Idol’s Childhood Friend
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Idol’s Childhood Friend

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아이돌의 소꿉친구
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Idol’s Childhood Friend

I briefly revealed my face at the end of the struggle because I decided to film a vlog.

On the day the vlog was released, I became famous.

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  1. Enter says:

    If you want to read about two alcoholics, this work was created personally for you!

  2. SBN says:

    It’s a very cute relationship. I’ll commission for an update once chapters pile up.

  3. TheDiir says:

    Update Villainesses in romance fantasy BECOME obsessed

  4. Muhammad says:

    I agree with the comments below me

  5. Jack says:

    The west have less controversy about their idol than the east…..though it happened but it is not on the level of the east… this rate most idol are just a whore inside their beautiful facade they shown…… I don’t even envy them anymore after learning the truth and it’s more of a pity now than envy or jealousy

  6. FMC: open the door of the house

    MC: Where are you going, my dear?

    FMC: I’m going to work and sing and dance for millions of men in very revealing clothes, my love

    The cuckold won’t understand what I mean:)
    Sorry but this is my view of them in real life

    1. Don’t focus on my bad language, this is not my mother tongue

    2. Enlightened Duck says:

      Was going to diss on you for a second, but then I was like “ye…he is kinda correct”.
      Ik that some people are gonna spout some bs about trust in a relationship and stuff, but I really agree with you and the two comments below this one.

  7. Idols are ran through more times by producers and sponsors than some of the prostitutes you find on street. If you don’t think so , then you must also believe that politicians are not corrupt.
    Isekai novels are more believable to me than a virgin idol who has not touched any man in her career .

    1. Producers also have power to make or break there career so they also sleep with them to keep there career even if they don’t like it. Thats why marriage with idols don’t work long enough and most of them are depressed because whatever they get is not from talent which they work hard on but public perception made by giant companies and people who use them literally for there bodies only. It is extremely sad how ambitions destroy there mental health

      1. bugbug says:

        source: trust me bro

        1. I just typed kpop smex Scandal and on the first result it gave me exact description just type open world ceo sex scandal and you will much more about it. Sorry to break it you but real world is very bleak and also this is my source

        2. Also one about suicide, just search for jang ja Yeon’s death, i never really looked for it too deep but you can cause i don’t want to go anymore deep in this rabbit hole

          1. He dissed you about the source and u destroyed him haha

  8. Logical says:

    One thing i like about this novel, they mention son heung min. Other than that it’s straight garbage.

  9. Sephir says:

    I really hate idols novels not because it is bad, but because it’s way too unrealistic.

    Ur favorite k-idol or j-idol, in 90% of the case or more got here by recommandations, hundred of thousands of girls are trying to get into that industry, but u gotta pay the living, dancing lessons, what you eat and more but the worst thing, it disgusts me to the highest level.

    So here is the 90% case or more, they had to do sexual services and more, don’t come hate on me i’m just saying sad facts, it’s even happening to boys but most likely girls, and you got the controversy between idols that does the deeds everywhere and anywhere with other idols and more.

    So yeah these novels are unrealistic, i would love to like these novels but knowing these things just put me off.

  10. rob z rob z says:

    Ok, twenty chapters in, and here is a quick pre-review based on 20+ chapters. There will be some spoilers, so be forewarned.

    For reference, I am a big time pure love fan – it’s my favorite tag. But I am having a real hard time getting into this. Story starts with MC in the army finishing up his mandatory military service. He has a childhood friend he has known for 15 years, who is a member of one of the most popular idol groups in Korea (think Blackpink level – MC indicated they are right up there with BTS). They have kept in touch and are still very close. MC is a smart introvert, and childhood friend (call her FMC) is obviously more outgoing (apparently she was a bit of a tomboy when they were younger).

    MC finally gets out of the army and is visiting Japan. FMC just finished up a trip with her bandmates and came to Japan to meet him (basically calls from the airport and says “hey, I’m here, let’s meet up”). MC basically is a tsundere @hole to her on the phone (and continues to be a tsundere @hole pretty much the whole novel). In general, I don’t get the banter they have – I think the author thinks it’s some kind of cute childhood friend thing, but it doesn’t come across that way – he’s just a jerk. FMC finally bullies him into getting together.

    Unbeknownst to MC, FMC had a girl-talk session with her other bandmates before the trip where they tease FMC about how she must be dating MC. Won’t get into details, but in short, FMC denies they are dating, saying they are just good friends, but starts thinking about it, maybe realizing there is something there.

    *****Mild Spoilers below******

    MC and FMC have a trip together, and after much cajoling, FMC films a vlog of her trip. They apparently have a good time, although MC continues to be a tsundere. Towards end of trip, FMC confesses, and MC says “I love you …. like a friend.”

    Brief interjection here: the mtl is not very good, which is very problematic in a novel like this where phrasing and nuance are important. Noble did not use the good mtl, which is a shame. Thus, some of the stuff below is what I understand, but could have misread things.

    Basically, MC seems to have loved the FMC for a while, but never confessed. Then it seems he was internally suffering for years trying to be with FMC and hiding his feelings, and finally gave up on her romantically (but still remained friends). So by time FMC confessed, it was “too late”.

    Vlog gets published on line, and is a huge hit – millions of views. Afterward, FMC does some kind of social media video about the Vlog, also millions of views. This leads the FMC’s production company to want to make a short video series about FMC and MC. In the middle of this, FMC and MC have another talk, and FMC makes a bet with MC she will make MC fall for her in 6 months, or give up. And the story goes from there.

    1. Daver55 says:

      Man… he really seems to be the worst kind of male tsundere, the “…like a friend” part was 💀

  11. Daver55 says:

    So… it’s good or not? I have a hard time understanding the comments and it has nothing to do with me being slightly drunk, I think.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      See my post above – in short, not really good, but not poison. I hate tsunderes in general, but male tsunderes? Yuck. If you are a pure love fan, I’d give it a 5/10.

  12. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Wtf, I’m angry, unhappy, and sour?! Wtf?? Why am I reading this LOL. Fk the author is good at writing and I hate it xDD. Fk. Fk. Fk………

  13. LuxX says:

    Ok. It’s a wholesome pure love novel… Wait, maybe because there’s no obsession, is it okay?

  14. I hope he gets ran over by a truck and the childhood friend creates an elaborate fantasy world to summon his soul back but blah blah blah she’s now a monster (not literally) and you should learn to let go

    Pure love 🤓
    Tragic pure love but the tragedy is cleverly written in between filler dogwater interactions that serve no purpose in the grand scheme of things 😍😍😍

  15. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    What a wonderfull Booba XD, and it’s pure love, hope it ain’t that poisonous

  16. How is the mc? From the title, it sounds like he is yet another doormat.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      He’s a freakin’ male tsundere, and completely unable to be honest. He sucks.

  17. Insufferable says:

    Wake up honey, pure love genre just dropped.

  18. ali dd ali dd says:

    His childhood friend seems to have grown well

  19. Cero says:

    Mmm, Childhood friend is back 😯.

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