Heroes and Machine Girls Looking at Profiles
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Heroes and Machine Girls Looking at Profiles

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프로필 보는 용사와 기계 소녀들
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Heroes and Machine Girls Looking at Profiles

Park Hyun-soo, a newbie in society who was summoned as a warrior to defeat the devil, sets out on a journey with his colleagues as ‘Hans the Warrior’ with the goal of defeating the devil.
However, after learning of a bitter betrayal through a skill he learned during his travels, he disappears after defeating the Demon King.

A year later, the Demon King’s army attacks part of the country where humans live again, but there are no more heroes.

“What…is this…?”

Hans, a former warrior who hid his identity due to his distrust of humanity and enjoyed traveling around the world, discovered…

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  1. Zzz says:

    My comment didnt post
    I will just say dont read this if you want to be entertained

  2. Yet another MC who is nervous and embarrassed while approaching/ kissing a girl. I am dropping this. Pathetic people bother me. The MC needs to be NTRed forever. Really pathetic. And why are you letting your enemies live??? That I can never understand. If weak willed, naive virgin cucks are your favorite types of MCs, then you would love this novel

  3. Darking says:

    Tis a good read, i hope this will often get update. Many novels in my bookmark never get new updates anymore even after requesting them…


    My big review didnt load so:

    Mc is a no goal guy(he has one, but not really as ge isnt really interested in anything)
    its harem yeah, but nomance so its plain.

    Everything is dumb on porpuse so author can milk.

    No consequences..

    At this point yhere is several plots but theu dont add on top of rach other they dont mix.

    There is 0 reedeming feautures.
    Even the revenge is done poorly and mc is inconsistent.

    Overall a failure.

  5. Victor says:

    Interesting read. I was able to read to the end, and I love how the story somehow keeps me hooked. MC is somewhat better than the usual MCs who get betrayed and either lament at their own unfair reality, while also not the forgiving everything and forgetting like some beta JP MCs out there. The original party members are very infuriating since they betrayed mc for a more handsome prince with no clear cut advantages, since the prestige they get could have easily been achieved by remaining betrothed to the mc in my opinion. But basically they are hoes all three. His current companions are in a something of a master-subordinate relationship and may be the magical version of an android. He has sex with them btw. Not explicitly but it is very heavily implied. Read at your own leisure, it is definitely worth it.

  6. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 80.

    How should I put this? The author knows how to write what happens and the wcenerio but isn’t so good at describing scenery or giving life to his characters. The story line is decent if a bit cliche. Unfortunately the author doesn’t flesh out the world or detailed scenery. I can never picture in my head the background or area they are in.

    Overall not worth reading if I’m honest.

  7. Velcon says:

    28 Chaps here. I can say without a doubt best character here is the holy sword, it is not a FML(Yet that I know of) cause its like a unicorn, hates non-virgins(Mainly ones of the bad area) which I find funny cause it to say funny things.

    As for the story, I think its a decent read, something to pass the time to wait for better stuff to come, I give it a safe 6/10. Ofc thats to the point I read.

  8. milky violet says:

    I became a nameless NPC called Frederick de Prodeth v’Mategare Gesalstica Zwuthyer Njusticinginton in a novel called “The Hero Left”

    Synopsis: who says a fake can’t be as good as the real one? I’m Emiya Shirou btw but I’m not him

    Tags: tragedy, harem, obsession, comedy?, comedic undertone, tragic undertone

    1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

      Novel NPC?? not character

    2. milky violet says:

      Chapter 1, Info dump:

      The hero. A proud and valiant figure that stands against the mighty hordes of the demon realms. True and sure did their sword strike, it brought fear to the demons that did not know fear. Their armies stood still and craven at the mention of the hero, but they disappeared one day. Leaving humanity and her allies to fend for themself.

      4 years have passed since then, currently humanity and the demon realms stand at a standstill. The humans, elves, dwarves and whatnot desperately cling onto every inch of ground, and the demons fight like rabid dogs to gain it.

      Currently, I, Frederick blah blah blah or Lee Si-Hyuk am currently enrolled in the academy. Why is the academy still running in such desperate times? No clue. But alas I have been forced into this situation by my father, the Duke of Njustincinginton, who leads the defense of the vital fort Mornings Dawn on the demon frontline.

      Man I was so invested that I forgot to tell you guys that I am actually a possessor. I was possessed into this dog novel after I challenged the author to a bet. If I changed the story of the novel “The Hero Left” and survived to see it through, I would be saved from my every cancer possible disease.

      “The Hero Left” involves the story of a little girl who tracks the path of the hero, and it ends with a bitter taste. Nothing happens.

      1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

        *Little girl*= pedophiles Mc

      2. Cero says:

        @Milky Violet : Is It strange to ask for a continuation? Honestly, it’s better than many novels i’ve read 😪.

      3. Bro read too many poison and create ultimate poison

    3. milky violet says:

      Chapter 64, Not The Hero:

      As expected. The holy sword did not respond to my touch.

      The brilliant blue handle embedded with ruby gems, and it’s moonlight white blade engraved with carvings and streaks of adamantium and divine power shined dully.

      I heaved a sigh.

      “Haah. Well I guess I should slay a dragon instead then.”

