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Personality Broken Hero

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Personality Broken Hero

The story of Nikolai, a Russian-Korean hero working in a special response team for dealing with the gifted, doing his best to provide dental treatment (physically) to villains.

Author’s note: The characters, products, and organizations appearing in this work are fictitious and unrelated to reality.

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  1. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    MC grew up as an orphan and had a grudge against villains. He is a psycho who enjoys killing villains and works as a hero. He has powers like a budget Superman. He does show signs of growth as he goes through various cases and does spare some villians. He isn’t a hero just to kill though, as he is willing to risk his life to save civilians. Chapters are mostly episodic and SoL.

    The setting is a world where the majority of people have superpowers. Heroes are regulated by the government.

    Some villains really stand out. There is a villain from Japan who has the power to liquefy his body. For more than two decades he remained uncaught in water pipes and the sewer. His main crime is appearing in women’s toilets while they piss, drinking it, and leaving after saying ‘Itadakimasu.’ Another is a former well known and respected elderly hero who had his entire family killed by villains and ended up living alone with no one to care for him. He suffered from dementia and after he was attacked by a thug, he killed him and a civilian thinking they were villains. When heroes responded, he killed a lot of heroes before being killed, thinking he was fighting a supervillain organization, unable to recognize them as heroes because modern hero uniforms looked more like tactical gear than flashy costumes heroes wore back when he was active.

    The author pays a lot of attention to how real world situations might occur with superpowers involved. I read it more for the setting than the characters. It’s rather interesting how the author thinks of various social issues with superpowers involved, like school bullying + superpowers, dangerous social media posts + superpowers, privacy laws vs regulating clairvoyants, etc.

  2. @Shadow Kamijou Touma?

  3. Shadow says:

    @Arcus 101 So Mc goes around punching villains in the faces and thier teeth go flying out?

  4. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    @Shadow I haven’t read it so I can’t say for sure, but it probably means he goes around giving villain’s teeth some physical ‘treatment’…with his fist most likely.

  5. k says:

    Can u Reccomend me some good harem?

  6. Hehe says:

    O fellow daoists, can you give me the names of the webs that you know about. I’m really running out of harem readings on the web.

  7. wkwkwk says:

    I think, this poison hiding now…

  8. Zero says:

    Im back and I just want to say Im out. At first, I was happy when I thought the mc is a ruthless person but I take that back. Mc is a psychopath, and a pervert, with a narrow-mind of killing every criminal regardless of their circumstances. Some he killed, deserved to be killed, but other, was totally uncalled for. So Im out but if there is people who read further than me, would anyone tell me whether Mc get exposed for his true nature or mc learning to become a better person?

  9. Zero says:

    I humbly ask for poison test pls. Of course, if no one comment in 2 hours, then I will sacrifice myself for the future generation!

  10. Shadow says:

    Not having a synopsis will probably be less confusing than that.
    I suppose we should be thankful we have something???

  11. Balding Hero says:

    Bruh, what with this baldy cover?

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