a somewhat slow slice of life, then quickly grow into something a lot more expansive – politics and war in an other-world after the demon king is killed (happened before this story begins), the fallout of that war and its consequential effects on the protagonist’s own world (with Hunters and Gates existing).

    I think the author actually put a lot of thoughts into crafting the lore and plot, as I can clearly see the story progressing very deliberately in a specific direction (that I really like).

    Definitely at least a 9.

  2. LuxX says:

    That’s a score of 8 with a Good rating. Perfect for rest and entertainment.

  3. mcatcat says:

    pretty enjoyable through the first 20 chapters or so.


    i hope my addiction doesn’t get worse in 2024

  4. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Happy new year guys or advance this website have help me in someways with mental health

    1. Rader says:

      Preferably get some medical help. If can’t we all are here, enjoy novels and talk around.

  5. H Finn H Finn says:

    I didn’t read much of it yet since it’s pretty slow slice of lifey stuff and I’m not always in the mood for that, but it’s a fresh setup on the whole modern day hunters and gates thing.

    The only thing that I’ve read that comes somewhat close is the Spirit Farmer webtoon, but it’s still a different vibe.

  6. LuxX says:

    Bruh. What magic happened when the novels I liked were updated one after another? Thanks!

  7. rob z rob z says:

    To any poison tester – does this stay “slow life”? If so I don’t want to waste time on it.

    1. The story does change but at around 100s chapters, the story is complete tho

  8. When will you update this mtl??

  9. LuxX says:

    Really interesting and engaging. Someone please update this.

  10. Cain says:

    This is very nice.

    Others already summarized it so for more context about the mc and his world, the world the mc is currently in has gates and hunters. The mc is a strong hunter who retired due do trauma. The mc can also go to the world in the pot with some limitations. There’s also some romance between him and Serena

  11. Losty says:

    I liked this novel, it’s interesting

  12. rando says:

    It’s very fresh. I read all the available chapters more or less continuously. Shelwyn’s description is a good picture of the start, but it does develop quite interestingly from there and doesn’t slow down. I’d say it moves away from slice of life, which is justified with us learning about the protag’s past and present and his personal development over the coarse of the story.

    I will say it feels a bit strange at first because it isn’t structured like other novels it resembles at first. For example, I’d have expected a focus on the protag’s world’s reactions and the non-stop ego strokiing he’d get as a top notch “video editor”. Completely not the direction the story is going. It’s not the smoothest transition : I don’t think the current direction was the plan all along. It’s a very wonderful fresh story, however, for anyone tired of overused tropes. Have a slice of ginger and refresh that palate.

    (I’m trying to be as non-descript as possible to avoid spoilers)

  13. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    It’s a nice story. It starts off sort of slice of life. Mc is renting in his apartment, the owner of the building left a bonsai tree that was dying and told Mc to try and save it if he can. Mc tried and failed and it died.

    After a while he noticed the tree had 1 small green branch and he suddenly got a notification about a elf hut.

    So there’s this little 1 millimeter tall elf girl trying to survive in the posted plant solo.

    Mc can’t physically touch the plant anymore but he can give her materials and items to help her improve. Unfortunately Mc is currently a new employee video editor.

    It’s a nice story about Mc raising his poted plant. His plan is to take videos of the world and make money off them. When he sends items to the world he can minimize them.

    Overall good read. Sort of slow and slice of life at first but Mc is eventually able to interact with elf girl and other new elf who were banished or fleas the old world.

  14. Wikka says:

    does “Fairy” and “Elves” written the same in Korean?

  15. Poison Tester says:

    I hope you leave testament and review for us.

    Rest in peace Soldier @shlewyn

  16. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Hello I’m XX years old and I can’t wait to die. *reads novel*

  17. T V T V says:

    Apparently no one has tried it

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