I Became the Guild Leader in Exile
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I Became the Guild Leader in Exile

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추방물에 나오는 길드장이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Guild Leader in Exile

I possessed the guild leader who was ruining the guild.

‘We are all family.’

Since I’ve possessed him, I took on a strong concept.

The obsession of the guild members is no joke. Save me.

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  1. Whatever says:

    Read up to chapter 53
    Loving the novel. No stupid MC and good characters. I have thought about reading a novel where MC is a guild master but i never found such a novel so when i saw this and read the novel i thought:
    thank you god called Author-nim i neven thought my prayer would be answered by you😭
    There are some problems in the novel like power balance. MC and some characters are too overpower that it could ruin the novel.

    In the first Arc(i’m going to call each quest in novel Arc) MC is that storng that he killed one of three clamaties in the world. That is not somethin like killing a stong monster he KILLED something that no one the world could kill, yet no one said anything or royal family did anything because he requested that no one should say anything. I don’t thing that is possible MC. I thought okay i get it but the fact that there are people as strong as him in world is wierd because you might think wasn’t there strong people as him before? Why there strong people at the same time?

    Anyway if ignore this problem you can enjoy the story. The story ia actually really good because even that MC is overpowered i didn’t get bored reading it.

    Now about MC and FL age. FL is 13 at the start of novel and MC is 20. We haven’t reach the part that FL is becoming yandere but she obssesed with MC right now.
    [End of spoiler]

    Any way i enjoyed it and the quests he’s doing are enjoyable. It’s a good read👍

  2. Rader says:

    MC is not a Harem loving, he is a loyalist in his term so Pure Love exist here. We have Original MC was a woman and became kinda corrupt Hero as per story after watching all the bad things, she acted as a man to hide her so called weaknesses. And now she is becoming a Yandere, so that’s why we have a Yandere tag here.

    Overall Story is about an orphan child who loved others like him as a family, Goddess Hera, the goddess of family chose him as her representative and due to this he has to always think about family as a concept. There was no problem to do this for the child but when as an Adult he failed again and again infront of insane powerful people who had opposing concepts he gave in.

    Our MC possessed this Guy and he was hard core reader of the story. He knew about concepts but didn’t know the the god favouring this character, still he decided on Family concept and added his own concept to be the Most Powerful Being in the world. These concepts helped him in big way, and now he is essentially Hercules of the present as his will has been accepted by Hera and she gave him powers similar to Hercules to protect his family and being the most powerful hero. This story is about MC trying to complete the novel story while enjoying his time and trying to change the original story altogether in his own way.

    1. Sephir says:

      Hera the godess of cuck, sorry i had to say that

  3. Su 183 says:

    Good 👍
    Give it a chance

    The only disappointed part is the love interest
    Is 13 years old, crossdressing as a man and the MC didn’t even notice that his own Pupil/ the original MC is woman

    1. He got blind by his knowledge of original and his family mana persona lol.

  4. Poison Tester says:

    This is good novel if you like a hero story. Morality number one, vanish all darkness. Idealis. Hmm, hmm, sometime it remind me with elysia from hi3.

    1. Joshua JoeStar says:

      Why hello there fellow Hoyo Fan and for those who don’t know, Elysia is a character in Honkai Impact 3rd or Hi3rd for short.

  5. Antonius Evan says:

    Please explain the prologue to me, does MC pretend o be evil or something?
    I really hate when MC pretend to be evil to follow the plot of the story, can someone confirm this?

    1. Yuki says:

      MC is like captain america in this novel, person with high moral standard. Yes, he is an altruistic person.
      MC: “Plot? who care. I walk on my path. Justice is my path. Family is number one.”

  6. rob z rob z says:

    I enjoyed the novel – 7/10 for me so far. MC doesn’t do stupid stuff, and does not give an eff if you mess with his guild. Also, the idea of “concept” is interesting. Basically, it seems like certain characters get increased power by adhering to some particular philosophy (what the novel refers to as “concept”) that the character defines for himself. For the MC, its the importance of his “family” (really, his guildmates). For another character, its survival of the fittest / the strong have the power to do what they want over the weak.

    One line sealed the deal for me. MC was considering for a moment some actions that would potentially have a notable impact on the plot. However, he dismissed the thought pretty quickly:

    “The original? What does that have to do with me?
    The path I walk is the original.”

    In other words, no slavishly adhering to the original plot – he does what he wants.

    1. harley says:

      yea if you or milky like a novel on this website then I don’t need to read it coz urs taste are pretty weird

  7. Read 20 or so chapters… How should I say…. It was mid. Nothing extraordinary or unique or enjoyable or interesting…. Read if you have nothing to read. For now I am dropping.

  8. amogustimestwo says:

    That synopsis is sus. Is this not a harem?

  9. Reiii says:

    dere dere yandere

  10. Seastan says:

    A pure love and yandere… we might be onto something

  11. Jahe Manis says:

    This is a good novel if you look at how the author conveys the moral message in each episode. Of course, not everyone likes this type of novel. MC is possessed by one of the characters in the game. Ori MC wants to build a guild and uses the slogan “Guild members are family”, in reality ori MC didn’t really care about the slogan he created, and only used it to attract people to join the guild he had just built. In the original story, the guild that was built eventually went bankrupt and was absorbed by a larger guild. MC becomes a character when a new guild is built and compared to the original MC, he is a person who prioritizes family. Yes, basically he like Dominic from Fast & Furious. Due to the MC’s strong moral principles, his guild was involved in many conflicts, compare ori story. Luckily the MC is an OP character. His only weakness is the guild member who is always the target of his enemies. A little disappointment perhaps with the cliche, ‘your 9 years old student is actually a woman disguised as a man, and she has a crush on you, everyone knows except you.” Basically for MC who is described as intelligent in solving mysteries and problems, he doesn’t know the student is boy, for 3 years. His student is the original protagonist in the game. Another disappointing part, for a writer who depicts child prostitution is bad in one of episode in novel, he seems hypocritical by making a 10 year old little girl as a MC lover candidate. Oh right, almost all the guild members have boyfriends and partners, only MC, the guild leader is single. It’s also strange, the MC is described as handsome, wise, rich, strong etc, basically alpha male, but no woman approaches him for 3 years in novel.

    1. D1Grandmaster says:

      Thanks for the review but this looks boring asf lmao and I ABSOLUTELY hate novels with younger heroines

    2. Yeah… those last parts sounds like somehing to reconsider reading

    3. Shalan Shalan says:

      No way a 10 year old is a love interest ☠️

  12. Clutchassassin says:


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