I Became a Childhood Friend of the Middle Boss
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I Became a Childhood Friend of the Middle Boss

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Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Childhood Friend of the Middle Boss

The shame of a family that cannot even catch a single rabbit.
Rabbit, the disciple of the Sword Cultivator’s Sect, Do Gyeon-woo.

“Why are you being so nice to me?”
“Because I want to get close to you (to recruit you).”

In order to survive in this world.
In order to reach the desired ending.
I become the childhood friend of the mid-boss

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  1. xanti says:

    Great read, the biggest problem for me is that the romance is evolving too slowly even though there’s some great oportunities too great developements, the author just skips through it

  2. H Finn H Finn says:

    Hey this just got a manhwa, it’s pretty good so far. Kinda skipped that weird creepy seat finding game at the start, but otherwise the same.

  3. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Chapter 100, was okay would jeep reading.

  4. H Finn H Finn says:

    Read to chapter 90.

    This is pretty slice of lifey hunter academy type stuff, nothing so far that will stand out but it’s been enjoyable. The MC even has a relatively happy family situation, albeit with some likely future nobility type drama from his extended family.

    I’m 90% sure that the MC is being intentionally dense because he and the FMC are underage still. There’s quite a few scenes where it’s obvious he knows what’s going on but then does something weird just to avoid thinking about it because he’s mentally way older than the FMC.

    None of the other female characters seem romantically interested in the MC either, they all (so far) act like friends or rivals. There’s just some of the FMC acting jealous because she’s got super low self esteem, but none of the other female characters have even been flirty with the MC. I wouldn’t consider this even close to harem so far, even the original MC of the game didn’t have a harem with them and he was apparently interested in someone specific.

    There have been mentions of bigger plot stuff happening in the future but nothing specific so the plot tends to feel a bit aimless, but it’s been a fairly generic setup so far. Enjoyable and fluffy but generic.

  5. rob z rob z says:

    Short review on this one, unless folks are interested in something longer.

    Generic, transported to a game world in an academy setting novel where MC becomes a hunter (i.e., hunting monsters). Not poison, but not thrilling either. Normally when I get into a novel, I binge read – this one took me a week to get through the current chapters.

    MC is very anti “follow the plot,” which is a good thing. But as you get later into the story, his denseness really comes out (although at least there is no deaf MC trope where FMC confesses, the wind blows, and MC goes “What did you say”?). And while not a Gary Stu, after overcoming one hurdle, he pretty easily achieves great success (it helps that he is born into one of the ten most powerful families in this world).

    The FMC (rabbit girl who is the mid boss in the original game) is a light yandere who, as the plot develops, clearly becomes interested in the MC (although she is on the innocent side and it takes a while for her to realize her feelings), but MC doesn’t really get it – he is too focused on the overall plot / winning the game (shades of d!ckless eunuch MC trope). As a result, when he is friendly with other female characters and she gets jealous, there is a lot of “Duh, duh, what’s wrong?”

    The author does try to develop the side characters, but they are a bit one dimensional – you don’t really get invested in any of them.

    Regarding the plot, there really isn’t much too it. The game is the type where there are are only neutral or bad endings. However, the causes of the numerous bad endings seem different, so there really isn’t an overarching plot or big baddie so far – just a sense the MC has to get strong, build a party, and prevent all the bad ends (which basically means making sure none of the MCs from the game die).

    There is a bit of tension being set up between the original game protagonist and the novel MC – it seems like they will be fighting for the attention of the various potential party members, most of whom are women, and competing to be be the strongest. However, the game protagonist hasn’t shown up all that much yet, so that part of the plot is still early.

    Finally, the author likes to do annoying sh!t but juuust avoid getting to the point where I would quit the novel. For example, there is a gag where the MC basically wants to turn himself into a golden sun type character )die hair blonde, get a fake tan, wear open shirts with gold chains, that sort of thing) because he thinks it would be “cool” and “manly”, but of course the female characters hate the idea. It was stupid the first time, but as it keeps coming up, it becomes even more annoying.

    In short, a “Meh” out of 10. The only thing that is borderline poisonous is the dense MC thing, but it hasn’t gotten over the top yet.

  6. amogustimestwo says:

    I am of the Rabbit Theory. This is the theory that Rabbit Girls are actually rabbits, and therefore don’t count as a white hair. Plus that’s light blue. 3/white-hair

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      nvm thats a white hair if you ignore the rabbit ears. 8/white-hair

  7. Poison Tester says:

    Currently on ch 48. Long short story its cliche and average. Dense protagonists, future villaines childhood friend, status window, reincarnated into game, then mixed it with Academy and Korean commonly flavor(Gate/dungeon).

    Synopsis: Reincarnated as Coward character with genius talent. the MC remember his past life and knowledge of the game, mc doesn’t want to being his future self so he decide to fight and become stronger. The MC meet future villainese, an rabbit girl and bla bla bla they become friends after giga chad mc chose to keep her because he needs her power to avoid the bad end of the world.

  8. Miguel O Hara says:

    And why did no one review anything except the white hair ???????

    1. crow raven crow raven says:

      most poison tester are gone

    2. Jubidith Gok says:

      Poison testers died of poison

  9. Arcus101 says:

    Guess being with the final boss is too cliche nowadays.

  10. Insufferable says:

    If the Boltzmann Brain Theory is actually true and I’m just a spontaneously generated brain in the infinite expanse of a dying universe by the sheer power of the randomness of probability then I will be very upset.

    Imagine your own brain imagining the universe you live in and making it so boring that you can’t even have basic fire breathing powers or something. If I have free reins with the universe I, a lonely brain get to matrix myself into then I’ll at least make it into something along the lines of the most vile and blatant power fantasy Gary Sue type sh** to ever exist.

    1. gege says:

      i ain’t reading allat

      1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

        Don’t worry I did, an I kinda agree to what’s stated

    2. Miguel O Hara says:

      That makes it sound like all the realist have gathered together in this planet and the brains which did imagine having supernatural powers are right now training their powers in some other space where they all have gathered.

    3. milky violet says:

      If I get superpowers/brain is god, I’d make it so that white hair is a sign of nobility, righteousness, justice, law, pure, Legendary Hero Status, Strongest Hero, Hero Born From the Stars to Destroy It Who Demises (Demon King) (Parenthesis Included), Hero Who Was Corrupted (Turned Evil!!), Second Generation Hero who defeats First Gen Hero and Claims the Title of Strongest Hero Ushering An Era of Prosperity and Peace for 1,000 years!, cute and adorable ☺️

      1. Miguel O Hara says:

        Did you see 86 ?

  11. White Hair Cultist says:


    1. Big Blackclock says:

      Uhmm…. According to the story, it’s bright blue hair.

      1. milky violet says:

        No! Although he is a right wise believer in white hair supremacy, he is not me!!

    2. kuro boss kuro boss says:


  12. Big Blackclock says:

    Imma dive in.

    1. And that was the last sentence we ever heard from him

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