      The tooth and scales of a dragon are the second best option for a weapon after the holy sword.

      Durable and imbued with special properties, a sword made from dragon would no doubt hurt even the strongest demon.

      Dragons are arrogant creatures, powerful they are but extremely lazy once long lived.

      Nothing can kill them so they sit fat and filled with pride that holds no foundation. But I must do the impossible to survive.

      One problem. The locations of dragons have been a mystery for centuries.

      “Perhaps I should consult with one of the magic tower masters?”

      It seemed like they would know.

      . . . . . .

      “… are you daft? If we knew the locations of a dragon we’d have begged them for help already”

      The strikingly beautiful woman with ashen hair stood in-front of me had an expression as if I murdered her family.

      “Tsk, you’re so useless Bunny Bunny.”

      “-! My name is-“

      “Alright I must make haste for the wilderness. I bid farewell Penguin Penguin”

      “Hey!!! At least stick with the same name!!”

      I walked away while she was still shouting something.

      ‘Stupid @#!?!]!@ at least !##&@% kiss me ### bastard-!!!’


      ‘##&@@$!! That’s not allowed student Frederick de blah blah blah blah blah’

      Currently I am getting lectured by my professor, a black haired fair lady.

      So what if I disappear for a few days, if I’m back then I’m back.

      “Is that all professor?”

      “Hmm? Oh yes. You may take your exit no- wait a minute come back here for a bit student F.”

      Oh brother what now?

      I walked back to her and stood for a moment.


      I was suddenly hugged by the professor.


      I yelled back in a startle.

      “Please don’t do anything dangerous”

      I could hear the shake in her voice. This… this was not a normal stay safe statement… no it was more akin to a beg, a plea.

      “Huh? Professor, don’tcha know that I’m an expert in running away?”

      “Pah- yeah…”

      Despite my attempt at lightening the mood, I could still feel the emotions in the air.

      I knew her younger brother had died while fighting demons. So perhaps that’s why she was in this mood.

      Despite my lineage, my current self eerily resembles my previous self. Since my professor is from the east, she probably saw her brother in me.

      “J-just promise me student F!”

      “Alright I promise you professor. At the first sign of danger I will run away with all my might”

      I said with a wink

      “Thank you… I can’t let someone so young die early”

      Tsk, this damn war. I must end it soon.

      I don’t want to see anymore broken individuals.

      1. milky violet says:

        Now obviously I’m not going to write out a fully fledged novel, I’m just writing the cliff notes of what I’m thinking.

      2. milky violet says:

        And also, since my protagonist isn’t blessed by the goddess to wield the divine sword. He will have to find another way to defeat the demon king.

        Perhaps that method may involve using his body as a catalyst- or wait that’s actually ingenious. The MC and demon king have a showdown where they’re like

        “Pfff you call yourself a hero? A sword so weak that does not strike true dares challenge me? I have fought the true hero before and you stand nothing compared to him.”

        “Heh, you think that’s my only trick?”

        MC runs up to DK and stabs him in the chest while MC’s party looks in shock. DK tanked the sword because MC can’t do Jack to him.

        “No way” gasps the hero’s party, as the MC chants his unique magic he created that took months to make.

        “I offer this puzzle O’god of penance, executioner and judge. What speaks but does not sound, what moves but does not walk, what lives but does not? The human spirit. So I sacrifice thine body of mine and beg for the shackles” or roughly something cool and edgy like that.

        Then the MC and DK have a spirit fight where the MC can actually damage the DK and death is permanent in this battle. There is no reincarnating should one be killed in it. MC has an advantage since he’s technically two souls, so they dog pile on the DK.

        But DK ain’t going down like a lil b*tch so the best the MC gets is like both arms and a leg alongside a massive gash in DK’s chest and left thigh. But that’s good cause now the DK is permanently weaker every time he comes back. Every DK after this DK will be massively weaker, so now all humanity and her Allie’s needs to is to just wait for a hero blessed by the goddess to be born.

        But the cost of using such forbidden magic is that the MC is left with a permanently frail body and ever so increasing health problems. The price for pulling out a soul is greater than a mortal can handle, but this punishment is pretty great for what you did.

        1. milky violet says:

          Oh yes I can imagine the sequel.

          “Oh no! I got possessed into my own work as an Author”

          Synopsis: I hate god authors so much, I literally got possessed into my own novel because I insulted another author on his work.

          Then I have to clean up the mess 100 years later that my MC did not clean due to his weaker body.
          Think of it like Avatar. If MC was the Kuruk of the world, then I will be the Yangchen of it.

          1. Why milk, why?!?! says:

            Meh, i thought it was description.

  9. My head hurts… Everything felt forced, interactions, plot, people, MC, etc, etc…

    Needless drama was inserted in the story… Dropped at chapter 8…

    1. Was expecting something different and fresh after seeing the cover image… But a massive let down.

      1. I think that’s the default novelpia cover tho

        1. I forgot to see the tags or synopsis, and just seeing the cover image and a weird title, I thought this was something different. Guess, it was a *blunder* from my part.

          1. It happens. Your sacrifice was useful for the future o7

  10. Cero says:

    Oh no, a novel of regret 🥶.

    1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

      My fart also produces regret 💨👃💀

      1. Cero says:

        Poisonous fart 🥶

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