Episode 2 of the Overly Competent Villain
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Episode 2 of the Overly Competent Villain

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지나치게 유능했던 악당의 2회차
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Episode 2 of the Overly Competent Villain

The reincarnated person in the other world was a bit too competent as a villain. Thus, the world was ruined.
“Ah, this doesn’t seem right.”
Let’s return as an Archmage and save the world.

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  1. soybeans says:

    i really want this updated ;-; munpia novel

    Its sooo good
    the main character is extremly competant
    it is very satisfying to see his plans in motion
    but also, being a villain, he is not restrained by any superior
    so you can see his wild adventures, smart developments, without restrictions

  2. xxx xxx xxx xxx says:

    Good speed read, constant action. No harem sofar, episode 2 refers to the going back in time rather than a part 2.

  3. darkeng says:

    Good book, please update more noblebro. I like it. 🙂

  4. Jajaja says:

    Pretty good imo, or it could just be me getting tired of academy trope

  5. BigBlackOilyMan says:

    I’m confused, why is it titled Episode 2? Where is the Episode 1? Or is that intentional?

  6. Q D Q D says:

    Does it have romance or harem

  7. MC reincarnated in a world of heroes and villains, wanted to be a stylish phantom thief/ scammer like say… Sampo from Star Rail.

    But he was super competent and ended up becoming Joker with no Batman to stop him and the world was destroyed. So timetravel to try again letsgo.

  8. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    Pretty good. MC reincarnates into fantasy world with memories from modern world. He had no talent to use aura to be a swordmaster or magic to be a mage, but used his intelligence and modern knowledge to get revenge on the Empire for burning his village down. He became a supercriminal but he regretted joining hands with a world ending organization for his revenge, ending up being responsible for ~52% of the end of the world, and regresses with the help of the remaining archmage hero to when he was aged 32. Now in his second life, he will get his revenge while preventing the end of the world instead.

    If anyone has seen the show The Blacklist, MC is basically like that. He makes use of the Empire FBI organization to dispose of future threats and criminals while gaining power. He also works with a female knight of the FBI, who is also a future hero and daughter of someone MC previously got revenge on.

  9. Poison Tester says:

    Idk, no review because this is not my cup of tea.. Or maybe I just not in right mood to reading.

    6/10, it maybe better or worse dependending on your taste.

    I’m so sleepy..

  10. Poison tester says:

    New novel? The synopsis seems good so I’ll go and taste it.

    Wish me luck

  11. What became clear based on the first eight chapters: the protagonist is a kind of lover of villainous romance who steals important items, sells other people’s secrets, and thus causes quite a bit of chaos in the world and, obviously, is pursued by the law. It is important that he does not feel particularly evil or cruel, although his image is far from being kind.

    Romance is not yet foreseen, at least I did not see it, but there is a friend in the form of a soul who returned from the future with him and from time to time helps or comments on what is happening.

    The pace of the narrative is quite lively, which corresponds to the general theme of the work – adventures of a stylish villain, only this time with the goal of not destroying the world with his actions. I think the protagonist decided to regress from the very beginning precisely because in a destroyed world where everyone does evil, there is no more romance in being an elusive number one criminal.

    There are no particular criticisms, but the work is more for fans.


    what’s noble been doing these days… the hasn’t been any good obsession for a while

  13. Carlos Niggelson says:

    This better be harem

  14. says:

    Wth is that cover art it’s just a korean text god damn💀, but anyway I’ll pass for now and wait for the reviews since I am so tired and brain dead reading the last novel I commented on.

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