Only I Am Immune to Magic
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Only I Am Immune to Magic

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나 혼자만 마법 면역
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Only I Am Immune to Magic

Achievement Unlocked – The One Who Lived a Hundred Lives
[You have successfully led 100 characters to their endings. An achievement reward is provided.]
[The achievement reward is…]

“I can’t quit this because of this.”


The moment they pressed the start button and closed their eyes, a strange mine greeted them.
A survival adventure unfolds with a protagonist who is immune to magic instead of being unable to use mana.

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  1. Webnovelfacnatic says:

    Alright! I am done reading the chapters available and for the convenience of others will leave a review. Hope it helps!

    First and foremost, it is a good novel. Not only good it is a great novel with a few short comings here and there, but yeah they are not too unbearable so you can gloss over them. I’ll recommend reading this novel since the translation quality is too good to be mtl LOL. It is easy to read and understand. Anyway, here I go.


    1. MC is OP, but not too OP. You know it’s not to the point where you start wondering whether there is even any point in reading it as a survival story.
    2. I won’t say the MC is too smart. He is your average joe, but he is reasonable. Like you know see the logic in his actions (save some).
    3. Through the eyes of the other characters he appears as some monstrous genius who knows everything, but the reader is quite aware that most of his benefits comes from the fact that he has played the game. So you can say that there is a certain balance and the author doesn’t put the MC on too high a pedestal.
    4. I like the power system. MC gets strong gradually and even when he does, he struggles. Things are not just handed to him though his deja vu skill is a total cheat and does make things seem.absurd but then I guess, his past 100 charas are kind of a beginning for everything so it is acceptable to a certain degree. However, during fights you actually feel bad for him and all the physical trauma he faces from injuries even if they get healed later.
    5. Arcs are diverse, interesting and not disjointed.
    6. Nesty and Rhaast are simply great.
    7. Side charas have their own stories, perceptions, motives, and reasons. In other words, MC is not the only homosapien in the novel who possess a brain like some novels portray.
    8. Fights are interesting. Not too short. Not too long and there are appropriate amount of twists.
    9. While most of the things go his way, MC is not always successful.


    1. MC’s father affection for him seem rather abrupt and inorganic and even though he is portrayed as an extremely supportive and powerful figure the way it is written makes it seem like if MC wasn’t an educated person from another world who knows all about the game, the real son would have been ignored and neglected because he was slave and had no noble education whatsoever.
    2. Though I do understand his reasons to some extent and I also understand the motives of his step mother and brother, but that doesn’t justify them trying to kill him. At least, if I judge it from the common sense of a normal person and not someone who was suddenly thrown into a foreign world to fight for my life. I mean, in a sense, I understand that MC doesn’t want to create unnecessary troubles for himself when he already has a whole lot of them. And also…from the standpoint of the world he got transported to things that happened to him aren’t exactly a cultural shock. It is quite common. It is probably equivalent to when you forgive someone for slapping you unprompted. It doesn’t happen easily, but people don’t think you are too easy for forgiving. Weird example, but oh well…
    3. At certain moments MC is too bold. Like it is unnecessary. If I have to put it in simple words, he has to subtlety at all.

    Over all, it was good read. I will certainly continue reading it.

  2. Rimo says:

    Light spoilers. Also, I have pretty high standards so this novel isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. I’d say it’s better then most of the stuff on this site if I had to put it in a rank of my best novels on this site it would be around the late 20s and in my top novels it would be in the 70s.
    The pros
    Engaging plot (6/10)
    The Mc isn’t brainless, but he’s too cocky (6/10)
    The side characters aren’t one-dimensional, but they are hard to believe like how quick;y the saintess fall for the mc or how quick the knight is to grovel, and how the lich is so easily threatened and seems kind of dumb. (7/10)

    The cons
    His family, he forgave his grandfather, mother, and brother who tried to kill him too quickly, and the hugging-loving stuff is too cringy (4/10)
    The fact that there are some tropes and cliches that aren’t interesting nor funny anymore and yet are overused (5/10)
    The constant bad things are constantly getting worse. At first, it was more exciting and surprising when the mc was caught in an unexpected situation where a difficult task was made even more difficult due to some unexpected situation or reason. However now it’s surprising when a situation isn’t as difficult as the mc thought or is just as difficult as expected. It became overused and frankly annoying. By that point, he should have started to anticipate the situation getting worse after all something else was at play. (3/10)

  3. Zaeril says:

    good story, hoped that there will be a webtoon soon

  4. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read to chapter 140, Mc is a bit over powered in the later chapters but the author does a good job of world building and character progression. Nice story.

  5. One of the best well written novel I’ve ever read with extremely good character developments. It’s enjoyable from the 1st chapter to the latest chapters.

  6. Overseer says:

    i have read till chapter 140 and it’s a good novel. Mc can’t use magic but he collect runes which cost mental power unlike magic which costs mana. There are some plot armor for sure, but even considering that it still has a good story especially the character development part (for side chara and villain).

    cons :
    1. there are some villains that got redemption too easily compared to their sins, i wish they would suffer a bit more but eh this one isn’t bad either
    2. I wish mc past is more explained. Author already give hints bout it in early chaps so i was hoping for more explanation but it seems like he is keeping them for later chaps.

    idk if there are more cons, i am sleepy so this far for now. If it got updated again i would review it more. Oh yea the mtl is rly good here.

  7. ImanDBZ says:

    I’ve read until ch 7 ans so far so good. But what grind my gear is that despite MC cannot use magic, he can use magic.

  8. Nightune says:


    Oh… That one I just remember It now I quit reading that since there seems to be no magic the only fantasy like element I read in that novel is like Bloodline?, Black Magic and the Medieval ruling system I wonder how he will grow

    P.S. I only read till 34 chp. Sorry, If I’m wrong then correct me

  9. Bryler Hookins says:

    Quality novel. Characters have actual depth to them, plus also having character development. One of the quality novels I’ve read over the years.

  10. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    speaking of that novel, you came in to clear the way but you never came back, I thought you were dead

  11. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    the name of the novel you are talking about is “the second son of the count is too good”

  12. Read up to Ch 17, it’s a great novel so far! Action, adventure, etc. Some engaging characters and interesting developments. Some cliches, but it’s well written. I recommend it!

    That said, there is something to note.

    This novel bears a striking resemblance to another novel I read (but can’t remember the name of), to the point that it’s clear:

    Either that novel plagiarized this novel, or this novel plagiarized that novel. There are a few minor changes between the two, but if you’ve read the other novel, it’s extremely apparent that plagiarism took place.

    This one is the better written of the two, so I’m not sure which one came first.

    Anyway, if anyone knows the name of the other novel, let me know! I’m sure one of y’all know what I’m talking about.

  13. Kyryuu says:

    Dime algunas novelas netori por favor

  14. Kirill Popov says:

    Thank you for not having a harem.

  15. CrovoloDesu says:

    ¿No chapters?

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